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  2. Smoky put, Whalers are and always will be Hartford hockey, Connecticut’s team.. no other way about it.and biggie our not a Whalers fan and msg def didn’t want to help the Baldwin’s
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  4. Biggie's going to snap his brain cell soon.
  5. You don't even need to finish elementary school to become a Hartford Courant news reporter. That title holds water like Charlie Brown's ghost costume.
  6. Did he cite his references? I know in QC the people who actually built a new arena (not just an ice sheet) had real people in the light of day that got that built. In vegas i think the guy who paid the expansion fee wasn't hiding in the Govenors office hiding his name too.
  7. You do know there's already a huge Amazon warehouse facility in Windsor, right? Clueless as Stick with your mancrushes on Gernander and Sonar.
  8. More made up crap. LOL. You really are something else, Biggie.
  9. Neither Hartford or any of the other CT cities are in the top ten most likely cities that Amazon is going to move into. They're a little at best. It would be nice to see this happen but I just can't see it when cities are putting up millions in tax breaks and things to get Amazon to choose them. We just can't compete with that, especially since we still don't have a budget.
  10. Question, how could they stick with CT Whale brand? They didn't own it. From what I heard MSG did try to make a deal with the Baldwins to take the brand in lieu of payment of their debt. The Baldwins re**sed and would only give up the brand at a price. There's no way MSG was going to pay for it when they were owed at least a million dollars or more by the Baldwins, and I don't blame them. Also, there was talk that Reebok stopped making Whale jerseys because they were never paid, and that's why they disappeared from stores. The team had to go and but those jerseys because they had none to use for the players. The CT Whale brand itself was nice but the Baldwins killed any chance of it staying around for to long.
  11. "There should be more people at all games." There was an opportunity several years ago to fix this problem, but instead of sticking with the CT Whale brand, they went back to the tired crappy WolfPack brand, and whether you like it or not, the attendance numbers went right back to where they were before the rebrand. 2008/2009 -- 4190/game 2009/2010 -- 4188/game 2010/2011 -- 5695/game (rebranded as CT Whale in November of 2010) 2011/2012 -- 4573/game (as CT Whale) 2012/2013 -- 4540/game (as CT Whale) 2013/2014 -- 4071/game (1st year back as WolfPack) 2014/2015 -- 4468/game 2015/2016 -- 4440/game 2016/2017 -- 4238/game And so far, just 4 games into the season, all on weekends (3 Friday, 1 Sunday), the attendance is at just over 3500/game. Evo hit the nail on the head...instead of shoving the WolfPack brand down Whalers fans throats, they should try harder to please as much of the fanbase as possible. Until they make a conscious effort to do that...I'll stick with UConn.
  12. All aHL numbers are pretty much BS. Saimlarly true in the NHL but if you went to those games there was always more people and much more enthusiasm. You can take the Whalers out of Hartford but you can’t take Whaler fans out of the market. Business wise if you want their dollar you have to cater to them rather than repeated attempts to force feed them. youll understand this February for sure.
  13. That is true during the summer befoee the 2010-2011 season the AHL offices contacted WSE and asked them how they were garnering so many new season ticket holders and the answer was because the branding finally fit the market. True story! But limiting losses became more important than trying to build the market and therefore back to the Moribund brand we went and we’ve have been stagnate since.
  14. They're losing dozens and dozens of fans. Oh my.
  15. At this point i don't think the NHL would be picky about the Hurricanes moving anywhere.
  16. If Amazon chose to move to Hartford that would be great. But I'm not holding my breath.
  17. First of all, it's a REALLY big "if", when it concerns Amazon coming here. There are about 100 cities trying to get Amazon's Eastern headquarters. I'm glad that Connecticut is in there pitching for it, (I believe 3 CT cities have applied), but the competition is fierce. Connecticut's business climate is aw**l, it will be a hard sell. The cost of doing business here has become a reason for companies to leave, not to come here. And linking the return of the Whalers to getting Amazon is purely wish**l thinking. If there was really a connection, wouldn't Seattle have had an NHL team for a long time now?
  18. I thought the guy that used to own the Texas Rangers was going to buy the Hurricanes?
  19. Random twitter post? That is a Hartford Courant news reporter and Hartford sports lover, and our own Ricky Milliner follows her reporting, so try again.
  20. They’d love it as an expansion spot but I guarantee they won’t block Houston owner if he bid on Hurricanes that would be stupid if they did.
  21. Nothing is going to move forward until there is a budget. That has to be the first domino to fall.
  22. Eh, I'm not so sure about that...the NHL wants that expansion money, which makes Houston a prime candidate of course...if/when the NHL expands again. To me, Houston is a prime expansion spot...with the $500M (or more) price tag. Hartford is a prime relocation spot...if we can get our collective s#!t together that is...
  23. NHL probably will do whatever Houston wants to do. At #4 market in the country it’s got to be at top of NHLs wish list they have: #1 NY, #2 LA, #3 Chicago Seattle is #10, Atlanta is #9 Hartford is #30
  24. Hey this is the place for conspiracy theories so put on your tin hat for this one. recently Bport reps sunk the budget due to money towards XL. Now Malloy has bought them by giving them a look into casinos. To bring back the NHL baby Rangers have to go somewhere, and they have always wanted to leave Hartford for Bport. Side note BlueFish bail, and now suddenly Bport is fighting with Sound a tigers over using the field for concerts. Islanders and Bport break lease this summer over concerns, Rangers move in and use MSG to power HYA and Blue fish Stadium for events. Then Hartford can concentrate on UConn and NHL renovations without having to spend money on Rangers. **nny how there still is no deal for Rangers and once 2018 is here both can pursue other options. Crazier things have happened
  25. Very solid sources here. Random twitter post and a shot in the dark conjecture that something is happening in the dark. Game set match.
  26. Ok there’s no excuse 🙄 Do you have an excuse for the lower than average Pack numbers? 6k for an opener is not a good number at all comparitively with the past. Its not that I don’t like that you are pro-Ranger and kinda anti Hartford in my opinion, it’s that your posts are kind of phony. You pretend to be a Hartford Hockey fan but all in all you really on care about the Rangers. Thats fine with me but you can totally drop the charade of caring about Hartford, the Whale or UConn. It’s just evident you don’t. The most frustrating thing is the Wolf Pack we’re drawing terribly no one mentioned it here even though it’s been warranted for 6 seasons now and even maybe 5 seasons pre-CtWhale although it’s still happening. Then UConn gets 3674, which is only unusual for a HE matchup but not an unusual number for a UConn opener in Oct. You said zero about the horrendous Pack numbers but jump on UConns attendance for one game? Com’on Dude, this is exactly why everyone calls you Biggie, the disingenuous posts are just brutal. I’d have so much more appreciation if you just shoot straight with everyone here. Im always thank**l that the Rangers gave in for once because nothing was better than AHL hockey with the Ct Whale, remember their opener? 13k
  27. There is no excuse. Those numbers are sad. There should be more people at all games. At least the home opener had over 6,000 people, though. I just can't understand how people can say that UConn is the only "true Hartford Hockey team" and that they will only support then and not the Pack, yet they can't even get more than 4000 people to show up for a 5pm game on a Sa****ay. There's no excuse for that. I might have exaggerated the "didn't see anyone wearing Whalers stuff" but it's definitely gone down a lot over a sorry amount of time. I walked the concourse as well and green just isn't the "color of Hartford" like it once was and I just don't see it coming back.
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