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  2. They do by visiting children in hospitals, reading to kids in schools, and helping teach kids to play hockey. They also auction jerseys off to raise money for cancer research, the March of Dimes, and for the military and their families, just to name a few.
  3. True, I'm not sure why you said that people won't, but when I go to a Lightning game... I see people from Orlando, Ft Meyers, Sarasota, Sebring, Lakeland and other places. Some are as far as Brattleboro, VT is to Hartford. The Knowledge Corridor will help Hartford.
  4. My dad said Shanahan is part of why the Whalers left Hartford. He is a spoiled brat and thought Hartford is not big enough for him...
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  6. Okay, I'm glad that you would support any team. When I read books on the Whalers, I know that the city was different. Dad said that they helped Hartford. I'm not sure if the Wolfpack does it.
  7. Well, I'm not. I don't even know anyone who uses that as a nickname.
  8. He thinks you're some other WP fan that Failer fans are very familiar with.
  9. I understand MSG made some kind of promise back in '97 that the WP would have their own identity and not look like the Rangers. The Pack obvious have an identity. And they do look like the Rangers. I guess that pissed off some people but what do you expect? They're the top affiliate of the Rangers after all. It's not uncommon nowadays for an AHL team to resemble that of their NHL affiliate. MSG sure as **** wasn't going to dress the Pack up in blue/green and call them the Fail. They left that to Baldwin and look what happened to that...the Fail failed.
  10. Who is biggie? I posted what I did because you're the one who says he's neutral but bashes the Wolf Pack and MSG every chance he gets. The didn't look exactly like the Rangers and I appreciated that as a Whalers fan. If you don't see the hustle or difference in play between college and the AHL then you must be blind. The AHL is below the NHL and feels close to that level. College hockey is two steps below the AHL. It's not beer league level but it's not that close to the AHL. UConn only cares about the Whalers if it makes them money, and they were told to use it. The booster club is **ll of liars and people that think everyone should bow down to their "dedication" to the Whalers. I just wish that had that much dedication to Hartford, then maybe people would be willing to invest in the XL Center out would be willing to help bring back the Whalers. At this point, as a Whalers fan who is a realist, I just don't see it happening. Not with a state and city millions in debt and no real leadership. You don't love Hartford Hockey. You are using Hartford Hockey to look important. I've watched your show and read your article, and you used to talk like you cared about all of Hartford Hockey, but that's changed. Now you crap on the Wolf Pack and MSG every chance you get. It's a disgrace to people like Marty and the Victor's who at respected the Pack fans and honored all of Hartford's Hockey History. I love UConn and the Whalers but I also now what they really are. The Whalers are dead and may never come back, which is sad but I've dealt with that, and UConn is just another step to the NHL like juniors, the ECHL, and the NHL. I go to games and I wear the jerseys, and I'm not just talking about my Whalers jerseys. I wear them, UConn, Wolf Pack, Whale, and even the Rangers jersey I have to games. I bet you couldn't even be bothered to do the same. You are the reason why people don't post on this page and even hate Whalers fans. People can't have a discussion or disagree without being attacked for not being "real" fans, being called "trolls", or they just have to be someone else pretending to be a fan. It's a shame people only have you and the booster club as examples of what Whalers fans are. No wonder there's so many Wolf Pack fans that hate us. I can now see why. Now, go ahead and delete my post or post multiple comments on all the topics. It reminded me of someone I've dealt with on Facebook. So, I think you should change your name to Bruce Gold because that fits you a lot better.
  11. Please stop bashing the Goats too, what you do to them is what the Whalers fans you despise do to the Pack.
  12. Listen Biggie. They didn't call the team Wolf Pack after Groton. They wanted to call it Sea Wolves after Groton which has zero to do with Hartford. Wolf Pack is actually a term for a group of Nazi Subs it's not used in the Navy today. They also promised Whaler fans at the time who made up a majority of the fan base(you'll notice their att. high points were when Whaler fans gave them a shot). But they look exactly like NYR except for three great seasons. I heard your opinion and I disagree I have a different opinion. But what I said to me is as solid as the rock of Gibraltar. i don't see Hustle in the AHL I see it plenty at UConn games. Tage Thompson was more of an impact player at the college level than I have ever seen any Pack player at the AHL level. I've followed AHL players on twitter when there here they call it "slugging it out in the minors". Those players don't want to be in Hartford they want to be in NY. That's ok but it makes for less of a marketable product and that true when you examine that most of the league can't make a profit. It is what it is. Ps: you are totally incorrect that the Governor told UConn to use BB. I know for a fact that UConn asked the HWBC for permission. That's right UConn treated Whaler fans well, MSG didn't and that's why we are where we are. PPS: a "True Hartford Hockey Fan". Would love all of Hartford Hockey as I do. Your post seem to indicate you are just a Ranger fan you don't like UConn or the Whalers. Which is fine but I'd change that moniker to True Ranger fan or True Hartford Wolf Pack fan.
  13. How are they marketing them as a NY team? That is honestly the craziest thing I've ever heard. They're called the Hartford Wolf Pack, not the CT Rangers which they could have done when they were in Binghamton like we did with the B-Whalers. They came here and named the team in honor of the submarine base in Groton. The team also wore colors that went along with the American flag instead of the traditional "True Blue" Rangers colors. Also, most of the Wolf Pack fans I know are Whalers, Bruins, and Penguins fans. I know a few that are Rangers fans as well, but I would say they don't care about Hartford or CT. The Wolf Pack players aren't playing for something, and aren't playing for the State? Are you kidding me? So,because they hope to play for the Rangers so day to they aren't playing for CT. That doesn't make any sense, especially when you realize that one of UConn's goalies isn't playing to win championships at UConn. Yeah it would be nice but Huska is only playing for UConn so he could play in the same building as the Rangers AHL team and be close to the coaches that are in New York since he was drafted by the Rangers. He's even said it in his interviews that those are the reasons he committed to UConn. Also, I've seen plenty of people walk out on UConn games after the second period but most people stay at the Pack games until there's about five minutes left in the third period. That's been a problem with the fans since the Whalers were here. They also barely out drew the Wolf Pack and with the prices of tickets they should have, but it's a bad sign with how much it has dropped. They are also second in attendance because they're playing in a bigger building than the rest of the conference and tickets are cheaper and easier to get for UConn games. I know of people that buy BU and BC tickets just to sell them on ticket exchanges for $40-$50. I've always have been able to walk up to the box office to buy tickets to UConn games even when they said it was "sold out". They only play BB to keep the petulant Whalers fans happy, and because the governor was hoping that UConn doing good would help bring the team back. UConn wasn't even going to use BB as their goal song and didn't want to until the governor said they had to. From the sound of it I guess it worked on you as well. As a Whalers fan I think it's sad how some fans think we need to force people to love our team that has been dead for 20 years. I am honestly embarr*****ed by it.
  14. I don't know. I've dealt with the HWBC over the years and they do come off that way. If you haven't been a part of the club for years or know people that are in it, they just ignore you. I think someone posted a link to someone who was actively shunned by the club when they wanted to join them a few years ago. I have gone to a few Fanniversaries and even people in the club were complaining about how the club wasn't **n anymore because all they did was complain. They were saying that they were the only true fans and that everyone had to do whatever they said to help bring back the Whalers. I even checked out a meeting a while ago, and was shocked about what I saw and heard. I didn't join the "meeting" because there was only like 4 or 5 people there and all they were talking about was how the could "force" companies and businesses to help them. The person doing most of the talking was Joanne and the rest just sat there and listened. It's just sad that is what the club has become since Marty died and the Victor's moved away.
  15. Nope. Can't afford it. Are you? lol
  16. I'm relatively sure that what WP said was sarcasm
  17. WhalePack is a Wolf Pack season ticket holder. Are you?
  18. Nah I see it the other way around it's a shame that MSG could never accept the market for what it is, a market that wants to be Ct not NY. It's also sad that so many Wolf Pack fans only care about the Rangers, NY and not Ct at all. I disagree that they are missing out on some great Hockey the AHL is what it is but rarely did I witness an incredible game they don't even fight anymore. And we also disagree on UConn, to me it is way better than the AHL, not talent wise or play wise but they're actually playing for something and playing for the State. Watching them play, the crowd actually has a rooting interest you don't see that at Pack games cuz everyone leaves after 2period. It was such a breath of fresh air to have a home team again and actually take on the top teams in the country, and in some cases win. Even with the drawback in attendance this past year they still outdrew the Pack. Heck UConn is second in HE matchups (29G) of all Hockey East teams in attendance the last three seasons. (Lowell was #1) Pack was what 25th again for the fifth straight year? UConn plays Br***** Bonanza and they play Whaler shorts during recessed play. It's clear that quickly UConn understood this market and unfortunately the Pack only picked up on that when Baldwin made them the whale. I wrote three hundred articles on the Pack and UConn. No one read the pack trust me. I really tried to get people into the AHL. But I would get tons of reads on UConn or a Whaler event. Just goes to show that you can't force yourself on a market you need to market to that market. Maybe The Pack will pick up on that but after 20 years it's a little too late probably.
  19. You remind me of another guy who used to post on here from time to time. He went by the username "WhalePack". He used to be unbiased and level headed just like you when it comes to Hartford hockey. Unfortunately, he's been siding more with the Failers fanbase lately while crapping on the WP.
  20. Honestly, it's sad that they haven't been accepted by the Whalers fans that only care about the NHL. It just shows how petty some of us really are. I know some people from going to Whalers games that re**se to support the Pack, because of one lame excuse or another. They're missing out on some great hockey. I have even heard people talk about how UConn is better than the Wolf Pack and that's just insane. It also shows how their obsession with the Whalers has blinded them to see what's going on. UConn's **n to watch and is a great time, but it's behind the Pack and the AHL. I honestly think people are starting to see that now with the drop off of over 1200 people per game last season. They went from getting almost 90,000 people for the 2015-16 to only a little over 65,000 last season.
  21. It was #10 Michael Crouse
  22. No I didn't, I went to one Pack game from 1997-2010. glad they did that stuff but they got out of XL so they didn't have to do that stuff. Easier to just collect the aff fee. And again I don't blame them they were never going to be **lly accepted here. 20 years is proof.
  23. Did you not go to games the first few years? They held an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hartford Hartford Hockey. Where do you think my profile picture is from? They honored the Whalers even though they really doesn't have to. The state took the Whalers banners down as soon as they left. Is it wasn't for MSG they probably would have ever been lot back up. For a guy who says he it neutral you sure do like to put MSG shown every chance you get.
  24. He made it look easy. i can't tell but I think that was Jordan Hinshaw
  25. Da-da-da..dadada!
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