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    Actually we do. It is called precedent. Odds are that if you and TrueHartfordHockeyFan engage with one another in a thread out here then the thread is going to end up being a back and forth between the two of you. And the worst thing is that the back and forth is never just civil debate about subjects. And most of that is your fault, Mark. Because you can't just share your opinion or make a factual point and end it at that. You have to give your opinion or make factual points and also insult people while you do it. You always have to add in an "idiot" or a "moron" or a "imbecile" or a "dip$hit" or a "Fraud" or a "BiggieLite" or some other insult or insulting nickname. Because it isn't just enough for you to share opinions or facts. You also have to insult certain people while you do it. Why? I don't know. Maybe it makes you feel better about yourself. What I do know for fact is that if someone is going to insult someone in threads on this board, it is most likely going to be you doing the insulting. You have proven that is who you are out here and that is what you do out here. And you have proven it over and over and over and over again. There is a way of knowing that. We just have to read your posts.
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    It isn't that I don't like what you post. Once in a while you post something interesting or you make a good point. Why would I want to block that? The problem is how you post. A lot of times, even when you are making interesting or good points you feel like you have to insult people. So you end up ruining what could be solid contribution to message board. For some reason you get off on calling people "idiot" or "moron" or "dip$hit" or "Fraud" or "imbecile". For some reason you get off on giving people insulting nicknames. Why? Maybe it makes you feel better about yourself. Maybe you put other people down so you feel like you are better than them. What I do know is that over and over and over and over and over and over again that is what you have done out here. If there is some body who is going to insult other people out here it is likely going to be you. That is your reputation out here. You are the internet bully of the Courant Whalers message board. I am not blocking you and I am not Shutting The F*** Up. I am not giving you satisfaction of giving in to your bullying out here. I'm going to call you out every time you act like internet bully. Every time you call people "idiot" and "dip$hit" and "moron" and "fraud" and "imbecile"and other ridiculous nicknames you can come up with, I am going to call you out for it. I mean it is sad that some body your age is acting like a 4th or 5th grade student. Do everyone out here a favor (most of all yourself) and start acting like an adult.
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    Really? That's all I do? WRONG. "Whole point in selling XL Center is to get cost of renovating it and maintaining it and running it off of state of CT and city of Hartford books. To do that you need to sell XL Center to private investors. UConn is not private investor. UConn is public university that receives public **nding from state of CT to operate. UConn "buying" and "owning" and "operating" XL Center would just be state of CT owning and operating XL Center. Only difference is that state of CT would be paying to renovate and maintain and run XL Center under UConn's name. And Amazon second headquarters isn't coming to CT. Amazon second headquarters is going someplace like Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Boston, Baltimore, Philly or Chicago." How is a post like that an example of me pointing out what others do? It isn't. And I made that post. So, pointing out what others do isn't all that I do out here.
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    Let's ease up on the word "retarded" ok? That hits home pretty strongly with some folks.
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    This board truly makes me laugh out loud sometimes. I think we're all nuts on various levels. I'll take that over being boring any day.
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    I have not lied about meeting anyone on this forum. When I went up to Kevin Johnson at a CT Whale game a bunch of years ago, there were people there that saw me go up to him. No harsh words were exchanged...in fact, the last time I saw Kevin at a UConn game, he said hi to both me and WhaleGuy123 as we walked past him in the concourse. Even saw him at a Yard Goats game during Whalers weekend. When I went up to Hendrickson at a UConn game, I told exactly how the story went, and Hendrickson even said that was how it went. If you don't believe me, go look it up... Your lies are pathetic and tiresome. You and you alone have the opportunity to put to rest that you are not Biggie, and you flatly ref use to take advantage of the opportunity. But...why should I be surprised...it's what trolls do. And, for the record...I will meet ANYONE here that wants to say hi. I am a UConn season ticket holder, WhaleGuy sit at the top of 105, on the 106 side, last row, on the aisle.
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    If all the tickets are sold, the game is a sellout. And I know for a fact that every seat was sold. Nice try, Biggie Lite.
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    Uh, the WolfPack's lone Wednesday night home game in this season had an announced "crowd" of 1860. In fact, last night's number of 2855 is higher than 4 of the 10 WolfPack "crowds" to this point of the season. So, before you start running off at the mouth...you might want to check your facts. As for when the picture was taken, as a so called "True" Hartford Hockey fan, you are totally aware that Hartford crowds, for reasons I will never, ever know, usually arrive late. I have nothing to say about the Bra$$ Bonanza Bus situation...if you want to find out what happened with Primeau, ask the guy that runs it. I do know Pat Verbeek was in the building last night, he was sitting with the other scouts at the top of 107.
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    I was at Dead and Company last night and also was at Roger Waters. I also have been to 2 uconn hockey games and a uconn baksetball game this fall. There are 2 things that will help profitability at the XL 1. Steal more and more concerts from Mohegan 2. Figure out a way to update the XL to have an upper and lower concourse These concerts at the XL are filled with people who want to drink, eat, and park in hartford. And situations like last night 3 or 4 bars were having pre or post concert events for deadheads. Someone in the stands last night who was in the upper level like i was last night said "I would go to the XL over madison square garden again any day." These concerts like Dead and Co, Roger Waters, Guns and Roses have a reach as far as Fairfiled county one way and in some cases southern Maine in another way (heard someone talking about driving down from Maine). And the ease and cheap price to get to and park in the XL makes it a great concert choice.
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    My point is this was a ticket promotion, there was no special guests or anything like that.. you throw some whaler names in tjere and you get people in there easily.
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    This is just bad, no reason for local teams playing against each other to have no one showing up.
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    Mark, you're just as bad as KJ and Biggie no matter how much you deny it
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    It's not like you and Jersey bring anything to this board. You make stuff up and flip-flop all the time. Just recently I brought up how Howlings heard that the Pack and the CRDA are going to announce a two-year deal, and you went off on how they're "counterfeit", they're clowns, and your "nacho guy" knows more than they do. Then, Evo posted about how that is happening because it's the only option for Hartford, and you came back with how your "source" confirmed that as well and spun it to sound like the CRDA saving hockey.
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    It probably has something to do with the snow storm that's currently going on there right now. https://www.clickondetroit.com/weather/winter-storm-warning-today-5-8-inches-of-snow-expected-in-metro-detroit
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    Where you there? No. The person in the Pucky costume was a Wolf Pack employee, not an "employee of Baldwin". He was also escorted around the XL Center by another Wolf Pack employee. No one from WSE, the booster club, or any other group had anything to do with the Pucky costume that night.
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    Its hard to believe those numbers and where he placed!! 4 years of mediocrity with that guy! He lasted that long? Way to young to go though. RIP
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    This was posted on this board, and he said the same thing in the news as well. " Oh but that is ok....every team inflates the number by 10/12 percent. In the first year we had the whale, I admit and it was my fault, it got inflated to much, then we toned it way down in the second year. We also toned down are comp tickets. Its very sad the attendance. However the Rangers only care about the hockey needs and not the the business side of things. Whomever scheduled 7 games in October is crazy. Howard Baldwin, Jr" This was also confirmed by Evo in the same topic.
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    The Whale brand really wasn't any better either guys. We all know the numbers you like to use to "prove" the Whale brand was better were made up, and the numbers went "back to normal" the next year. I'll never forget a Sunday Whale game when they announced 3000 and the place had less people than the 1200 Wolf Pack nights.
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    They've been right about everything that's happened with the XL Center, the Wolf Pack, and the AHL for years. When everyone had "proof" the Pack was moving to Bridgeport, the Whale brand was staying forever, the Falcons were staying in Springfield they reported the truth.
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    I think they make a little thing in East Hartford they call a Pratt and Whitney PW4000 turbo fan engine, which makes the Boeing 777 get off the ground. Anyone can make the windshield and seats and beverage cart, the jet engine is far more difficult and more important. Hartford > Seattle
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    And as for the "so sad" about the attendance...let's review... 10/26/16 (Wed night) = 1,429 for WolfPack home game 11/16/16 (Wed night) = 1,816 for WolfPack home game 11/23/16 (Wed night) = 1,874 for WolfPack home game 12/07/16 (Wed night) = 1,677 for WolfPack home game 12/14/16 (Wed night) = 1,352 for WolfPack home game 01/25/17 (Wed night) = 1,860 for WolfPack home game 03/01/17 (Wed night) = 1,788 for WolfPack home game 11/15/17 (Wed night) = 1,860 for WolfPack home game 11/29/17 (Wed night) = 1,625 for WolfPack home game When the Pack get to what UConn draws on a weeknight, do give me a call. And no, the school-day game doesn't count. Until then...as usual...ST**.
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    How is it sad when teams with UConns record and prestige are getting around the same numbers for weeknight games? These threads make 0 sense when overall college hockey isn't drawing well. And even after all that they still got more people tonight than a rivalry driven wolf pack/falcons game last week. This is a Golden Gophers game from this weekend. Mind you a historic college hockey power https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DQFm14oWkAAnheQ.jpg:large
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    And what do you mean the letter never left Connecticut? It was delivered to the New York Islanders. The New York Islanders play in New York. New York is outside of Connecticut. So YES...the letter left Connecticut.
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    ""There are literally millions of Whalers fans that are working to being the team back to Hartford" Or...you are literally a complete freaking moron.
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    "It looks like Mark was wrong about Seattle being way behind Hartford when it comes to being "NHL ready". They have all the things that he "claims" Hartford "has had for years". In a pinch, Hartford could host the NHL tomorrow. Can Seattle? No. Why? Because the building, as currently constructed, has less than 11,000 seats with unobstructed views... When Seattle begins work on a renovation, call me. Until then, ST**.
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    Pack will have about 2000 tonight, also love the photoshopped pic of one section like you did with Springfield.
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    Another one of Biggie's photoshopped pictures, probably taken moments before an intermission when people were heading to bathrooms or to get food and taken at a certain angle. Also, the Rangers and Islanders were playing at the same time. If it wasn't held on a cold Tuesday night, a school night and worknight, if this was a Sa****ay evening at 5pm instead and the Rangers and Islanders weren't playing, there would have been 8,000 people there easy.
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    TrueHartfordHockeyFan is a fake. Sorry, but my dad said when the Whalers were in Hartford, people enjoyed talking about Whalers games. Now, The Whalers should be back...with the Hartford Yard Goats and soccer and the Whalers...it would be an up and coming sports city. MLB in Hartford? It wouldn't be the first MLB team in the city.
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    Actually the NHL team in a completely different part of North Carolina is drawing less people than when they were in Hartford. It's just interesting that you only hold uconn hockey accountable to weekend numbers and not the wolf pack. Mind you with a sub .500 record the Uconn ice hockey team is higher up in their conference for attendance numbers than the wolf pack are.
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    That's great. Hope**lly this will put to rest and rumors of the Hurricanes leaving the Carolinas. They're showing how much they support hockey down there by beating all of Connecticut's hockey numbers. They should be proud of themselves.
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    "I did notice a ton of RIT, Wolf Pack, and Rangers jerseys at the game today." RIT jerseys, yes. WolfPack and Rangers jerseys??? Er...not so much. And again, I see you decided not to pay us a visit. Can't say I'm surprised...too bad, you would have met Evo also. But, as usual, keep hiding behind your keyboard like the rest of the trolls.
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    They are knocking down the Burger King and putting either a new NHL ready arena or Amazon's new headquarters!! No, wait , it's going to be a combo new NHL arena with Amazon headquarters in the same building!!
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    No one is buying that thing at least not anyone that will make it a top arena worthy of NHL. It won't sell or someone will buy and knock it down. AHL fans will be going to Boost or Springy for their fix
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    Didn't say they didn't work with the NHL. I said they didn't ONLY work with the NHL. So, with them working with the XL Center, that doesn't mean it guarantees that any of these updates are exclusively for the NHL.
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    So as you can see...only 4 buildings, by capacity, were smaller than the HCC. So, again, they're not finishing much higher than the bottom oh...6-7 in the league, even if they sell out every game. Not making excuses...just stating facts. Too bad you can't do the same. Clown.
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    Yup guess what even I boycotted the NHL over that And so did Hartford and many over cities 2004 was a joke too no Cup embarr*****ing. Although I admit when I read your statement above it sounds just like you are talking about the WP they're always in the bottom three or four in attendance. Maybe you should go concentrate on that and leave the NHL to the adults
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    Why was the attendance so bad? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1992_NHL_strike You really should do a little more research...but, I shouldn't expect anything less from a guy that puts a picture up of the Whalers in a road game and calling it home.
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    NBC Connecticut, WVIT-30: (November 11, 2010) The Canadian coffee-chain closed its stores in Connecticut and Rhode Island on Wednesday night. The company’s CEO said the New England stores were hurting the chain’s earnings. The coffee and donut shops have been in Connecticut since 2004, when Tim Horton’s bought out Bess Eaton shops. From that article, we realize that Tim Hortons didn't open up in Connecticut until the year 2004, so there is no way that they could be advertising at the Hartford Whalers home rink located in Connecticut, since the Whalers departed the state in 1997 and Tim Horton's didn't enter the state until the year 2004. Now, where could that picture have been taken? Biggie made sure not to include the picture details with the picture, but the source and location of the picture is below, Biggie tried to pull a fast one and show empty seats in Buffalo and hope people think it was Hartford.
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    I don't even think Tim Hortons was ever advertised in the Civic Center!! The second picture is probably an away game!! Yea, the first pic is during warm ups!!! WTF!!! And Glen Wesley wasn't worth 3 first round draft picks!! Another wasted trade!! His brother was better!!! Ha HA HA!!
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    Moron, clearly one picture is during warmups, and your second one is of 25 seats.. they did have there problems yes, but the problems were from the top.. nice try
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    The Coyotes could have moved to many other locations, but they are still in Arizona. I think the NHL really wants to be there, even though the market has never shown that it really wants the NHL. IMO, the league likes the idea of being in major cities, even if they are questionable hockey markets. The league would probably love to be in Houston, and would likely give Atlanta another shot if they could. And of course they've been craving Seattle for years. But there doesn't seem to be any love coming from the NHL towards Quebec, Hamilton, or Hartford, unfortunately.
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    This will be a great thread because for once we will all agree!! now that being said if this is 5k sold School games are group sales discounted tickets 5k sold could be legit I’m ok with the number, but prefer butts in the seats number always
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    It's a fair point. The chart also said "Avid NHL Fans". So...it is my opinion that "Avid NHL Fans" is what a team should base their season ticket sales on...and if there are roughly 175,000 "Avid NHL Fans" in the market, per those numbers, then getting one out of 12 to buy a season ticket, or even a partial plan, shouldn't be terribly difficult. That number (1/12 of 175,000) is 14,583. If you had 14,583 f ull or partial season tickets for a NHL team based in Hartford...that would be phenomenal. A "casual NHL fan" would probably go to 2-3 games per year...maybe for a Sat urday night out, maybe to see their favorite team if it wasn't the Whalers...and that would likely fill up the rest of the arena.
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    I'll also say what I've been preaching to Evo, to WhaleGuy, to Mr. BB, and to anyone else that wants to listen...a competitive team year in and year out...would routinely sell out a renovated XL Center at 17,000 seats (or so, after renovation). It's when a team goes through 4-5 year droughts, like from 1981-1985, and from 1992-1996 is when the team struggles at the gate. They don't have to be a dynasty like the 1980s Oilers or the 1970s Canadiens or the 1980s Islanders....they don't even have to win 2 straight Cups like the Penguins. Just be competitive...make the playoffs more often than not, win a round (or 2) on occasion, and in the years where they miss...be in the mix for a spot right up until the end of the season or close.
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    I still can't wrap my head around the fact that our state pays MSG to have their slug here. Amazing.
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    I was one of them. I think I took no more than 20 steps into that stadium, grabbed some salt & pepper and promptly ate my foot. It's amazing. The environment is electric. I went to about 10 games from Father's Day to the last game and will be buying a mini-plan this year. I was wrong and I admit it.