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    Oh, and if I'm UConn...I'm charging $9 for tickets to the playoff games, should they have them...that was a great crowd on Sat urday afternoon.
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    When I got there and saw our Evo holding the phone in landscape mode, I knew it was going to be a good day.
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    The NHL has enough problems between teams in financial difficulty, to teams wanting new buildings (Arizona, Calgary, Ottawa) to the ratings situation, as Monizzle suggested. Think about this...the NHL could be facing a postseason without 3 of the league's most watched teams...Detroit, Chicago, and the Rangers. In fact, it's possible NONE of the NY metro teams could make the playoffs, as it stands right now, only the Devils would get in. In short...this discussion is about as lame as Frank's "new logo for the Booster Club" discussion.
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    Wait, why would their be "legal issues"? That's where I'm really con**sed. The club has been using the logo forever and they are an official NHL Booster Club. There wouldn't be any legal issues and these "logos" are good aw**l.
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    Would Cleveland's logo have Herman, Lily, Grandpa, Eddie or Marilyn in it? Or would they use a logo of the whole family? When the two San Diego Gulls teams played each other in San Diego, would the teams use separate locker rooms? Or would they just all cram into the one San Diego Gulls home locker room? If the Houston Rockets' owner relocates NHL team like Arizona or Carolina to Houston, where would the Houston Aeros move? Jerry Bruckheimer and David Bonderman and Oak View Group just turned in their completed NHL expansion application and a $10 million deposit. If Seattle looks like it is going to get a NHL team, why would the Admirals want to leave Milwaukee? Would New York Thunder share Madison Square Garden with NHL Rangers, share new Belmont arena with NHL Islanders, share Prudential Center with NHL Devils, share Barclays Center with NBA Nets, or move into N*****au Coliseum when Islanders leave for Belmont?
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    The NHL Public Relations Office is also aware of your annoying arrogance and ignorance and is looking for a way to ban you from the internet.
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    City C Already in the western conference and there is an arena up to standards for either NCAA or pro sports and a mid arena suite level. City C is Kansas City Missouri and or Houston Texas The NHL isn't going to move a team back to the eastern conference when it is building on almost having even conferences again. Nor will they move it to a city that has even more trouble with **nding a new arena. Talking Stick Resort Arena is already 4 decades more advanced than the XL center is now.
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    At just after 1 p.m. this afternoon, I went to the Post Office and mailed in a check, it was only $100 for now, but I may increase my ownership level in the coming months when I get my tax re**nd in April/May. I am officially an owner of the Hartford Whalers and I will have a say in the direction the team takes when they return. And this time, the team STAYS IN HARTFORD.
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    Mark doesn't help the situation either. If he knows it's this guy trolling him, then why didn't he take his own advice and just block them? I've gotten into arguments with people on here, but Greg and Mark always seem to get into thread killing back-and-forths.
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    Nice to see that this topic was killed quickly for no reason.
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    "[W]ith a little discounting , Hartford drew nearly 14,000 fans"? They barely even got above 13,500 and to use the last year is a joke because people didn't seem to care before that. Just look at the five years before the final year when the team barely averaged over 11,000 fans per game. That average would put them 500 behind the Islanders, and 1500 behind the Hurricanes. Also, didn't the Booster Club do this a few years ago and they ended up having to give people their money back? Seems like a waste especially since none of those teams will be moving and none of them will be up for sale next year, no matter how bad they're doing.
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    Yes Frank, keep telling yourself that. That's $100 you'll never see again and sure as **** won't have anything to show for it!
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    I think DeCock is going to think twice the next time he tries to bash Hartford.
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    The Islanders are just as bad yet they're getting a new arena. I think Dundon might be able to bring more people in next year. He has a good track record of being able to do that with the other teams he's been involved with over the years. He's done it in the minors and the majors, and I think embracing the team's **ll history is a good start. It doesn't mean he's going to play a game up here or move the team up here either. He's just trying to find more ways to make the team money and to get more people to come to games. Next year Dundon will have more control and will be able to setup promotions to bring in people.
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    Hate to say it, but the only way we're gonna get the Whale back is if we all move the heck out of this corrupt state and relocate to North Carolina. Unless things change dramatically, this place will be in my rear-view mirror within the next 10 years or so - and I hear the same thing from people I interact with on a daily basis. The death spiral these politicians have put this state in doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. I would love to be proven wrong, but this place is a very pale shadow of what it used to be - even back in 97 when the whalers moved. Stop the insane spending, get the debt under control, try to grow the jobs and population again and maybe, just maybe we'll be in a position for the NHL to come back again.
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    Two things... One, F you Luke DeCock. The name says it all. Two, as I have tried to explain to you people, the Hurricanes are not...as in N-O-T moving back here. They have a sweetheart lease until 2024, they play in an arena whose lower bowl is almost as big as our ENTIRE ARENA. A preseason game here...against the Rangers, as their AHL team is the one that plays here, for now, is possible. But that's it. Not a regular season game in the XL Center...and definitely not an outdoor game at the Rent. Focus on the Coyotes. That's the team Malloy should be wooing. Not the Islanders, and not the Hurricanes.
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    Man still can' believe Luke DeCock owns the Hurricanes now...
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    Fox61 reporting: The Whaler Guys were the first in the state to announce the Malloy pitch to have the outdoor game featuring the Hurricanes
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    Unless they demolish the entire city of springfield and make the city a resort that wont happen. People travel to mohegan and foxwoods to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. And if they aren't there for that they are there for big time concerts. The Springfield casino will never have a large enough concert venue to get acts as big as foxwoods and mohegan get. Nor will the get Red Sox winter weekends or as big wine/beer fests and so on. It will pull part of western m***** and a little of CT. Other than that people will still go to the big events down in eastern ct from both M***** and CT.
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    On Wednesday afternoon, today, the game-show viewing world will watch ninth-grader Hayley Minter flex her trivia muscles on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and – fingers crossed – haul home a wheelbarrow of cash. The freshman at Enloe High School in Raleigh cleared a questionnaire and a Skype interview last summer, then flew with her family to Las Vegas for an August taping, the results of which air both Wednesday and Thursday. She and the family have kept mum on her performance since then, under an obligation not to let loose any spoilers. Her dad Wade Minter, who is the PA announcer for the Carolina Hurricanes, notes that no one should make any *****umptions about her two-day appearance on the long-running ABC quiz program. Folks, something is going on, Malloy just announced ANOTHER $100 MILLION for the XL Center, the Eagles just announced they are coming to the XL Center, Journey just announced they are starting their world tour at the XL Center, and now the Whalers/Hurricanes announcer is having family members appear on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, just 2 weeks after the Whalers make national news with a new Whaler license plate, and the Whaler alumni game coming up, and added to all of this is ABC out of New Haven making a deal to air UConn Hockey games from the XL Center, rumors swirling around about the XL Center being sold this year, and rumors swirling around about the NHL adding more teams.... something big is going on.
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    You're insane and need to seek professional help. This had nothing to do with anything. The $100 million Malloy talked about hasn't even been voted on yet. This is just his budget proposal. Kind of like the $250 million proposal he had a few years ago, and the state would only approve $40 million. Also, they still haven't received that money and no one really knows what they're going to be doing with it. No one knows how much money will even be left after they buy the atrium and the front of the building. So, we don't know how much money will be left to pay for any types of upgrades to the building.
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    Really? Using the last year of the Whale, when everyone was trying to keep the team here, as your "proof". You really have no clue what you're talking about do you? Did you even look the other years the Whalers attendance from that site you posted, or just that last year? You should look at the other dates and see the attendances of 6000 (about 38%) and the games of 8000 (about 50%), but that's not real because they never had games under 50%, right? I doubt you even went to those games when the Civic center only 6,000 people there. Luckily we had the Bruins and Rangers fans in the area to help boost the numbers so we didn't look completely aw**l. I even posted an article from the Courant that talked about only 5000 people showing up for a playoff game. That set the record for the worst attended Whalers playoff game, the old record is noted in the article as being in 1989, that only got 6800 people. But, what does that prove right? Oh it proves that you're wrong, but it has to be a lie because "the Whalers were never that bad." It's comments like those that make me think you're either really old and have forgotten how empty the games were, it what I seriously think it's that you were never there to begin with but need to latch yourself on this cause to make yourself "feel important".
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    That's a really good point, actually. You can get Whalers stuff online. You can get Whalers stuff at the mall. You can get Whalers stuff in Raleigh NC at the Hurricanes team store. You can get Whalers stuff at Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport. But you CAN'T get Whalers stuff at the XL Center, the building they called home from 1975-1997. I wonder if Fraudie will have anything to say about this....
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    It's f unny that the Carolina Hurricanes and Bridgeport Sound Tigers sell Hartford Whalers merchandise, but the Hartford Wolf Pack ref use to do so.
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    UConn basketball has been in Hartford for 40 years...The night before the roof gave way back in 1978, UConn was playing UMa$$ in basketball at the Civic Center.
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    Now that CT has Whaler license plates any chance we can get a petition going to change the state song from "Yankee Doodle" to "Br***** Bonanza"? No offense to James Cagney or anything, but the Whaler theme song needs to be officially reclaimed by this state!
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    Baldwin Sr told me many moons ago that the state has a card to play in regards to the logo. After all PK signed an agreement to leave logo with the state
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    I totally disagree. First of all...Dundon has proven in two weeks of owning the team that he has a lot more business savvy than PK ever did. Using the Whalers brand, quite simply, is good business. Yes, people will be upset, I totally get that...but if he has the rights (for now) to use the logo/colors, why not, especially if it's going to mean more coin in his pocket? Second...if using the Whalers brand/colors by the Canes means even MORE sales of the merchandise, and MORE publicity for Hartford and our lobbying for a franchise, that's also a good thing. Third...just the mere mention that Dundon is planning on doing this has given Hartford publicity...read the ESPN article that has a link to the HWBC's Rapid Response Force. http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/22267963/new-carolina-hurricanes-owner-tom-dundon-embracing-hartford-whalers-legacy Again, this is GOOD for Hartford...not bad...it gets the word out that we're serious about getting a team. There's still obstacles...but any publicity for Hartford trying to get a team back is good...not bad.
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    If you had told me 2 weeks ago that Adam Huska would get hurt and UConn would still be in position to host the first weekend of the HE playoffs, I would have said no way, no how. But here we are. Here's how it sits. Top 3 host the first weekend of the HE playoffs, March 2-3-4. All records are Hockey East only of course. Maine -- 17 GP, 8-6-3 = 19 points. This weekend, they host Merrimack (2 games) UConn -- 20 GP, 8-11-1 = 17 points. This weekend, they host BC UMa$$ -- 16 GP, 5-10-1 = 11 points. This weekend, they host BU and play at New Hampshire. UNH -- 16 GP, 4-9-3 = 11 points. This weekend, they play at Northeastern and host UMa$$. Vermont -- 16 GP, 4-9-3 = 11 points. This weekend, they host Providence (2 games) Merrimack -- 17 GP, 4-11-2 = 10 points. This weekend, they are at Maine (2 games) The key is this...for UConn to lose home ice, 2 of UMa$$, UNH, Vermont and Merrimack have to go by the Huskies in the standings. As long as UConn (who finishes with BC at home, at Northeastern, home for BU and home for UMa$$) can hold serve...say 2-2...that will almost certainly be enough. In fact, 1-3 might do it.
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    Sometimes you just need regular work. Everybody knows Huska is the #1, but it's nice to know UConn has a very capable backup, at least if it's only for the rest of the season, as Creel is a senior. The HE race is shaping up to be a very interesting one...the games in hand that everybody has against UConn matter, but since the other teams in the bottom half of the group all have games against one another...they may not hurt as much as it looks. UConn should...emphasis on the word should...be able to hold on to a home-ice spot for the first weekend of the HE playoffs.
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    Its all mine, there's more of that stashed away. One whole other wall is all Red Sox and another whole wall is Cowboys. That's why we need some NEW faces and blood for these Whalers event coming up!!!!! I need more different stuff! Don't even bring up the Cowboys/Patriots sh!t in this thread, this is not the thread to do it in! Start your own thread about it. Whalers only!
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    Radcon, if that's all yours, I've misjudged you. Evo, no comments about the cool Sox stuff. 😀
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    Wait, what? No they weren't. Other than the 80-81, 81-82, 85-86, 86-87, 87-88 seasons the Whalers were in the bottom four in league attendence. They were never "among the top attendance cities in the NHL." I'm all for fighting to bring them back and talking about the good things they did for the city and the state, but to out right lie about the attendance too make them sound better it just wrong and underhanded. I remember the last home game of 92 against the Flyers that only 5000 people showed up to, and I remember the playoff game against the Canadiens that year that only had 5600. So to say they were in the top of the league in the 90's in a joke.
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    It was a great game. $9 for three rows from the ice. The crowd was electrifying. That was real hockey.
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    With tickets being $20 a pop plus fees they are filling up the center ice locations for most games. If they cut the endzones down to 9 per ticket and filled it slightly more it would only help ticket revenue.
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    Excellent interview, Pete informed Al that Hartford is the 30th Largest Media Market. Bob stressed the point that the Whalers were among the top attendance cities in the NHL in the late 1990s when they left the city. There was talk in the interview about the Islanders, Coyotes, Hurricanes, and that the Coyotes only have a year left on their contract and then they have nowhere to play. So much is going on for Hartford right now.
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    Nice setup, but it looks like you are going to have to add more paint to the stairwell.
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    That's great, but it's there any news on the event that's supposed to be happening in February?
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    I keep trying to tell you guys...Arizona. That's where our focus should be. Not Carolina...not Ottawa...not the Islanders...Arizona.
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    BTW, Good stuff, WC. From what I have heard, the PC was a huge success. Will be going online in the next day or so to update my plates.
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    So the whalers had about 1,000 more people when the Islanders were self destructing their entire team in the 90s and had no success (just like the whalers). The Long Island Market is much bigger than the greater Hartford market hands down. Add to the fact that the Islanders have a small slip of fans in southern CT and points east of long island that also like the mets. Also the tv revenue from the islanders was much bigger than what the whalers ever could get from a CT deal. One of the reasons the islanders will never leave the nyc market and while the whalers are gone.