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    Actually the NHL team in a completely different part of North Carolina is drawing less people than when they were in Hartford. It's just interesting that you only hold uconn hockey accountable to weekend numbers and not the wolf pack. Mind you with a sub .500 record the Uconn ice hockey team is higher up in their conference for attendance numbers than the wolf pack are.
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    That's great. Hope**lly this will put to rest and rumors of the Hurricanes leaving the Carolinas. They're showing how much they support hockey down there by beating all of Connecticut's hockey numbers. They should be proud of themselves.
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    "I did notice a ton of RIT, Wolf Pack, and Rangers jerseys at the game today." RIT jerseys, yes. WolfPack and Rangers jerseys??? Er...not so much. And again, I see you decided not to pay us a visit. Can't say I'm surprised...too bad, you would have met Evo also. But, as usual, keep hiding behind your keyboard like the rest of the trolls.
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    They are knocking down the Burger King and putting either a new NHL ready arena or Amazon's new headquarters!! No, wait , it's going to be a combo new NHL arena with Amazon headquarters in the same building!!