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  2. I looked it up and it hasn't happened yet. It happens from September 8th through the 12th. The tournament is made up of eight teams put into two separate divisions. The Ted Lindsay Division consists of the Blue Jackets, Stars, Wild, and Blues. The Gordie Howe Division consists of the Blackhawks, Red Wings, Hurricanes, and Rangers.
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  4. Yea pretty sure it has and went well. Pretty sure McCambridge was already hired and was there too. Ty Ronning is another interesting player. 7thrd pick, don't know if he makes the Pack though? His pops was one heck of a player especially second line EANHL94 for Vancouver. Ha Cliff Ronning #7
  5. Spot On! talked to him plenty times enough for even Bruce Gold to realize that but some people just want to be a jerk. theres a warning option on this board, I can't count high enough to tell you how many he got before this happened. Regardless of any affiliation of any Hockey team You are either a reasonable person or ya aren't.
  6. Quite truth f u lly, it's a long time coming. Like with everything else, he has nobody to blame but himself.
  7. You talking about the Traverse City Tournament? I don't even know if that's happened or not.
  8. Yes, I am totally basing my opinion on him based on one season. Coach McCambridge did mention him to me when I brought him up off camera. He made a good impression at .....What is it Travers Tourney? Last month
  9. Last week
  10. I think he's good but not that good. Also, the Rangers have a bunch of goalies in their system so, it might be a while before Huska gets a shot in the NHL. Just have to wait and see, I guess.
  11. Thank you
  12. If he does, I wouldn't be surprised if he goes from UConn to backing up Lindqvist. I think he could be that good. If Lundqvist is still with the Rangers by 2 or three seasons from now
  13. I just can't wait to see all the new guys for the Huskies and the Wolf Pack players. What will be interesting it's when Huska joins the Wolf Pack in a few years.
  14. For me it's always the Goaltenders Huska will be interesting and Halverson for the Pack has a season to prove himself as a capable AHL backup too.
  15. Yea I deleted it
  16. Also evo did they remove the picture of me that he posted..
  17. At least now they are on to him
  18. They do but he just reregisters another fake profile. He'll keep digging himself a hole, it's what he does
  19. Can they just toss him evo..
  20. Losing some fake profiles Greggy? I've alerted the Courant to your attempt of identity theft. Creating email addresses in my name, that's a no, no, to do to anyone anywhere. Get help kiddo. But what should I expect from a guy who threatened to kill another Hockey fans kids. Not to mention; Kicked out of the St. Pats Parade Kicked out of the Whalers Booster Club Blocked from Whaler FB Pages You are working on getting kicked out of here now, really?? quite a resume.
  21. Lay it down evo so we can have **n here again
  22. Greg is realizing that he is dangerously close to never being allowed to post here again. Identity Theft was his latest attempt. Last warning Gregory Hendrickson.
  23. Remember when you wanted a Bees vs Goats war? That didn't last long
  24. That place is the busiest at XL for WP and UConn
  25. I wish they did but sorry they don't. You'll just have to come up for a game. I heard they have been upgraded to an actual spot on the concourse this year. They past few years they've only had a small cart and a limited menu.
  26. That sock puppet is the Whalers mascot. The mascot is ugly as sin, but it's all we got right now.
  27. ^^^^Then we have this nut fantasizing about screwing a sock puppet !!!!!! ^^^^
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