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    If you really think they're trolls then what is pathetic is you "feeding" them by ALWAYS responding to them. But you will never ignore them because you ALWAYS have to get in last word. It is more important to you to get last word in then it is to ignore them. It is like you have pathological need to "win" an internet flame war. I have news for you. NOBODY "wins" internet flame war. Which is proven over and over and over and over again out here by all of the threads that end up becoming pissing contests. I go away on business for a while. When I come back the same old crap is going on. How surprising.
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    If anyone wants to visit me in Broad Brook, my name is Mark H Anderson. Look me up! I get very lonely in my mom's basement.
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    Saw the poll, and I thought it was hilarious that most of the people responding think this is stupid and a waste of money and time. Heard it had to be hidden in a transportation bill just to get through the vote. That's just sad.
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    Mama always said I was her special big boy! She still breastfeeds me whenever I get cranky
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    The plates are going to be cool but it's not like everyone always everywhere gets the plates that supports things and cost more. You're going a bit overboard in calling them
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    So, Mark is wrong about something else I guess. Like I said before, I have been following this board for a while but as soon as people like Mark and Jersey started fighting with people I just stopped reading. Like I said on another post, they just seem to do things to feel important. The **nny thing is that I don't think I've ever seen Mark at any of the Whalers events I've gone to over the years. He's either not going or is really good at hiding. I can't wait to be called out by him for being you because that's what seems to be doing recently. I will admit that I was one of the people posting while they had guest accounts, and once they took that away I just had to step in. It's sad what the Whalers Booster Club has become. I remember when hundreds of people would march in parades and Fanniversary would fill Mayor Mike's. Now it seems like they're lucky if the group has more than 50 people in it.
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    Someone get some ice for that burn haha
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    I plan on suing the state of Connecticut for making these stupid Whalers plates.
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    I will never allow the NHL to return to Hartford no matter how many letters Mark writes me.
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    And guess what? I'm here still here! It's going to take more than just a few phone calls and emails to the Courant to get "banned" me from here. As for me being "banned" from the Failers Booster Club, PLEASE.....I beg you......PLEASE keep my on your "banned" list. I'd rather eat the chunky **** that comes out of your fat @$$ than hang out with you losers again.
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    Marky boy and his merry band of Failures fans won't stand a chance when W.O.R.M. 2.0 takes over Failures alumni night at that waste of taxpayers dollars, Yard Goat Stadium.
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    Whatever makes you sleep at night after your mom tucks you into bed.
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    Nope. I might be the most vocal WP troll on this board but that doesn't mean there aren't others lurking around.
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    I hate to break that heart of yours big boy but it ain't me. You do realize I'm not the only one who trolls this board, right?
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    Using the plural form "guests" implies it's more than one idiot posting all of that non-sense. Most likely it's just one very very special idiot. Sometimes it seems like this forum is just a digital playground for the world's most disturbed AHL hockey fan.
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    Maybe to get the last word in knowing very well they cant respond to him since the guest accounts got turned off?
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    If you're going to call someone out, at least do it under your registered name and not as a guest. No one can tell if it's actually you or some troll.
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    That's why I moved my team out of that poor excuse for a city you call Hartford.
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    Connecticut can kiss my @$$
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    Makes sense considering Hartford wanted the stadium to be a year round venue.
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    There is little doubt the Coyotes will be out of Arizona within the next 12-24 months. Bettman is on record saying Glendale is not a long term option, and there doesn't appear to be any interest in either the city of Phoenix or the state of Arizona (who will soon be asked to *****ist with **nding for a new arena for the Suns, as well as paying for renovations to the home of the Diamondbacks) to replace a facility that's not even 15 years old yet (opened 12/2003)
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    The Coyotes staying in Arizona is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. The Coyotes will be out of Arizona within 5 years, and there are very few cities who want an NHL team and who have a venue suitable for an NHL team, and the XL renovations will be done within 5 years, I see Hartford as being the top destination for the Coyotes, and maybe the only destination come the year 2020 or so for the Coyotes to move to.
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    2-3 years....when was that? Your "sabbaticals" usually last anywhere from just a few days to maybe a few weeks before your back here doing what you do best.
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    I've been lurking on this board for years and everyone here responds irrationally to every little insult or disagreement. You haven't tried ignoring them. You responding to the trolls is reinforcing their behavior in that it increases the likelihood they will continue to do it. Behavioral science tells us if you remove the reinforcing value to their trolling, the rate and/or the intensity of the trolling will briefly INCREASE. If you continue to remove the reinforcing variable to their trolling behavior, even through the initial burst, the behavior will gradually DECREASE from the initial levels of trolling. It works, you just have to put some effort into not responding. It really isn't that hard. Source: Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis.
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    Says the kid who just got done lecturing me on "name calling".....
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    A division title at the major league level means more than a minor league championship.
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    KarmanosIsADope thinks that every minor league championship results in a parade like at the end of SlapShot. That's simply not the case.
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    Ah yes, you must be referring to that AA baseball team that keeps reinforcing the fact that Hartford is strictly a minor league city now. What happened to the "Hartford being a major league city" mentality?
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    Obviously I had to say something if I made **n of you. LOL
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    I would get your point if it was an actual Failers vs Rangers game but it wasn't. It was nothing more than a pregame ceremony to appease the crybaby Failers fans at the time
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    You would know all about bubbles popping since yours was popped in 1997
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    Of course I keep coming back. It's entertaining to see Failers fans, such as yourself, talking about the WP even if it's in a negative tone. The Pack has got you hooked pizza boy hehe
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    Just wait, this entire message board will give you head-to-toe cancer.
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    The ****s cater exclusively to Failer Nation. That being said, what's the problem with the Bees wanting to cater to the rest of the Hartford hockey fanbase? It's rather amusing how you describe the Failers as "the real team" like they're still alive. Let's look at the multiple definitions of the word "real" according to http://www.dictionary.com/browse/real... Real: true; not merely ostensible, nominal, or apparent existing or occurring as fact; actual rather than imaginary, ideal, or fictitious being an actual thing; having objective existence; not imaginary I'll give you some credit by acknowledging that, yes, the Failers were a real team at one time. But that was at one time 20+ years ago. It's baffling how someone can call themselves a fan of Hartford hockey and yet choose to ignore the past 20 years of it. Reality can be a b*itch sometimes, huh?
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    Perhaps, but the Whalers are 100 times more popular than the Rangers farm team. That's pretty **nny, actually.
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    None that I know of. Doesn't mean the Bees can't honor the man. The Goats obviously don't want to since they rather honor a dead team.
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    Nope but the Bees are talking about honoring Gernander in some way, shape, or form.
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    Oooo. New! Must mean the Whalers are coming back right?
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    At least he has a brain, since he is a BUSINESSPERSON and he is a Whalers fan. What are you?
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    I'll be there Guys will grab some some shots and get a first hand view. All of the sudden received invite not sure if this is just to pump up talking about getting the work done. The more people see what's needed maybe the legislature realizes the importance of the building. In Ct. the budgets D-Day is June 7
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    It's true I just received an invite to tour the XL at 1pm with Gov's group.