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    jimmy forgot the quotes. "professional"
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    July 27-29 at Dunkin Donuts Park. Yard Goats vs. New Hampshire. July 28 is the day the players will be in attendance. No word yet on who is coming. But mark your calendars accordingly!!!
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    We could only consider ourselves fortunate if one of our parking lots won the coveted gold parkie award.
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    They still chose not to pay the Baldwins or make a deal with them and went back to the WolfPack name. That's not arguable, Fraudie.
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    How do any of these replies have any relation to the subject of this thread!! Grow the f u c k up you babies!!!
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    Don't know what Mark is talking about. He's even admitted that he doesn't go to Goats games unless it's Whalers Weekend.
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    Why does every single topic on here go way off on a tangent from the original subject!!! WTF!!! Holy Shiite!
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    No quotes needed for the only professional team to win a championship in the state. I love the Whalers but you guys act like children. No wonder no one ever takes Hartford seriously. Also, what more can the Pack do for you guys? They brought in the Baldwins, changed the name and colors to honor the Whalers, had special nights for the Whalers, their players, and the Howe family. What more did they need to do to get you to support Hartford Hockey?
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    You just gotta love how the professional baseball team in town does a better job remembering the legacy of the Whalers than the professional hockey team in town does.