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    Good. Now, have Colorado play the same number of games as the other Pacific division clubs, and they can get rid of the stupid "winning percentage" BS that they use for playoff qualifiers.
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    Certainly a justifiable termination. Mediocre drafts. Whiffing twice on goalies. Worst of all the inability to setup up when the situation changed. Perhaps turfing the coach during the season when it was obvious he was being tuned out. Perhaps making a consequential player-for-player trade at the deadline to give the team a better chance of making the playoffs. Of course it was not all his fault but there is enough for him to be held responsible. After all he was in the front office in various decision making roles for six or seven years with no playoffs to show for them. This would get anyone fired. The team ended up just like the Hartford Whaler version of Ron Francis, soft and unable to setup up in the big moments. It was time to move on.
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    Actually hearing that the Penguins might bring him in. Jim Rutherford loves him.