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    Greg is realizing that he is dangerously close to never being allowed to post here again. Identity Theft was his latest attempt. Last warning Gregory Hendrickson.
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    Don't use Facebook to often anymore but came across this page that i liked years ago and called "My NHL Includes Hartford" and they posted this: "This post is to debunk the myth that Hartford drew poorly during our tenure in the NHL. Just take a look at this figures: 1980-81 - Bruins (11,172) vs. Whalers (11,706) 1985-86 - Bruins (12,431) vs. Whalers (12,769) 1986-87 - Bruins (12,128) vs. Whalers (14,230) 1987-88 - Bruins (13,707) vs. Whalers (14,574) 1988-89 - Bruins (14,903) vs. Whalers (13,821) 1989-90 - Bruins (14,314) vs. Whalers (13,705) The Whalers attendance issues from 90-93 stems from and correlates with a poor on-ice product and gross mismanagement of the team through those years. Attendance and winning is not unique to just our market, many other teams took much worse dives attendance wise in much larger markets when performance suffered; Bruins, Penguins, Blackhawks (02-07), etc. Time to put the argument that Hartford had poor yearly attendance to bed once and for all. #BringEmBack" To whoever runs this page you are spot on and if you are on here thanks for the info! #BringBackTheWhalers http://www.whalers.courant2.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2307
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    You cannot say that for every team on attendance sheet. That is not true. Maine and UM***** Lowell and Providence all saw average home attendance go up in 2016-2017. So UConn was not trending like Maine and Lowell and Providence. Can you not read or do you just ignore things that do not agree with your opinion?
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    That's only "true" for Hartford and nowhere else. We knew who the people were and who the investors were that wanted to bring teams to Winnipeg and Vegas. We know who the people are and who the investors are that want to bring teams to Seattle, Markham, Quebec, Kansas City, and a few other cities. Why is it that Hartford seems to get a p***** on this when "we" questioned cities like Quebec and Vegas for months? Call me what you want but I have proof and facts to back up what I say. You have nothing but info from people that have been wrong about everything for years. No one here is going to care what someone who hasn't supported Hartford Hockey in years and lives in Jersey. I'm here, I go to games, and I talk to the business people, politicians, and fans that actually support the teams and city and the majority of them don't see the "writings on the wall". They'd love for all of this to happen, like myself, but they don't think anything is going to happen for many years.
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    I'm not sure what planet you live on. But I'd like to compliment your society; it seems to have developed an amazing technology that allows you to communicate with Earth from so far away. He contributes nothing of value.
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    I think there would be interest from teams to come here if the Pack left. There ARE positives. The new ice plant/dasherboards/gl***** is definitely one, the size of the market is another, and the fairly easy travel to most games is a third. I understand the 170K people, I understand it's better for a pro team to be here...I get all of that. But, there is no hiding the fact the state loses money on the WolfPack. And 170K people could magically turn into 220K people with a neutral affiliate. But until the state realizes this and kicks the Pack to the curb where they belong, we'll never know how much better it could be.
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    I will say that as a Rangers fan the results are a little nice to see
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    I'm hoping for a great season from both the Wolf Pack and UConn
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    This whole argument is boring
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    Ricky is a true, unbiased Hartford hockey fan who doesn't go around spreading bull**** rumors unlike your fat@$$.
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    I have done that to HWP, and when he posted a picture of your house I flagged it. I have yelled at him plenty of times for attacking people. He stopped and there were civil discussions going on for a long time. Then WC started attacking him, saying he was kicked out of everything, and posting that the Pack are going to be kicked out of the XL Center. As soon as HWP disagreed with him. I now understand that seeing that all the posts have been deleted. I do apologize for that. I was upset seeing that my posts were deleted but not WC's. It's just frustrating when I come on and see the things he said were still up while mine were gone for no reason in my opinion. I would really love that. I just wish the rumors would be just that with some discussion. The problem is that you have one person saying that their sources are 100% right and no other discussion is allowed. Then, you have people attacking each other opinions and fighting just to prove they're right or better. I've tried to have a discussion with people about stuff and it just gets stopped because they're right and I'm wrong.
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    Please give me the names of this ownership group ill wait....oh nevermind they re**se to reveal who they are and there have been no public comments from the group just hearsay through Governor. Compare that to other groups in pro sports who have names and faces and had in public made comments and shown actions to get a team to a new location by any means. Given the current state of our state we need someone who is no afraid to openly push for a team here like Howard Baldwin did.
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    Lol at all of the pieces of the puzzle falling together. There is no owner or ownership group talking about moving to Hartford. No stories make it past the courant or this forumn that talk about hockey actually coming back. Quebec city has a new arena already done right now if a team wants to relocate. Oh and the Western conference still is down a team even after vegas. This new ice will be great for potential pre season games and uconn hockey and i look forward to going to uconn games this fall. But we are still a pipe dream away from the NHL.
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    Spot On! talked to him plenty times enough for even Bruce Gold to realize that but some people just want to be a jerk. theres a warning option on this board, I can't count high enough to tell you how many he got before this happened. Regardless of any affiliation of any Hockey team You are either a reasonable person or ya aren't.
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    You talking about the Traverse City Tournament? I don't even know if that's happened or not.
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    Yes, Detroit is getting an $863 million arena complex, but they're not paying for all of it. Olympia is putting up $539 million, the Pistons and Red Wings are also putting money into the arena as well as other money from colleges and other businesses. Also, Detroit has one thing Hartford doesn't, a NHL team. Maybe if still had that then the XL Center would have been upgraded or replaced years ago, but that hasn't happened.
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    The Knights will never go to the east because 1. There are already too many eastern conference teams 2. Ticket sales in vegas will always be near sell out numbers because of the many business that could purchase tickets (even if they don't show up to the game) 3. We will never have an arena as nice as the T mobile Arena Tampa is fine in florida and the Thrashers went to the western conference. Getting Florida and or the Canes to move here would require an owner who wanted to bring an NHL team into a city where even insurance companies are moving out of.
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    This makes me think of Ray Finkle in Ace Venture. Laces out!!!!
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    I don't know if it HWP or not but we need to find a way to block this account from posting. Two hours of this BS should be more than enough reason to ban it.
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    "You were certain all your predictions were foolproof. Enough said." They weren't my predictions. They were based on info given to me from people that are/were in the know. "And you're a piece of *****. Nothing new there." Awww....so cute. Oh, I'm still not WhalerCentral. Now go ahead and post as Bettman or one of your other 10-12 names you've got on here to retort... Or are you going to challenge me to meet you one-on-one like you did before? LOL. What a dope.
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    HWP, Jerseydiehardwhaler, must be stalking your Facebook page...and fantasizing about you....
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    Call me whatever you want but at least I don't go spreading false, bull***** rumors just for the sake of getting a reaction out of people. It's not my fault your buddies re**se to look at the facts and face reality. The bottom line is the NHL isn't coming back for a long time if ever. Sometimes the truth does hurt and you just gotta roll with it.
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    Umm, the Islanders. They said they never saw the letter and will be building their own arena in their area. I have ifs, buts, and doubts because we've been told for 20 years that "stuff is going on behind the scenes". That's why I look for proof and facts about stuff. I don't believe "sources" anymore. That's why I called and talked to people from Spectra, the Pack, the CRDA, newspapers, and other places and make my own opinions from the things they tell me. The people I've talked to have said they've never met these investors, don't know who they are, or how much money they have. So, until I see actual proof, they don't exist.
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    Yes, I'm just saying that they were part of the 2014 CRDA plans and were needed before the 2016 SCI plans. I worded it wrong.
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    That's the problems, trolls are persistent and that chased most people away.. it should be dealt with and they know exactly who is doing it.. this bird may be a little more difficult because you can use multiple names and copy them as well.. I would be a moderator if they wanted me to be..
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    What Mark and Greg need to do is both get laid and stop bickering on an internet message board like 12 year old girls.
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    We'd also need a moderator who is fair to both sides of the argument, not someone who lets some posters say whatever they want and attack other members while deleting the posts of other posters who do the same.
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    And yes Jersey, I know it was just a dig at Whalers fans. But look at it like this. How many other cities of teams that have come and gone can say that they still have a fanbase, be it for nostalgic reasons or whatever? Some but not a lot.
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    We lose the AHL and then Hartford hockey ceases to exist. UConn is NOT Hartford hockey and it's only a matter of time before they go back to Storrs. And Hartford has a better chance of getting struck by an earthquake than getting the NHL back anytime soon.
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    The whalers haven't been Gone long enough to say that people have moved on, clearly there are plenty of whaler fans still left.. if the whalers were still in the NHL this wouldn't even be posted here.. the fact that you guys are saying people have moved on and some have died is **nny.. if someone was 60 they are 80, if they were 50 they were 70 and so on, when they come back they will come right back home..and guess what, they will most surely have kids now to bring on another generation of fans..in sore I speak for many in Connecticut and family I have tjere as well..this is just another dig by homeboy at whaler fans.. captain brambles, you say you were a whaler fan and moved on the the rangers, if they were to come back what do you do.
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    Very true. Most people have moved on and become fans of other teams, but if asked many would probably still pick the Whalers as a second team based purely on nostalgia. The popularity for the Whaler brand is still there based on their merchandise sales. But as I've said before, people have moved onto other teams, but I'd be more than willing to bet if the Whalers were to suddenly return they would have a huge fanbase in the state and possible some places out of state.
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    Yeah definitely an ironic situation since spectra came into the XL a few years ago. They have done a great job in South Philly between the day of game experience at the Wells Fargo to the recently built fan zone by the venue.
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    Theres no denying the popularity of the Whalers but this survey has nothing to do with them.
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    No maybe he is right. Me at age 26 seeing tons of childhood friends and their parents moving out of the state doesn't mean anything. Simply because i was too young to remember the whalers haha.
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    What is better about the state of Hockey in Hartford Country since the 90s? I stopped playing hs hockey in 2008. Since then both Enfield high and Fermi who were rivals had to combined due to declining numbers. Rockville and Manchester same thing. Windsor Avon and like 2 other towns had to combine. I can't imagine the same thing is going on in QC. Not to mention the financial woes in Hartford are much worse than the weakening Canadian Dollar in a region that has more hockey fans and hockey players per capita than Hartford does. The cost to operate the team would be much more here in Hartford than in QC as well. Sure the Canadian dollar is weaker but QC has a state of the art arena already built and has more fans that would attend and watch games than Hartford. TV revenue runs all pro sports. The QC market easily has more hockey fans and more space between competitors than Hartford.
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    An arena that is "done" right now in QC still will cost any owner 25 cents of every dollar earned. That's like having a crappy arena, and dealing with the loss. Unless the dollar improves dramatically QC is doomed. Which one of you guys or gals here would be fine with a 25% pay cut starting today. The market today here inHartford for an NHL fan base is drastically different than 20 years ago. If you haven't seen the demographic stats on the CRDA website you should take a look. The financials of the 1.3M people in Greater Hartford is much much better than what it was in the 90's if a team came back they wouldn't be looking for old fan base they'd be capitalizing on the new better one. Heads and shoulders more money here than Quebec, KC, and Hamilton
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    I like how everything you just said yet again had no credible sources or facts in it. I was 6 and a half when the whalers left. I am now 26 and at least 30 to 40% of hockey buddies parents who had gone to whalers games don't live in Connecticut anymore since their kids are now on their own and the taxes are too expensive. That is going on now where i am old enough to see the large amount of former whalers fans leaving the state. On top of all that 50% of my friends ( youth hockey teammates or not) don't live in Connecticut anymore. But again please find the fanbase from the 90s that is still mostly here. Forget Arizona they are not moving to the Eastern conference with the already uneven conference size. Florida and Carolina are in trouble but you have Quebec City that has an arena done right now. And as far as a team coming here you have guys running in the dark allegedly taking to malloy and the canes. No articles no facts and the XL center is still ancient and has no suite level. Again if that changes we can go from there but right now you have no sources just whispers and gossip about nothing.
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    I agree that's one reason why I like this signing. Yeah, Selleck is a tough guy but he can also play. He's not a 20-30 goal scorer but he looks like he can at least play a little which is different than most tough guys.
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    The Goon style maybe old school but I believe in it's use**lness still. For me I would want the tough guy to hit hard and play chippy but to still not put the team into two many man disadvantages. I guess I mean during game play there's a time to drop the gloves but winning the game should always be paramount on the tough guys mind. Coach McCambridge said he was going to instill an aggressive style of play no sitting on your heels. I think that's exactly how they should play.
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    Shoot...paint is starting to peal in my garage.
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    I don't want to sound negative but where are you getting this information from. Just curious.
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    I'd love to see it. But it doesn't really feel like the Whalers are close to coming back. I don't think NHL is that interested in Hartford. They would rather go to bigger markets that don't have NHL yet. In the leagues mind Connecticut is Rangers/Bruins territory. To get another NHL team, the city and/or a new ownership group are realy going to have to impress the league. Which isn't out of the question someday. It just doesn't seem likely anytime soon . It would be nice ,since now is the best time for expansion. It just doesn't seem like Hartford is really seen as an option right now though.
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    Do you have any proof of any of that? No, you don't. I've talked to people from the Wolf Pack and they have no knowledge of HWP being fired for what you said he did. They know HWP and have the paperwork saying that he left his position to join the Navy. HWP has said that he was honorably discharged and even gave us the info saying as such. I doubt he'd want to post the actual form, but it sounds like he wasn't "kicked out". Then we get to the booster club, he says that he left and then was "banned" and people that's what happened.
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    Even if I did see it, I don't know the context of those threats. For all I know he was attacked like he is in here. I don't know if the person he was talking to threatened him first it had been attacking him for a long time. I don't agree with the way he responded but don't know what lead to him saying that. WC has attacked his military service, his sexuality, called him a pedophile, and said he was fired from his job with the Wolf Pack because of it. Yet, you defend WC and even liked his posts. You might not be doing that attacking but you sure didn't delete the posts as quickly as you deleted HWP's posts. That's all I'm saying and I do thank you for finally deleting those posts.
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    My sources are staying consistent, they are holding to the fact that there are 9 months left in the Wolf Puke occupation of Hartford, and then the Puke will be kicked out, can't come soon enough.