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    Basketball has a different set of rules. You can go look them up. I actually have proof and sources unlike you guys, but I stopped posting them because you guys kept calling me a liar even though the stuff I was posting was right. You let Mark pay whatever he wants with no proof but from his "nacho guy" because he "can't reveal his sources, but when had he ever been right? I've gone back and read a lot of his posts and he's been wrong about almost everything he's posted. The best one was when he got into a posting was with Biggie about the Whale name being replaced with the Wolf Pack. He was talking about how he was told be "people high up" and he was *****ured by then that there was no way that would ever happen. He was bragging about how the Whale name was here to stay and "Puke fans" will never "get their team back". We all know what happened there, but he's treated like royalty on here. If anyone says he's wrong or doesn't have a clue, all of you come out of the woodwork to defend everything he said, even if it's completely wrong. It's the same reason there are only a hand**l of people in here and a hand**l of people in the booster club. If anyone says something that doesn't for with the "agenda" they're treated like dirt.
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    Well, your sources are lying to you because there is no way UConn is going to buy the XL Center. That would be stupid and it would still mean the "state" would in the XL Center. Where do you think a lot of that money for the Times building came from? It came from us through state taxes. If UConn "bought" the XL Center then it would just mean a change of title but the money for everything would still come from the same place, taxes from us.
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    The Courant had reported on this for months. That's why UConn is working on their rink on campus. They'll either expand Freitas to hold 5000 seats or build a new one. The governor is a moron and had no clue what he's talking about. I've talked to people all over. These rules are iron clad. It's the reason why Notre Dame remodeled their rink a year after they finished updating it. It has nothing to do with the NCAA. The only way UConn Hockey can keep all of their games in Hartford is if the team moves to Hartford. The team is located in Storrs with the college, if they want to play at the XL Center then they'd have to move the entire team down there. That's the only way. I'm not making any of this up. Even UConn's AD and coach have said the will be moving back to campus. The coach has said he can't wait for that to happen
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    I saw pictures of the "sellout". You should all be so proud.
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    "They've already been given one extension and Hockey East said that they won't give them another. So, they have to build a rink or be kicked out of the conference." Fraudie, you have a lot of balls to accuse people of making stuff up, then come back and say this bull$hit. UConn isn't "going to get kicked out of the conference". You tell other people to stop lying, it's about damn time you practice what you preach.
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    No there aren't. Now you're making stuff up y to prove your point? I thought that was only WC, Mark, and Jersey. It's pretty sad when the supposed administrator had to lie to make himself feel important.
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    Right a "brand new resturant" as he said haha. I be the NHL is sending people to check out this new "resturant" and the wraps this weekend too. It's happening!
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    It's really interesting that the SECOND SENTENCE of the article says "But don't get carried away"...so Frank gets carried away.
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