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    My point exactly, keep on keeping on.
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    I think what he was referring to were game day skates which so far in UConn's season probably would have only happened when Vermont and tOSU were in town for Friday/Sa****ay games (as well as UConn being @ Maine and Miami). as teams want to get on the ice the morning of games. They certainly aren't schlepping out to Storrs for a 30-40 minute skate. That being said it's hardly grounds for expulsion from a conference.
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    #1 = nobody said the XL Center was part of UConn Hartford. #2 = The WolfPack are the Baby Rangers. The only way they represent Hartford is in name only. They don't give a s#!t about Hartford, and never have. UConn is the true Hartford hockey. #3 = UConn absolutely is Connecticut's team. To think otherwise is asinine. #4 and #5 are spot on. Right Evo? Next topic: Why Greg has to post on this forum, even though he's been kicked out numerous times...discuss.......
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    Though whom disagree with Hartford's lord and savior MarkH2919 shall be subject to the harshest of names.
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    Wish he would put some of that effort to get the Whalers back, oh wait, he was never a Whalers fan.