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  2. Winnipeg

    Feel bad for Peg But that team is just getting started they will be back.
  3. Winnipeg

    Oh well. Absolutely insane that a team that did not exist this time last year is four wins away from the Stanley Cup.
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  5. Winnipeg

    I feel like Vegas has them but well see
  6. Whaler Guys will be at Pralines in July to help promote the CCMC and let fans know the latest on the Whalers return to Hartford.
  7. Winnipeg

    Awesome to watch games from Winnipeg and can’t wait till we get that chance
  8. I knew of there are four? That's excellent. All four want to do so with the intent of bringing back the NHL?
  9. AHL Conference Realignment

    Glorified? You give them too much credit.
  10. I liked Dundon for about a week and then he pulled this. And this was just as I was gonna cheer them on next year but instead I'm going to follow Francis and wherever he goes (so long as it's not the Penguins because I don't want to deal with Pitt lol)
  11. What are the four different proposals? I've heard about the Oak Street one but what about the others?
  12. Thus cracks me up All the millions of posts condescending, snarky and pompous. Now with four investors bidding for XL and two clearly interested in returning the NHL where are all those posters? Hmmmm
  13. AHL Conference Realignment

    Lol, that would be hilarious but the 7 or so times they made the playoffs they never would or had to budge for the circus. NHL has that written in their contract. But you prove my point. No circus move for NHL but for AHL it happens every year and shows that even the league knows these are just glorified exhibition games.
  14. AHL Conference Realignment

    CCSU had to move the date of our graduation ceremony at the Civic Center in 1996 because of a potential Whalers home playoff game.
  15. Winnipeg

    I can't imagine how much that city must be rocking right now. It would be amazing to be up there.
  16. AHL Conference Realignment

    You do realize the NHL orders teams to have the building empty except for one off events like wrestling or a concert? The stupidity continues.........
  17. AHL Conference Realignment

    You do realize that if the Whalers ever made it far enough in the playoffs they'd have to play their games somewhere else because of the circus.
  18. AHL Conference Realignment

    I know it blows my mind how the AHL wants you to take them seriously but they manipulate their playoffs whether it be the West Coast mess or allowing teams to move their home playoff games, for a circus show. That 2012 mess really ruined momentum and the fan experience
  19. AHL Conference Realignment

    Good. Now, have Colorado play the same number of games as the other Pacific division clubs, and they can get rid of the stupid "winning percentage" BS that they use for playoff qualifiers.
  20. AHL BOG just approved these new conferences. Springfield, Hartford, and Bridgeport all still in the same division.
  21. That's for sure.
  22. He won't be the only one moving out of Carolina just a matter of time and money.
  23. Certainly a justifiable termination. Mediocre drafts. Whiffing twice on goalies. Worst of all the inability to setup up when the situation changed. Perhaps turfing the coach during the season when it was obvious he was being tuned out. Perhaps making a consequential player-for-player trade at the deadline to give the team a better chance of making the playoffs. Of course it was not all his fault but there is enough for him to be held responsible. After all he was in the front office in various decision making roles for six or seven years with no playoffs to show for them. This would get anyone fired. The team ended up just like the Hartford Whaler version of Ron Francis, soft and unable to setup up in the big moments. It was time to move on.
  24. That wouldn't be surprising at all.
  25. Actually hearing that the Penguins might bring him in. Jim Rutherford loves him.
  26. That frees Ronnie up for Hartford. It's all good.
  27. The **ll interview with CRDA Executive Director Michael Friemuth. Notes: A look at the amazingly high occupancy rates of CRDA *****isted residentials. Proving there is a demand for living in Downtown Hartford. A look at the venues under the CRDA including the new USL team to play at Dillon Stadium and it's renovation plan. And of course the XL Center with RFP's due by June 29th. More than one group has interest in acquiring or luring an NHL franchise after the XL is properly renovated.
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