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    What other AHL affiliate could move here? To take a quote from the movie "Hot Shots" when Topper Harley asks, "Why me?" he's answered with, "Because you're the best of what's left."
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    Exactly, because at this point I don't think Hartford has any other options. They can't go without an AHL team or go down to the ECHL because that would break the contract with Spectra. Also, I think it would hurt the attendance even more than the name changes. I also don't see how we could even get another AHL team. NHL teams are already signing contracts for affiliations for the 2018-19 season just so they know where they're going. There's really no other AHL affiliate that can move to Hartford if the Pack does leave. Also, the cities that have lost teams recently have shown that the NHL is moving their AHL affiliates out of New England an closer to "home". That's not a good sign for things to come if the "rumors" of the NHL coming back are just that "rumors".
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    I'd root for the Whalers. I spent a lot of time after they left being bitter towards the NHL, but I like hockey, and I like having something to root for. The difference with the Whalers is I'd be rooting for my own team from where I live. Now that's just me and I can't speak for anyone else, but it's safe to say that others have possibly moved on, be it rooting for other teams , being a casual fan, not caring for the NHL at all, or whatever else is in between. Now you say that twenty years is not enough time for Whalers fans to have moved on. Some may have kids now or grandkids, a whole new generation of fans in the waiting. With that I agree. A rebirth of the Whalers would absolutely make them the most popular team in Connecticut by a mile, but as much as I believe they are popular right now that popularity is based mostly on nostalgia.
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    Even if they do stay in the XL Center, they can't carry they load. They only play 14 home games and average a little bit more than the Pack do, but they have the advantage because they play almost 3 times as many games at the XL Center.
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    A guy who has been thrown out of everything he ever joined (Booster Club, Military, Whaler Gift Store) making **n of a man who is a success**l business owner in New Jersey, I have seen it all. Jersey's spread of food that he put out for us was fantastic, it was warm, and he makes a whole lot more than pizza, try ziti, chicken parmesan and chicken marsala for starters. Jersey also is not a boss who orders his kitchen workers around while walking around the floor in a suit, he is actually in the kitchen almost the entire time actively working with his staff in preparing the food. His restaurant is immaculate, the grounds and stonework of his restaurant and building are immaculate, he works at least six days a week being a business owner while you instead spend your time scaring young girl coworkers and getting kicked out of the Gift Store, you are pathetic.
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    We lose the AHL and then Hartford hockey ceases to exist. UConn is NOT Hartford hockey and it's only a matter of time before they go back to Storrs. And Hartford has a better chance of getting struck by an earthquake than getting the NHL back anytime soon.
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    The whalers haven't been Gone long enough to say that people have moved on, clearly there are plenty of whaler fans still left.. if the whalers were still in the NHL this wouldn't even be posted here.. the fact that you guys are saying people have moved on and some have died is **nny.. if someone was 60 they are 80, if they were 50 they were 70 and so on, when they come back they will come right back home..and guess what, they will most surely have kids now to bring on another generation of fans..in sore I speak for many in Connecticut and family I have tjere as well..this is just another dig by homeboy at whaler fans.. captain brambles, you say you were a whaler fan and moved on the the rangers, if they were to come back what do you do.
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    Very true. Most people have moved on and become fans of other teams, but if asked many would probably still pick the Whalers as a second team based purely on nostalgia. The popularity for the Whaler brand is still there based on their merchandise sales. But as I've said before, people have moved onto other teams, but I'd be more than willing to bet if the Whalers were to suddenly return they would have a huge fanbase in the state and possible some places out of state.
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    Yeah definitely an ironic situation since spectra came into the XL a few years ago. They have done a great job in South Philly between the day of game experience at the Wells Fargo to the recently built fan zone by the venue.
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    I'd like to see one that talks about the most popular but team, past or present. I've tried to look for one but it doesn't look like anyone cares about that. It's only what's going on now. I did find one showing what team do people in every state buy tickets for and of course CT buys tickets for the Rangers and the Bruins. https://www.vividseats.com/blog/most-popular-nhl-teams-by-us-state
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    Theres no denying the popularity of the Whalers but this survey has nothing to do with them.
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    May go to a wolf pack game to see the baby flyers. Tempted to go to a uconn away game either Um***** Amherst or Sacred Heart. Certainly will try to work a 5 pack of games for the XL home games as well.
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    I will say that as a Rangers fan the results are a little nice to see
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    I'm hoping for a great season from both the Wolf Pack and UConn
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