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    Well, season #1 at Dunkin Donuts Park is officially in the books following last night's 9-3 Yard Goats loss to Portland. For the season, the Goats drew 395,196 fans for 68 dates, an average of just over 5800/game, which should have them finish 3rd in the Eastern League, and in the top 5 or 6 in all of double A baseball. They had 41 sellouts. The previous franchise attendance record, set in New Britain of course, was 368,523, which was set in 2010. You know, it's f unny...all along certain people have been saying that a neutral affiliate with the proper promotion, color scheme, and the connection of the past with the present would do very well at the gate...and watching the Goats fill DDP night after night should be more than enough evidence to prove those people to be 100% correct. In other words...for the haters out there...and you know who you are...we tried to tell you........
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    Greg is realizing that he is dangerously close to never being allowed to post here again. Identity Theft was his latest attempt. Last warning Gregory Hendrickson.
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    Maybe it's not so secretive, maybe all you want to do is put it down.. that's all you seem to do here..
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    This is why the "secret potential investors" to bring an NHL team here are still secret. We can't set a budget, Hartford is on the verge of bankruptcy and businesses are moving headquarters out of Hartford because it's young professionals prefer to live in Boston or New York. Forget any pipe dream of the NHL returning i just really hope our state can get through the growing pains it has now and out the gutter. Then maybe 50 years from now my **ture grandchildren can pitch the NHL to come to Hartford.
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    It's not an equal comparison. Far from it, in fact. First, and most importantly, Buffalo and Rochester are two totally different cities. So in that regard in and of itself, your comparison doesn't work. Second, Buffalo's history witht he Sabres was...to be polite...a bit more decorated than the Whalers. I don't recall the Whalers getting to a conference final, never mind a Stanley Cup Final. **rther, Buffalo's NHL history now spans 48 seasons and counting, Hartford's time in the major leagues (either WHA or NHL) was less than half that. Lastly, the 20 years Gernander was involved with hockey in the city, has to count for something. No, he was not the greatest player, nor was he the greatest coach, but he has been the face of Hartford hockey for the last 2 decades, like it or not. Unlike a lot of other personnel that have p*****ed through here over the 20 years the Pack have been in town, Gernander has never badmouthed Hartford, not one time, about anything...be it the paltry attendance, or the horrific media coverage, save for Pete and Jerry, or whatever else. He should be commended for that. 20 years as an athlete/coach in ANY city, is a noteworthy accomplishment. People have been honored for far, far less.
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    ...if memory serves correct they didn't just remove the 2000 seats. That square footage was replaced by "business cl*****" seating and the bar room area.
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    You cannot say that for every team on attendance sheet. That is not true. Maine and UM***** Lowell and Providence all saw average home attendance go up in 2016-2017. So UConn was not trending like Maine and Lowell and Providence. Can you not read or do you just ignore things that do not agree with your opinion?
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    "Tons of tickets"? A ton is 2,000 lbs. If you figure an average weight of 200 lbs per fan, that's 10 people. That does seem about the right # of fans who comprise the Wolf Pack fan base.
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    Myself I'd see Howard Baldwin, Ella Gr a s s o, Ron Francis and Mike Luit. There are many Whalers who should be on it, but Ella (Dad knew her) should be on it.
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    1. There are cities like Quebec that actually have a brand new arena our arena is our weakest point in trying to get a team. Especially given the fact everyone knows the woes with p*****ing a budget to get the project **lly **nded. 2. The investors are in the dark and not public. Look at vegas those investors were public about getting a team there. Same with Seattle and for the NFL the Rams/Chargers and potentially the Raiders. All public. All made moves with government to get the teams there in the light of day. Oh and where are these investors when it comes to **nding the new arena. When it comes to most teams moving that need a new arena you see investors putting money where their mouth is. 3. The state is putting top talent in the NHL and we have NHL fans. Only issue is the fans can't afford to live in the state. Hockey is growing fast with people betwen 18 and 30. Only issue is many high school friends who got into hockey going to a boston area school didn't move back to Connecticut. The actual people falling in love with this sport are leaving. 4. Being 20 minutes away from ESPN is becoming a negative more than a positive in 2017. Shoot espn can't even get top talent to live in CT which is why they have had to have certain young talent work from LA, DC, and NYC. Also you can bet NESN and MSG will do everything they can to stop a pro team from having games in CT. 5. Other success is a moot point. It has nothing to do with pro sports. And honestly the fans are very fair weather when it comes to uconn basketball and football. We don't show up in high numbers when teams are down. And outside of the 1 or 2 big uconn womens games vs a top 10 team the women get a small local crowd.
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    You're joking right? If a neutral party created a legitimate list ranking all the players who've played in Hartford, approximately where do you think he'd rank? Many Calder Cup-winning teams have been have been filled with players who didn't make, or do much, in the NHL. The AHL is a developmental league; nothing more. Gernander wasn't even the best player on the 2000 team. Often times Calder's are won or lost simply based on the timing of call-ups. They're a feeder league for their affiliates; nothing more. Putting him up there ahead of Dineen would be asinine.
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    Without "this" there is zero chance for an NHL team.
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    Honestly, I do. If an investment group wants to bring a NHL team Hartford then they should put up some money to get the arena "NHL ready". We shouldn't have to spend millions of dollars we don't have on something that we have no proof is going to happen.
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    After talking with Chuck at the Whaler Weekend @DNDPark I asked if he would be willing to be a guest on our little TV show. He said sure and we've asked him to give us a date before the Hockey season starts. Lets hear your question for Chuck and I'll ask him during the show. Any Ny questions for Chuck Kaiton the Voice of the Whale?
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    14,500 or so for XL but after Renovations(several years) they want the capacity to be 18500-19k. XL had plans to gain seats but not to be bigger than most NHL arenas
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    Just my difference of opinion; not trolling. But I don't think leaving Gernander off a Mt. Rushmore wouldn't be ignoring him; he's just not good enough to be on it. Throw his name on a plaque or something. No player for an AHL team should supersede the NHL. To look at an actual Mt. Rushmore & see Gernander up there & not a Liut, Burke, Samuelsson, etc. would (to me speaking only for myself, at least) would seem ridiculous. Again, not trolling; just discussing.
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    Yes, but that had nothing to do with hockey. Also, there's no way they'd look up here when they don't have a game for almost a month. They'd look at places closer to them before they ever even think about playing any games in Hartford.
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    Anyone else find it ironic that someone who calls people morons and toddlers talks about other people being immature?
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    Greg, chill the f out. you have some issues man.
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    Is it normal for losers to troll a board endlessly to the point where he gets banned???
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    #UConn still a top dog draw in #HockeyEast matchups over their first three seasons. #XLCenter youtu.be/JVN8duawWQ0
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    The Women have games in Hartford since 2001. 2003-04 - 2 preseason + 18 regular season; not counting the 4 Tournament games the women played = 20 games 2004-05 - 2 preseason + 20 regular season = 22 games 2004-05 - 2 preseason + 20 regular season = 22 games 2005-06 - 2 preseason + 20 regular season = 22 games I was wrong about one thing, UConn wasn't averaging 11,000-12,000 during those years. I'm sorry. They were averaging 15,000+ during those years. So, you are the one that needs to "Go look it up" because those are the actual facts.
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    Hold it. The women didn't start playing in Hartford until about oh...10 years ago or so. The men have split their home schedule between Gampel and the XL since Gampel opened back in 1990. They NEVER played "about 20 games between the men's and women's teams". Go look it up.
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    Yes those were the days, walking through there
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    For me it's always the Goaltenders Huska will be interesting and Halverson for the Pack has a season to prove himself as a capable AHL backup too.
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    Spot On! talked to him plenty times enough for even Bruce Gold to realize that but some people just want to be a jerk. theres a warning option on this board, I can't count high enough to tell you how many he got before this happened. Regardless of any affiliation of any Hockey team You are either a reasonable person or ya aren't.
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    You talking about the Traverse City Tournament? I don't even know if that's happened or not.
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    Losing some fake profiles Greggy? I've alerted the Courant to your attempt of identity theft. Creating email addresses in my name, that's a no, no, to do to anyone anywhere. Get help kiddo. But what should I expect from a guy who threatened to kill another Hockey fans kids. Not to mention; Kicked out of the St. Pats Parade Kicked out of the Whalers Booster Club Blocked from Whaler FB Pages You are working on getting kicked out of here now, really?? quite a resume.
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    Again dude, you have some serious issues man. I'm blocking you on facebook and we're not even fbook friends. You honestly need help dude. You're making Mark look good
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    Yeah, you did. Yeah, they are. The Isles have the same # (4) of Stanley Cups in 40 fewer years, with many fewer resources. "I just will never understand the hatred for the Rangers by the people on here." Really? You don't have to agree with it, but to still not understand it is roughly the equivalent of being unable to grasp the concept of 1 + 1 = 2. However, you have given me an opportunity to use your word in a correct manner. For example: "His utter conf usion & inability to understand why people don't support things they despise gave me a good excuse to question his intellect."
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    And his point was that in Detroit a private investor that is known to the public and already owns NHL and MLB teams in city of Detroit is paying $538.8 million of $862.9 million price of building the new arena, which is 62% of new arena cost. In Hartford, governor Malloy wants general *****embly to publicly bond $250 million renovation of Xl Center. In Hartford there is no publicly known private investor who has publicly committed to paying for any of $250 million Xl center renovation. Only one private investor is publicly know to have even made expression of interest in Xl center reno project. And that company didn't even make a specific proposal, just said it was interested in exploring options. If there was publicly known private investor willing to pay $156.1 million of the cost of governor Malloy's proposed $250 million renovation of Xl Center, then Hartford situation would be like situation in Detroit. If there was publicly know private investor who could guarantee that a NHL team was committed and approved to play in renovated Xl center, then Hartford situation would be like situation in Detroit.
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    Why is this so difficult for you to understand? There are no excuses. My "excuse" for not supporting what we're stuck with is that I can't stand their affiliate. That's not an excuse, that's a fact; whether you like it or not. I, & others like me, don't need to justify that to you or anyone else. Change the affiliate, & I'll happily support the AHL in Hartford.
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    Yeah and you're probably right about that. BUT no matter how you slice it, their overall attendance numbers have gone down. You have to get on your little Failers talk show and remind Failers Nation to stop showing up dressed as empty seats
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    Can you explain how can there be a "nose dive" to a team that has drawn more than 10 of its division rivals for HE games since 2014 ????
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    Thanks, but it's not a joke. Unless the vast majority of Wolf Pack fans enjoy dressing up as empty seats... "A few of the guys on here like to use numbers to say how UConn is better than the Pack but I just don't see that." Please re-read what you've written above in quotes, & see if it makes more or less sense to you the second time around. Most times you look at a Wolf Pack crowd, you see more vendors in the stands than fans. Maybe they're selling pretzels & soda to themselves... Go to a UConn game, the place is packed & the fans actually care. Pack games have the atmosphere of a library. UConn games have a real hockey atmosphere. And no annoying DJ's screaming into mics.
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    I called up Spectra and they said that it looks like the Fan Zone is only being used for the Wolf Pack. It doesn't sound like Spectra gave them the option and UConn said that they didn't want to use it. That could change but as it is now, UConn will not have the Fan Zone.
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    Being a little premature, aren't we? I have my doubts about Las Vegas as a hockey market, but counting on them as a relocation candidate before they've dropped their first puck is a bit of a stretch. As others have stated above, Connecticut has serious problems that need to be addressed before trying to get an NHL team to come here. Get some fiscal sanity in place of the craziness that has ruled the roost in Hartford for decades, then wait for the economy to hope**lly recover, and then we can talk about arena renovations/replacement and an NHL team.
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    The Knights will never go to the east because 1. There are already too many eastern conference teams 2. Ticket sales in vegas will always be near sell out numbers because of the many business that could purchase tickets (even if they don't show up to the game) 3. We will never have an arena as nice as the T mobile Arena Tampa is fine in florida and the Thrashers went to the western conference. Getting Florida and or the Canes to move here would require an owner who wanted to bring an NHL team into a city where even insurance companies are moving out of.
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    This makes me think of Ray Finkle in Ace Venture. Laces out!!!!
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    I don't know if it HWP or not but we need to find a way to block this account from posting. Two hours of this BS should be more than enough reason to ban it.
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    "You were certain all your predictions were foolproof. Enough said." They weren't my predictions. They were based on info given to me from people that are/were in the know. "And you're a piece of *****. Nothing new there." Awww....so cute. Oh, I'm still not WhalerCentral. Now go ahead and post as Bettman or one of your other 10-12 names you've got on here to retort... Or are you going to challenge me to meet you one-on-one like you did before? LOL. What a dope.
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    Thank you. The new board is great. Much better run than the old one.