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  2. Hartford Athletic soccer

    I wouldn't step foot in that stadium if they end up being a farm team for Bob Kraft.
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  4. Hartford Athletic soccer

    I despise Kraft and the Patriots, but will support Hartford Athletic. Probably won't get season tickets, but I'd certainly attend a few games.
  5. Hartford Athletic soccer

    I'm now a season ticket holder. I haven't been one for anything since the last season of the Whalers.
  6. Hartford Athletic soccer

    After the last go around of expansion it was clear we just aren't on the short list. But honestly the MLS has a huge issue with overpriced venues, taxpayers footing the bill and the the fans not showing up due to outrageous prices. Just like the Yard Goats and Uconn hockey cheap prices and a smaller league soccer team with affordable prices may be the way to go.
  7. Hartford Athletic soccer

    From the Journal Inquirer: The team’s colors will be blue and green, a nod to the city’s last professional sports franchise, the Hartford Whalers, as well as to the city’s Double-A baseball team, the Yard Goats. “As a huge Hartford Whalers fan, we had to go with blue and green,” Mandell said. “These are Hartford’s colors now.”
  8. I was blown away but he was totally down and loves his team playing in Hfd. Even received an email from him saying he'd like to come on the show.
  9. Hartford Athletic soccer

    Haven't heard anything about them playing Br***** Bonanza but I'm wondering how people are going to feel about their affiliation with the Revolution and Robert Kraft. I know a lot of people still hold a grudge against him because they blame him for the Whalers leaving Hartford.
  10. Hartford Athletic soccer

    As much as I love this, Hartford's still a minor league city and don't see us getting a MLS franchise anytime soon or at all. Non major cities like Tulsa, Richmond, Frensno, all have USL teams and it fits
  11. I know I have gone on record here saying that we as a city and region shouldn't be messing around with minor league soccer, we should be setting our sights higher, like for MLS. That said, welcome to Hartford Athletic. Now...a quick review. 1) the Hartford Yard Goats chose blue and green for colors, play Bra$$ Bonanza in tribute to the Whalers, and have the highest attendance in the Eastern League, and are 4th in all of double A for attendance. 2) the UConn hockey program plays Bra$$ Bonanza after goals in tribute to the Whalers, and have averaged in the top half of Hockey East and the top 15-20 teams nationally in college hockey since joining Hockey East. 3) the new soccer team, the aforementioned Hartford Athletic, chose blue and green for colors, will play Bra$$ Bonanza after goals in tribute to the Whalers, and per reports, have commitments for 1000 season tickets already. It's rather amazing what happens when smart people actually listen to the public instead of trying to shove a stale tired brand down everyone's throat.
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  13. I think UConn is waiting until the AHL schedule is official to announce their schedule (AHL schedule out at 3:00 pm 7/11/18), but this is what I know for now... Friday Oct. 12 -- at Army Tuesday Oct. 16 -- at Quinnipiac Sa****ay Oct. 20 -- at RPI Friday Oct. 26 -- Maine (HE) Sa****ay Oct. 27 -- Maine (HE) Friday Nov. 2 -- at Vermont (HE) Sa****ay Nov. 3 -- at Vermont (HE) Friday Nov. 9 -- at Northeastern (HE) Tuesday Nov. 13 -- Brown Friday Nov. 16 -- UMa$$-Lowell (HE) Sa****ay Nov. 17 -- at UMa$$-Lowell (HE) Friday Nov. 23 -- vs. BU (at Northern Irleand) (HE) Sa****ay Nov. 24 -- vs. Union or Yale (at Northern Ireland) Friday Nov. 30 -- at UMa$$-Amherst (HE) Monday Dec. 31 -- at Yale Friday Jan. 4 -- at Las Vegas Invitational with St. Lawrence, Air Force & Western Michigan Sa****ay Jan. 5 -- at Las Vegas Invitational Sa****ay Jan. 12 -- at Merrimack (HE) Wednesday Jan. 16 -- RPI Friday Jan. 25 -- New Hampshire (HE) Sa****ay Jan. 26 -- at New Hampshire (HE) Tuesday Jan. 29 -- Sacred Heart Thursday Feb, 7 -- Northeastern (HE) Sa****ay Feb. 9 -- Merrimack (HE) Friday Feb. 15 -- BU (HE) Sa****ay Feb. 16 -- at BU (HE) Thursday Feb. 21 -- at UMa$$-Amherst (HE) Friday Mar. 1 -- Vermont (HE) Friday Mar. 9 -- UMa$$-Amherst (HE) Do not know the BC or Providence dates yet. Rumor has it the two BC home games will be 12/6 and 2/1 and PC will be here 3/2, but nothing official yet.
  14. Good for Coach Cav. Not a surprise that he gets the market, but for him to say that he'd love a Whaler night and have his team wear the colors...fantastic. Speaking of UConn...the schedule should be coming out literally any day now. Most of it is already set.
  15. That would be darn cool.
  16. Coach who gets the market goes a long way
  17. Coach Cavanaugh chat at the TPC He told me he'd love a Whaker night where UConn wears the Whalers colors. I was like wow this coach totally gets the market. Pay your respects at the door and the market loves ya. We have examples to either side as well.
  18. Fraudie, how DARE you make these bogus statements saying that the Wolfpack is HARTFORD hockey. We all know here that it isn't.
  19. Uconn hockey and basketball need Hartford games period. 100% on campus won't draw as well. At the same time its amazing they can't make a multipurpose modern arena that can house both basketball/hockey. Many of the other hockey east schools have this abillity from BU/BC/UNH/UM*****. And for a state school like Um***** they aren't getting NCAA mens basketball or American football revenue but still have it. They really need a modern looking 12,000 seat on campus arena to house both hockey and basketball and then most of the schedule at the XLC for basketball and hockey.
  20. Oh...and Mr. BB is right on the money. UConn hockey IS Hartford hockey. Not the "professional" team that plays there.
  21. :sigh: Fraudie, they've been talking about a new on-campus hockey facility for the better part of a decade now, and to this point, there hasn't been a shovel of dirt moved, not a seat taken out, not a sign moved. Nothing. Putting stuff on a paper is very nice, but until there is actual work done...I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  22. Fact: UConn hockey will be playing at the XL Center for years to come. They are Hartford Hockey.
  23. So, UConn is working on the plans to upgrade Freitas to either be UConn's new on-campus arena, or it will be the practice facility for UConn and they will build an arena on campus soon. Construction is planned to start next year on Freitas and possibly a on-campus arena.
  24. Look, Raddunce is being creative. Using capital letters, bold font and everything. Well done...hope**lly your teacher will give you an A.
  25. They are toooooo dumb to notice
  26. The Words Out of your mouths Describe Idiots Certainly Known Simultaneously
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  28. But Mark, MSG and the Rags are not able to afford such things. They are a struggling team in a small market with a bad TV deal...BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA
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