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    "The Huskies will continue to play a majority of their games at the XL Center, according to a team spokesperson, but the new arena will allow for roughly six to seven games to be played on campus. The new arena will also help UConn avoid scheduling conflicts with other bookings at the XL Center." http://www.courant.com/sports/hockey/hc-sp-uconn-approves-plans-for-new-hockey-arena-20180926-story.html I thought you all said that I was lying and that UConn would never build a new arena in Storrs. Well, you were wrong yet again. I guess you should go talk to your "sources" and see why they were lying to you about what was really going on.
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    The best city in America came in #1. That's all that matters
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    I'd guess 5,000 is probably high also. In case Biggiefraud forgot, the Red Sox and Yankees were playing Friday night. That game was just a tad more important than a home opener for a team nobody really cares about.
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    The Yard Goats also made it a 2 day thing, with more alumni and a luncheon to benefit the CCMC. Granted that I'm comparing apples to oranges, especially moneywise, but you get the idea. Evo, you have to go to the luncheon next year. A terrific time. Get to take BP, hang out in the Goats dugout, then go up to the YG club for an autograph session, etc. After that was done, the Goats didn't kick anyone out, and a bunch of us were hanging out with Rick Ley, Norm Barnes, Bobby Crawford and others. Fun, fun day.
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    I know I have gone on record here saying that we as a city and region shouldn't be messing around with minor league soccer, we should be setting our sights higher, like for MLS. That said, welcome to Hartford Athletic. Now...a quick review. 1) the Hartford Yard Goats chose blue and green for colors, play Bra$$ Bonanza in tribute to the Whalers, and have the highest attendance in the Eastern League, and are 4th in all of double A for attendance. 2) the UConn hockey program plays Bra$$ Bonanza after goals in tribute to the Whalers, and have averaged in the top half of Hockey East and the top 15-20 teams nationally in college hockey since joining Hockey East. 3) the new soccer team, the aforementioned Hartford Athletic, chose blue and green for colors, will play Bra$$ Bonanza after goals in tribute to the Whalers, and per reports, have commitments for 1000 season tickets already. It's rather amazing what happens when smart people actually listen to the public instead of trying to shove a stale tired brand down everyone's throat.