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    "Anyone who attended a Whalers game in the two decades they were here could pony up $300 for a share of team ($300 also would get you a ticket to a game)." I put $300 down on the table, I am IN. It's time for the rest of you to get on board, stop the talking and start backing it up with real money. Whalevoltuion, HYMH, p4277, PlainvilleWhale, MarkH2919, Monizzle145, jerseydiehardwhaler, WhalerChad, will5059, whalers76, "TrueHartfordHockeyFan", littlerob904, Mr. Br***** Bonanza, ElmCityFan, canadawhale, TeenWhalersFan, lebaron92, HartfordHomeOfTheWhalers, KarmanosIsGod, WhalePack, Whaleofatime, topcat, Whalers4Ever, tiscipa165, anti_bruins, jimmytheidiotboy, CaptainBrambles, glothelegend, TheWhaleGuy123, 4WHA-Back-in-NHL, ThunderChief, VinceCT, and Whalerguy........ IT IS TIME TO PUT MONEY ON THE TABLE