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    I was in the bathroom taking a dump the other day at the capitol. I overhead 2 senators talking about how Amazon was going to buy the Canes move them to Connecticut, **nd the local budget so Hartford won't go bankrupt and then pay for 90% of the remolded XL center robert kraft style. All the stars are lining up!
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    If I was to bet money, it would be Carolina moving back to Hartford for the 2019 season. Etch these words in stone: If Carolina does not move back to Hartford by 2019 or 2020, then the Coyotes and Panthers will be fighting each other to come to Hartford around late 2020 or 2021 Amazon and their upcoming decision will have a huge impact on the **ture of Hartford, there are 900,000 people in Hartford county, about 500,000 of those are adults between the ages of 18-60, and if Amazon does employ 50,000 people in the Hartford area, then it means that 10% of all working adults in the area will be working for Amazon, that is going to have a major impact on the area, don't be surprised if a major league baseball or NBA team also comes if Amazon does arrive.
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    Hmmm, Last I heard, 238 cities had applied to host Amazon's Eastern HQ. That number includes New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia. But I'm sure none of them have a chance when compared to Enfield...
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    I never said (a) that hundreds of Whalers fans march in the parade and (b) the booster club has over 100 members. So you might want to try a different argument....and fast. Because if you stay down this road, you'll lose this one. Of course, being a Rags fan, you should be used to losing.
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    It's not an equal comparison. Far from it, in fact. First, and most importantly, Buffalo and Rochester are two totally different cities. So in that regard in and of itself, your comparison doesn't work. Second, Buffalo's history witht he Sabres was...to be polite...a bit more decorated than the Whalers. I don't recall the Whalers getting to a conference final, never mind a Stanley Cup Final. **rther, Buffalo's NHL history now spans 48 seasons and counting, Hartford's time in the major leagues (either WHA or NHL) was less than half that. Lastly, the 20 years Gernander was involved with hockey in the city, has to count for something. No, he was not the greatest player, nor was he the greatest coach, but he has been the face of Hartford hockey for the last 2 decades, like it or not. Unlike a lot of other personnel that have p*****ed through here over the 20 years the Pack have been in town, Gernander has never badmouthed Hartford, not one time, about anything...be it the paltry attendance, or the horrific media coverage, save for Pete and Jerry, or whatever else. He should be commended for that. 20 years as an athlete/coach in ANY city, is a noteworthy accomplishment. People have been honored for far, far less.
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    Well, season #1 at Dunkin Donuts Park is officially in the books following last night's 9-3 Yard Goats loss to Portland. For the season, the Goats drew 395,196 fans for 68 dates, an average of just over 5800/game, which should have them finish 3rd in the Eastern League, and in the top 5 or 6 in all of double A baseball. They had 41 sellouts. The previous franchise attendance record, set in New Britain of course, was 368,523, which was set in 2010. You know, it's f unny...all along certain people have been saying that a neutral affiliate with the proper promotion, color scheme, and the connection of the past with the present would do very well at the gate...and watching the Goats fill DDP night after night should be more than enough evidence to prove those people to be 100% correct. In other words...for the haters out there...and you know who you are...we tried to tell you........
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    Greg is realizing that he is dangerously close to never being allowed to post here again. Identity Theft was his latest attempt. Last warning Gregory Hendrickson.
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    Guys clearly the game started right around the time the 1-7 Giants were in a battle of the titans against the previous 0 win 49ers! Otherwise the pack would have gotten 10,000 people at the game! Springfield Thunderbirds Sunday afternoon crowd size: 4,134
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    What you don't get is 1. College hockey isn't a big time draw anywhere 2. For a team that continue to be at the middle to bottom of Hockey East 40 minutes from college students these numbers are not bad at all I love Uconn hockey and will still support the team weather good or bad. But any team who enters a new conference and has a bad record attendance will drop sharply. The Wolf Pack and been going downhill in overall fans per game for the last 20 years. Uconn football gets lower and lower each year as it spirals downhill. Uconn basketball attendance isn't that well at the XL when the teams are not in the top 10 or 25 too. If uconn hockey was a top 25 team with a great record they still wouldn't get more than 5,000 people out. Reason being it is college hockey in a city not in a small town or college town. The product is inferior to minor league hockey so of course attendance won't be high when it's in the same rink as an AHL team that also doesn't draw well. Most college hockey teams are in cities where there is no direct AHL team to challenge them. And even after all that teams in college hockey towns are only getting 5 to 6K total.
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    If Hartford gets a soccer team, it's going to be minor league hands down.
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    I'm waiting to hear what the excuses are for the Pack to have 2,052 on a Sunday at 5:00 against Springfield with nothing else going on. No Patriots. No Giants (who "played" in the afternoon) No Jets No UConn H ello??????????????????????????????? Does Biggie's Twin or Robtool want to take a stab at this????
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    Where's your "source" saying that Amazon is doing anything that you're saying? You don't have any and everyone knows it.
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    Amazon won't be buying Hurricanes, they won't be bringing them to Hartford, they won't be buying the XL Center, and they won't be putting their HQ2 in Connecticut. Get it through your head, it's not happening.
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    I wasn't 100% convinced you were Frank, but the way you have been obsessively combining the Whalers with Amazon proves without a shadow of a doubt who you are. It's f unny and sad at the same time. What isn't f unny is how incredibly ridiculous this automatic censoring f unction is with this board.
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    Yeah, who cares, there are 70+ of these Amazon warehouse facilities in the US, **ll of low-skill, low-pay jobs. Big difference between these and a second headquarters. Out of 238+ bids, we'd be lucky to crack their top 100.
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    So, you overheard someone, who overheard something, who was possibly talking about absolutely nothing with not a single shred of proof? That's it, everyone start pooling your money, WC has never been wrong about anything at all, so get ready to buy season tickets for the Whalers. Their first game will be next week.
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    "Also some more thinking... this fight to save the XL should be from everyone, regardless who you root for. Instead the arguments between Wolf Pack / Whalers & UConn hockey, why not forget about for the time being. The building is at a critical crossroads. Any negative posting of no one showing up to games kills our argument for a better XL. The state people are not all hockey fans. The pictures online or anything negative about any tenant who plays in the buildings just hurts us all together. From the law makers perspective. Why renovate a building if no one goes? Why give the arena millions for renovations when no one cares? All those pictures of empty crowds really kill us, regardless what tenant plays. If the main worry is Pack vs Uconn / Whalers in the current fight for maintaining the building, then how are you helping? If we had a renovated building, then that's a whole new ballgame. The arena would of be fine" Quoted this from Ricky, especially for you morons who constantly crap on the pack attendance, take a gander.
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    You are way too caught up in the theory that Sa****ay night equates to thousands of more fans seeing college hockey which is false. For college football and basketball homecoming and or Sa****ay night prime time games increase attendance. But in college hockey maybe you see a few hundred more people show up most of them on campus students. Attendance was bound to dip a little after the first few years of college hockey being in Hartford as opposed to storrs. Local alums of BU and BC and other schools were out heavy (seen BU twice at the XL along with BC twice) when they realized they could leave their job early and catch their alma mater 15 to 20 minutes away from work at 7 in Hartford. As a matter of fact the weekday BU/BC games worked out better crowd wise because people just went after work. Also 4,200 and 3,674 is not that that much of a difference. If a top notch hockey east school like BU in the heart of a larger city with better access to students got only 553 more people than a school that has been around or below .500 and just joined hockey east that is a win for UConn. As a matter of fact on 10/15 BC played at Providence and PC won in ot. Attendance: 3,030. Remember Providence College just won a national title a few years ago.
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    If Amazon chose to move to Hartford that would be great. But I'm not holding my breath.
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    First of all, it's a REALLY big "if", when it concerns Amazon coming here. There are about 100 cities trying to get Amazon's Eastern headquarters. I'm glad that Connecticut is in there pitching for it, (I believe 3 CT cities have applied), but the competition is fierce. Connecticut's business climate is aw**l, it will be a hard sell. The cost of doing business here has become a reason for companies to leave, not to come here. And linking the return of the Whalers to getting Amazon is purely wish**l thinking. If there was really a connection, wouldn't Seattle have had an NHL team for a long time now?
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    You can't discount Houston if the new Rockets/Toyota Center owner is serious about the NHL. There are several franchises up for grabs, as we know. The real question is...is the NHL serious about Houston? And...why wouldn't the NHL want Houston to pony up $500M to expand, as opposed to a relocation?
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    Yup, I've been saying this, too. Connecticut needs to fix it's economy before thinking about a hockey team. Companies, jobs, and people are leaving, and that's not an "opinion". And it's not just young working people, Connecticut is rated as one of the worst states for retirees, based on high taxes and the high cost of living. Until the state is made to be more economically attractive, we'll have to make do with the WolfPack, SoundTigers, and the college teams. The NHL isn't going to put a team in an economic disaster area like Connecticut.
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    1941-2017 Rangers franchise = 1 Stanley Cup Hartford/Carolina franchise = 1 Stanley Cup Is there any more to say? No.
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    Even you must've paused before posting this. Calling Ken Gernander "Mr. Hartford Hockey" is like calling Bobby Meacham "Mr. New York Yankee". Or Jarod Saltalamacchia "Mr. Boston Red Sox".
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    Maybe it's not so secretive, maybe all you want to do is put it down.. that's all you seem to do here..
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    This is why the "secret potential investors" to bring an NHL team here are still secret. We can't set a budget, Hartford is on the verge of bankruptcy and businesses are moving headquarters out of Hartford because it's young professionals prefer to live in Boston or New York. Forget any pipe dream of the NHL returning i just really hope our state can get through the growing pains it has now and out the gutter. Then maybe 50 years from now my **ture grandchildren can pitch the NHL to come to Hartford.
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    14,500 or so for XL but after Renovations(several years) they want the capacity to be 18500-19k. XL had plans to gain seats but not to be bigger than most NHL arenas
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    ...if memory serves correct they didn't just remove the 2000 seats. That square footage was replaced by "business cl*****" seating and the bar room area.
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    You cannot say that for every team on attendance sheet. That is not true. Maine and UM***** Lowell and Providence all saw average home attendance go up in 2016-2017. So UConn was not trending like Maine and Lowell and Providence. Can you not read or do you just ignore things that do not agree with your opinion?
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    THHF is just pissed that the TBirds are averaging 1300 more than the Pack and that Springfield actually cared about them.
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    Oh my...so much to dissect here. "Sundays have always been bad and you know it" No, Sundays have not "always been bad". They're bad early in the season because of the NFL, that's true, but there was no NFL yesterday, at least not local. Pats were off, Giants played at 1:00, and the Jets played Thursday night. UConn basketball regular season hasn't started yet, that happens this coming weekend. Admit it...2052 on a Sunday. Ouch. two UConn games over the weekend = 6,352 two WolfPack games over the weekend = 6,787 I would like to think you're smart enough to realize BOTH sets of numbers are aw**l. "What doesn't help it's that there's nothing to do before and after games on Sundays in Hartford. The city is a ghost town with more and more places closing down. I think it would help both UConn and the Wolf Pack if the city was working on the area around the arena, but they're not. They're more concerned with Front Street and trying to fix the mess they made around the baseball stadium." So now that's your excuse??? Can't you go to lunch or dinner before the game in the suburbs, KNOWING everything in Hartford is closed on Sundays? And considering the YG drew more than DOUBLE what the Pack draw, wouldn't it make sense to "focus on the mess they made around the baseball stadium"??? The same mess, by the way, that would solve your "city is a ghost town on Sundays" problem?
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    It would only be 15 games too for UConn max. Without the AHL Hartford Hockey would drop from from 235k to just 65K. bottom line: AHL is needed in Hartford but it doesn’t matter which AHL team. A new affiliate would uptick the numbers for sure at least the first season.
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    I am convinced WhalerCentral is TimmyFromBoosters, aka WolfPackFan1998, aka Frank. Cut the crap, Frank. The chances of Amazon moving here are extremely long. And Amazon, despite what anyone at the Courant thinks, has nothing, as in Z-E-R-O to do with the XL Center, or the NHL.
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    I cannot believe people are actually replying to this. There is a ma ssive loss of brain cells in this thread. It's f unny.
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    Meanwhile up in Worchester, MA..... Worcester Railers Start With a Bang By Zach Spedden on October 16, 2017 The arrival of the Worcester Railers was celebrated at the DCU Center, which hosted a sellout crowd for the team’s first game. As their first season in the ECHL begins, the Railers are seeing signs of strong community from the community. That was evident over the weekend, when an announced crowd of 12,135 fans saw the Railers defeat the Manchester Monarchs by a final of 4-3 on Sa****ay. While their victory was a cause for celebration, the Railers’ debut in and of itself of a highlight of the evening. Railers owners Cliff and Susan Rucker, Gov. Charlie Baker, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito, Mayor Joe Petty, City Manager Ed Augustus Jr., Worcester Chamber of Commerce President Tim Murray and DCU Center General Manager Sandy Dunn were among those who took part in the opening-puck ceremony. “It was awe-inspiring,” Cliff Rucker said. “It’s been a long haul and it was just incredible to see that level of support. I’m just grate**l that everybody showed up. “I seem to be getting a lot of credit, but it’s really about the fans and the staff. The community is incredibly supportive of the team and I’m excited.” “I’m really happy to be here,” Baker said while high-fiving young fans before the game. “I think this is great for the city of Worcester and it’s great for the commonwealth and the fact that you’ve got a sellout on your opening night is a great sign of great things to come.” The Railers are filling the void of professional hockey in the city. Worcester’s last professional club—the AHL’s Sharks—relocated to San Jose after the 2014-15 season.
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    HE blocked me everywhere.. lol.. fake news guy
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    If you drew a large circle around those other markets, as was done in the so-called "Knowledge Corridor" would they still be smaller? And are they losing people, as we are? Simply combining 3 cities together to make a large market does not present a case for moving a team to Hartford.
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    You guys are perfectly content with college hockey and the crappy AHL, you guys are perfectly content with UConn football, who is pretty much a national laughingstock, and college basketball, which at least on the men's side, has seen better days. Without the XL Center, there's no more talk of moving to a Power 5 conference. Without the XL Center, there is no more National Championships for men's basketball...without the XL Center, there's no more concerts, no more Disney on Ice, no more AHL. Geno said it perfectly a month or so ago when he volunteered to give up his salary for the year to help the budget...he said something along the lines of "You guys want UConn playing Rhode Island again??" From the way you guys (and others) talk...that's EXACTLY what you want. But hey...you don't care. p4277 is perfectly content sitting in Hamden watching Quinnipiac, and Monizzle and countless others are perfectly happy sitting in front of their computers *****ing and moaning instead of trying to make a difference. Again...let me see someone on here other than myself, Evo, Jersey or TeenWhalersFan have ANYTHING positive to say about Hartford, or the state, and maybe I'll change my mind. Otherwise...I'm dead on accurate.
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    Is it normal for losers to troll a board endlessly to the point where he gets banned???
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    You talking about the Traverse City Tournament? I don't even know if that's happened or not.
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    Thanks, but it's not a joke. Unless the vast majority of Wolf Pack fans enjoy dressing up as empty seats... "A few of the guys on here like to use numbers to say how UConn is better than the Pack but I just don't see that." Please re-read what you've written above in quotes, & see if it makes more or less sense to you the second time around. Most times you look at a Wolf Pack crowd, you see more vendors in the stands than fans. Maybe they're selling pretzels & soda to themselves... Go to a UConn game, the place is packed & the fans actually care. Pack games have the atmosphere of a library. UConn games have a real hockey atmosphere. And no annoying DJ's screaming into mics.