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  2. Any news on the vote for the renovations
  3. This wasn't an issue with authentic Red Sox plates or authentic Penn State Alumni plates. Or a problem with any of the 50 plus plates. As Yoda said; "Always with you what cannot be done."
  4. It's 48/52 this morning
  5. No info is slow and very i detailed. But well keep keep trying to find out
  6. True, they'd have to do something like what would have to happen here and play in a building while it's being renovated. It's still a mess either way
  7. If Arizona were looking to relocate to Seattle then they'd want to be playing there as soon as possible, which begs the question how long will it take until the Key Arena is reasonably renovated. No way Arizona would want to announce a move to Seattle in two to three years down the road once the arena is done. Things would go from bad to beyond worse in Arizona.
  8. I would say yes. Seattle Key arena improvements jumped into high gear within the last year. They have a good shot if that arena can get reasonably renovated. A team would suffer through that arena restoration though before it would be profitiable
  9. Or the admins could check the ips and just prove to us yes or no
  10. I'm not surprised.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Think about that for a moment.
  13. 38% now that ain't so bad. No one can put a real number on it. ill let ya know if we can track purchases come Jan. I'll have two
  14. It is very childish if you ask me. It makes sense though when you look at the other types of censorship on this board. You can't use a lot of words because of the stupid amount of useless censorship. Heck, you can't even reference the Whalers song without seeing a bunch of ****.
  15. smh at them
  16. He and Mark love to think it was just me but little do their simple brains realize it was way more than just me lol
  17. I know I was one of the guest accounts, so they weren't all him. Even if they are, all you have to do is ignore them. If you can't do that then you're the one with the issue.
  18. Or maybe let people don't have a stake in the conversation review it
  19. Shaky leaf huh? **nny you say that on account you were scared the last time I saw you and thought I was there to kill you lmao
  20. Oh and I might as well tell you guys this all these "guests" with **nny names and anonymous accounts it happens to be the same guy. You all know who it is. Ill delete any crap like that, Courant juiced me up due to that Pucky post. Thanks shaky leaf 👏 I've been dying to delete some of your cl*****less posts. All that time to make that stuff and poof gone, every time from now on too. Make a point and stick to it I won't touch your posts.
  21. Yes I Know if you refer to my earlier post I said 1/3 is fantastic. That's a big niche everyone else was complaining that it wasn't a 3/3 so I agree with your point totally but Not for I.
  22. This is honestly the most used and poorly thought out response to the Plates. They don't cost the state anything, no one worked harder to get it done than us Whaler fans to get it done, if you don't want one fine. We have a gd penn State plate were ya complaining then? But I bet ya are now. Makes Sense 🙄
  23. I have noticed that HWP. Like how one of the rules was that you're not supposed to post people's personal information. I don't know if the troll Mark account but that's not right. The other thing is that Mark likes to call people out for stuff even when he had no proof to back himself up, but that seems to be what he does.
  24. Sometimes it easier to troll certain people just because it's impossible to have an actual adult conversation with them.
  25. Not very niche, but pretty niche
  26. A very niche audience.
  27. I can see quite a few people getting it but Peter has to remember that these are specialty plates and so are for a niche audience. It works in the same way that not everyone in M*****achusetts wants Bruins plates. (Kinda random sidenote; MA has a plate with a right whale on it) Edit: So now I'm not allowed to spell out M A S S A C H U S E T T S huh, please fix this board's unholy amount of censorship
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