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    Now he's so bad he's talking to himself. Bruce Gold Part II
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    It also makes more sense to move into a building that's down the street from where they're building their new one, than to move to an arena in a whole different state that's over a hundred miles away. Especially considering they're about the same size. The other thing is that the N*****au Coliseum has just finished a $100 million renovation while the XL Center is looking to be sold to the highest bidder.
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    So the whalers had about 1,000 more people when the Islanders were self destructing their entire team in the 90s and had no success (just like the whalers). The Long Island Market is much bigger than the greater Hartford market hands down. Add to the fact that the Islanders have a small slip of fans in southern CT and points east of long island that also like the mets. Also the tv revenue from the islanders was much bigger than what the whalers ever could get from a CT deal. One of the reasons the islanders will never leave the nyc market and while the whalers are gone.