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    I think to actually have a serious chance at a team Hartford has to blow the NHL away wirh a phenomenal proposal and business plan. They need good owners, a new arena, guaranteed tv revenue, and a **** of a pitchman. They need to upstage the favorites when it comes to expansion and relocation. Thats all easier said than done. Right now not feels like no one outside ornthe diehards and local politicians really see the returb of the NHL as viable. And it would take the above to change that any time soon.
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    And I thought WP fans were the only "trolls" on here haha
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    Yeah that would be a road block for sure . Just thought they would be one of the few teams out their that made sense regionally. Unless we somehow flip affiliations or teams with Bridgeport...Rangers are probably the besr fit. And our actually the better organization anyway.
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    Traffic aside? My cousin moved to LA a liitle over 5 months ago and he would tell you that unless it is 3:30 in the morning there's no such thing as "traffic aside" when it comes to driving in greater los Angeles. Most direct route from Staples Center to Honda center is going to be around 31 miles. That's going to easily take you an hour and a half to drive - mimimum - around the times that a fan would most likely be driving to a Nhl game. Probably closer to a hour and 45 minutes.
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    Uh, yeah they did. The Yard Goats treat Hartford the way the Rangers re**sed to, & look how that team is being rewarded by comparison. And they're only AA.