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  2. With the Governor talking about it, the Lieutenant Governor in attendance, I am more certain than ever after the seeing the crowd today and the fanfare and media attention that this is getting, I am certain that 2018 is the year the announcement is made that the Whalers are coming back, with either 2019 or 2020 being the year the Whalers actually hit the ice in Hartford, unless Ottawa decides to make an emergency move here in September 2018, which I don't think is too probable at this point.
  3. BTW, Good stuff, WC. From what I have heard, the PC was a huge success. Will be going online in the next day or so to update my plates.
  4. Interesting...very interesting... So Fraudie, when is the big presser coming for the WolfPack license plates?????
  5. So, unless WC stole these pictures from someone, we should be able to find out who he is. Also, only NBC Connecticut had the press conference online because WFSB couldn't get their feed to work at all. WTNH posted an article about plate and Fox 61 was to busy showing the Coast Guard breaking the ice by the swing bridge in East Haddam.
  6. We're indoors right now. Very strong reaction from the kids at CCMC.
  7. got something right.
  8. Just before 11 a.m. today, Tuesday, the DMV website was just updated with the Whalers information on the Vanity plate part of the website. Everything is green lighted, everything is ready to go, big press conference in Hartford this afternoon. Remake of a current marker plate: Hartford Whalers plates are available in the p*****enger, combination, commercial, camper, camp trailer and handicapped registration types only. You maintain your current marker plate number and have it re-made with the Hartford Whalers background. Plate requests are made on the Special Order Plate Application (form M-22). Your present marker plate number would be the same marker plate number being requested. The fee is $80. New vanity plates: Hartford Whalers plates are available in the p*****enger, combination, commercial, camper, and camp trailer and handicapped registrations. Plate requests are made on the Special Order Plate Application (form M-22) or through DMV's online service. The fee is $149. Vanity plate options - see additional information.
  9. Nobody spins crap like Frank. Not even Fraudie is this bad.
  10. Lol wtf screenshots of license lines??? Those are all normal wait times you're totally shot dude.
  11. Most of the names I heard were 90's Whalers, but I'm sure they have some from 70s 80s players. Add in the bobble head and you have a recipe for the largest attended game of the season. As we've always said the Pack draw well when they use the Whale
  12. I'll be at the Pak game on the 24th to get my Gordie Howe Bobblehead, but there's been no news whatsoever about anything else going on that night. I even asked my ticket rep with the Pack and they had no clue about "any special Whalers stuff/game" that is going on that day. I'm pretty sure they'd know about something like that by now, especially since the Pack only have 5 more games before the 24th. They've been promoting the Gordie Howe Bobblehead for over a month, and I bet they'd love to tell people about an alumni game or any other type of event if it meant they could sell more tickets.
  13. anyone got any new news about this event? Whose going to be in attendance?
  14. Last week
  15. Connecticut Children's Medical Center tomorrow will be jampacked, major License Plate unveiling, it will be livestreamed on the WFSB Channel 3 app.
  16. Where is that @sshole?
  17. According to the graphic you posted, in Waterbury the line for License and Non-Driver ID Transactions is nine people longer than the Registration Transactions line.
  18. I would try and see if you can wait until a weekday to try and get these Whaler plates, the demand for them today on a Sa****ay is out the door, we are seeing the worst wait times at the DMV all year right now, on this Sa****ay morning. REGISTRATION: 36 people in line at the Wethersfield DMV REGISTRATION: 51 people in line at the Waterbury DMV REGISTRATION: 42 people in line at the Enfield DMV if you notice, at each location, the Registration line is the longest, longer than the License or License Transfer lines, this is unreal
  19. Yea it's been a choppy start for sure First I heard delayed tying up lose ends with NHL Now I think they may need 400 pre orders to begin production I'll know something at the PC tuesday
  20. They said I couldn't pre-order one or they just didn't have the paperwork.
  21. People are at the DMV for the plate, the design was done quite some time ago, it just had to gain final approval and some stuff behind the scenes, from what I can gather, the final design of it was completed late last year, there was just some legal hoops and approval hoops it needed to fall within in the first week or two of this year.
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