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    I never said (a) that hundreds of Whalers fans march in the parade and (b) the booster club has over 100 members. So you might want to try a different argument....and fast. Because if you stay down this road, you'll lose this one. Of course, being a Rags fan, you should be used to losing.
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    It's not an equal comparison. Far from it, in fact. First, and most importantly, Buffalo and Rochester are two totally different cities. So in that regard in and of itself, your comparison doesn't work. Second, Buffalo's history witht he Sabres was...to be polite...a bit more decorated than the Whalers. I don't recall the Whalers getting to a conference final, never mind a Stanley Cup Final. **rther, Buffalo's NHL history now spans 48 seasons and counting, Hartford's time in the major leagues (either WHA or NHL) was less than half that. Lastly, the 20 years Gernander was involved with hockey in the city, has to count for something. No, he was not the greatest player, nor was he the greatest coach, but he has been the face of Hartford hockey for the last 2 decades, like it or not. Unlike a lot of other personnel that have p*****ed through here over the 20 years the Pack have been in town, Gernander has never badmouthed Hartford, not one time, about anything...be it the paltry attendance, or the horrific media coverage, save for Pete and Jerry, or whatever else. He should be commended for that. 20 years as an athlete/coach in ANY city, is a noteworthy accomplishment. People have been honored for far, far less.
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    You can't discount Houston if the new Rockets/Toyota Center owner is serious about the NHL. There are several franchises up for grabs, as we know. The real question is...is the NHL serious about Houston? And...why wouldn't the NHL want Houston to pony up $500M to expand, as opposed to a relocation?
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    Yup, I've been saying this, too. Connecticut needs to fix it's economy before thinking about a hockey team. Companies, jobs, and people are leaving, and that's not an "opinion". And it's not just young working people, Connecticut is rated as one of the worst states for retirees, based on high taxes and the high cost of living. Until the state is made to be more economically attractive, we'll have to make do with the WolfPack, SoundTigers, and the college teams. The NHL isn't going to put a team in an economic disaster area like Connecticut.
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    1941-2017 Rangers franchise = 1 Stanley Cup Hartford/Carolina franchise = 1 Stanley Cup Is there any more to say? No.
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    Even you must've paused before posting this. Calling Ken Gernander "Mr. Hartford Hockey" is like calling Bobby Meacham "Mr. New York Yankee". Or Jarod Saltalamacchia "Mr. Boston Red Sox".
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    Maybe it's not so secretive, maybe all you want to do is put it down.. that's all you seem to do here..
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    14,500 or so for XL but after Renovations(several years) they want the capacity to be 18500-19k. XL had plans to gain seats but not to be bigger than most NHL arenas
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    Doesn't look like big trouble in Vegas, at least not yet. Attendance is good, and even if it wasn't, you can't draw any conclusions after less than a month in business. Let's look at Vegas in five years and see how they're doing then...
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    Mike I think your complaint was bogus and Very Biased for some reason? I don’t even know why you have an issue with me. I don’t have one with you. But im here to listen if you want to explain your “complaint”
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    I have been trying to say this on this board for the last 2 years. Millennials are leaving the state and their parents are selling their houses. Growing up playing hockey i am seeing this with many hockey parents and their kids i played with between 1998-2008. Some of these families were whalers season ticket holders as well. When kids move out and their parents move out it hurts the hockey community in this state. http://www.courant.com/opinion/op-ed/hc-op-fresh-talk-kumnick-millennials-leave-ct-1004-20171003-story,amp.html "Connecticut is exporting some of its best young minds and innovators. They're not planning on coming back. According to a 2016 study from The Connecticut Mirror, the Hartford area retains the fewest four-year graduates of any metro region in the country. Among recent departing graduates, 60 percent cited jobs as the reason. And it's not just millennials, their parents are jumping ship too. Just last week on Facebook, I saw another friend wave goodbye to his childhood home. Numerous headlines and studies over the past few years have highlighted the exodus of baby boomers and their *****ets from the state."
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    Of course they play in an arena with a seating capacity of 17,500 and are averaging 17,753 per game which is 102.2 percent of capacity. Another brilliant post.
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    Awww I can’t see what mike posted he must have blocked me cause he can’t hanlde the truth
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    EH, this is minor compared to Carolina dropping over 10k in between two games. A 3% drop in attendance based on four games? Kinda stretchy no?
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    "I posted proof, from the governor himself, that he is taking millions away from the CRDA, de**nding another group like the CRDA, and there's no plans for bonds or loans to pay for any upgrades to the XL Center and I'm wrong? You have got to be kidding me. You go ahead and hide your head from the truth." You posted Malloy's 50 page budget. The original budget, the one that was voted on (and vetoed) in September was 900+ pages. You go ahead and hide your head from the truth, Biggie.
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    Meanwhile up in Worchester, MA..... Worcester Railers Start With a Bang By Zach Spedden on October 16, 2017 The arrival of the Worcester Railers was celebrated at the DCU Center, which hosted a sellout crowd for the team’s first game. As their first season in the ECHL begins, the Railers are seeing signs of strong community from the community. That was evident over the weekend, when an announced crowd of 12,135 fans saw the Railers defeat the Manchester Monarchs by a final of 4-3 on Sa****ay. While their victory was a cause for celebration, the Railers’ debut in and of itself of a highlight of the evening. Railers owners Cliff and Susan Rucker, Gov. Charlie Baker, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito, Mayor Joe Petty, City Manager Ed Augustus Jr., Worcester Chamber of Commerce President Tim Murray and DCU Center General Manager Sandy Dunn were among those who took part in the opening-puck ceremony. “It was awe-inspiring,” Cliff Rucker said. “It’s been a long haul and it was just incredible to see that level of support. I’m just grate**l that everybody showed up. “I seem to be getting a lot of credit, but it’s really about the fans and the staff. The community is incredibly supportive of the team and I’m excited.” “I’m really happy to be here,” Baker said while high-fiving young fans before the game. “I think this is great for the city of Worcester and it’s great for the commonwealth and the fact that you’ve got a sellout on your opening night is a great sign of great things to come.” The Railers are filling the void of professional hockey in the city. Worcester’s last professional club—the AHL’s Sharks—relocated to San Jose after the 2014-15 season.
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    And if my grandmother had wheels, she's be a wagon.
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    I would kill to have a pro team back in Connecticut and like i have always said i would sign up day 1 for a season ticket plan. But the reality is this state is a pit stop for most people and as quickly as people come they tend to leave. Again i am in my late 20's and am seeing the next generation of adults mostly leave the state. From my church and hometown and current town I have seen many new families and single adults move into the state for grad school or for a nice paying job. Many within a few years take experience from ESPN or Aetna or Pratt and Whitney and move to a different state. The for sale signs right now across the state are crazy. And when it comes to true movements with sports shifting ownership groups pre move/expansion are active putting money up and taking in public to politicians. That is not happening in Hartford. It needs to and i would love to have a Q&A and or public forum to talk to these make believe rich guys to tell them how they can help change the tide. Vegas got a new arena that was hockey friendly (unlike MGM) and someone put up the expansion fee. Seattle while not success**l had a public ownership group that was exploring hockey and basketball coming back. Quebec city built a new arena even though there was no promise of a pro team. All we have right now is broken budgets and Malloy (on his way out) and Bronin (mayor of a city near bankrupcy).
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    1) The Governor and Mayor of Hartford have noted numerous times, both in press conferences and in writing to the NHL, that Hartford has numerous rich investors lined up, this has also been reported on by the Whaler Guys on their Cable TV program, there are a few very rich guys in the Hartford area who are intent on bringing the NHL to Hartford. 2) Hartford is gaining hockey fans every month, the NHL fan base and TV market is expanding. As for people selling their CT property, for every seller - there has to be a buyer, there are not rows of abandoned homes anywhere in central Connecticut, for every seller - there is a buyer. The population of Connecticut is not declining, it is growing.
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    HE blocked me everywhere.. lol.. fake news guy
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    If you drew a large circle around those other markets, as was done in the so-called "Knowledge Corridor" would they still be smaller? And are they losing people, as we are? Simply combining 3 cities together to make a large market does not present a case for moving a team to Hartford.
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    Same lame responses from p4277. No surprise there. "But I'm not going to Hartford to watch college hockey when I have my favorite college team right here. How often have you come to QU for a game?" I'll use your answer. My favorite college team is 20 minutes away in Hartford. Hamden, for me, is between 50-60 minutes away. Guess which one I'm going to choose. "Maybe you need to make a case for why someone would bring a team to what would be the NHL's smallest market, surrounded by big-market teams, where the economy stinks, people are leaving, and the government can't handle money..." Not surprisingly, you're only considering Hartford. The Knowledge Corridor, which consists of the metro Springfield area, the metro Hartford area, and the metro New Haven area, has roughly 2 million people, that's bigger than quite a few NHL markets, including Buffalo, Raleigh, Columbus and Nashville, to name a few. http://knowledgecorridor.org/ As for "big market teams", Do you really think people from Hartford go to NYC or Boston to watch games more than a couple of times a year? So stop with the "surrounded by big markets", that's a bunch of crap. Nobody cared about "being surrounded by big markets" in the late 1980s when the Whalers were filling the Civic Center to 94% capacity. The economy does stink, and yes, the state government is horrible. But...if you build it they will come. All we heard for 3 years was whining and complaining about Dunkin Donuts Park...yet when it opened...close to 400,000 people went through the turnstiles...and suddenly, all the whining and complaining about the ballpark vanished.
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    Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, and by far the largest without an NHL team. They already have a suitable arena, so if they have a viable owner, they are at the top of the list for an NHL team. It doesn't hurt that they would be in the Western Conference and have a natural rivalry with Dallas. It's true that a lot of the people in the area are not natural hockey fans, but the sheer numbers will attract a team, IMO. They only need a small percentage of that large population to support a team. And they won't have nearby teams with fans in their area like Boston and New York have in Hartford. Getting Amazon would be a huge boost for Hartford and the state. Realistically, what are the chances it will happen?
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    Lol people in the know? Good sources. The NHL is in love with putting teams in really dumb areas. They'd put one in the Sarhara Desert if they could. Too stupid to **nction. That's why I think Houston gets a team if they want it. Plus they'd be a western conference. If the XL got renovated I'd say we would be next up. And if a budget... any freaking budget wtf are they doing.... got approved. I think if Amazon chose Hartford we'd get one like now. They said they'd invest 5 billion (with a B) in the city they move to. That's insane (didn't specify over how many years. Also just read that in an article can't speak for how factual it really is).
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    TrueHartfordHockeyFan is an oxymoron and a moron. He is a Wolfpack fan, not a Whalers fan!!!!
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    The invisible ownership group can actually make themselves public I can go and support local events in Hartford as a do a few times a month giving the venues and businesses revenue to stay afloat We can support hockey in this market which again i do I can be realistic about the actual problems in the state so that hope**lly they can be addressed with honesty not a bunch of "game set match" posts on a message board I can stay in this state pay taxes in this state to help the local economy and raise my **ture family here (which i plan to do)
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    You guys are perfectly content with college hockey and the crappy AHL, you guys are perfectly content with UConn football, who is pretty much a national laughingstock, and college basketball, which at least on the men's side, has seen better days. Without the XL Center, there's no more talk of moving to a Power 5 conference. Without the XL Center, there is no more National Championships for men's basketball...without the XL Center, there's no more concerts, no more Disney on Ice, no more AHL. Geno said it perfectly a month or so ago when he volunteered to give up his salary for the year to help the budget...he said something along the lines of "You guys want UConn playing Rhode Island again??" From the way you guys (and others) talk...that's EXACTLY what you want. But hey...you don't care. p4277 is perfectly content sitting in Hamden watching Quinnipiac, and Monizzle and countless others are perfectly happy sitting in front of their computers *****ing and moaning instead of trying to make a difference. Again...let me see someone on here other than myself, Evo, Jersey or TeenWhalersFan have ANYTHING positive to say about Hartford, or the state, and maybe I'll change my mind. Otherwise...I'm dead on accurate.
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    Yeah, and the incredible negativity from you and p4277 and just about everyone else here that's not Evo, Jersey, TeenWhalersFan or myelf is just completely overwhelming. You know something??? With "fans" like you guys running around...we'll NEVER get the NHL.
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    Seattle won't be in front until they start moving with the renovations to the existing facility, or when they break ground on a new one. Until then, they're behind Hartford.
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    This is actually a pro NHL opinion. What they are saying is if Hartford doesn’t get the NHL soon more melienials will leave. I totally agree do nothing and you’ll get nothing
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    There are so many variables at play. Littlerob mentioned some. 1) Game was Sunday, not Sat urday, because of the soccer game (which only drew slightly over 10,000) 2) The Pats, Jets and Giants all played at 1:00 Sunday, as did the Red Sox and Yankees. 3) East Carolina was originally scheduled to come to East Hartford in early November, not in September. Now, I will give you that 14,000 or whatever the final number ended up being looks really bad, but just because they had a crappy crowd in what would be considered non-normal conditions for college football...should not matter politically. One has very little, if anything, to do with the other.
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    It was Sunday and was competing against the NY Giants, New England Patriots, and New York Jets all of which had 1pm games. Doesn't really mean much at all when it comes to the XL center or the states hockey **ture. Uconn's success is good for CT and good for Hartford, no need to treat them like they are the wolf pack.
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    "60 people, now I know you're insane. I saw all the pictures from those trips and there's no way there were more than 30 people there." Uh, instead of running out at the mouth (which you're very good at), here's a thought...ask someone that you know...actually was there???? Or is that too much for you to figure out on your own? We had **ll busses for both games...and Jersey's place held everyone. Was a bit of a tight fit, that's true, but we got through just fine. Over 50 at both occasions.
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    He's right, it is **n ny. **n ny to see the laughingstock Rags get knocked down a few pegs. One bright spot is that each Wolf Pack fan gets his or her own personal pretzel & peanut vendor every game. So, there's that.
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    60 people pal, my place holds 50 and I got extra tables and chairs.. and you should want the crda to succeed because NHL has a shot to come back, but you don't want that
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    "Tons of tickets"? A ton is 2,000 lbs. If you figure an average weight of 200 lbs per fan, that's 10 people. That does seem about the right # of fans who comprise the Wolf Pack fan base.
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    Myself I'd see Howard Baldwin, Ella Gr a s s o, Ron Francis and Mike Luit. There are many Whalers who should be on it, but Ella (Dad knew her) should be on it.
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    Without "this" there is zero chance for an NHL team.