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    All this bickering over some college hockey team that no one gave two ****s about before they started playing at the XLC. smh
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    You are such a liar. I know for a fact he was at a meeting recently, and that he and his entire family are still members. He was even marching with the Club at last year's St Patrick's Day Parade, and in years before that. There is even pictures proving that on the Club's Facebook page. It's just sad that you have to lie about this stuff, and it's sadder that it's so easy to prove that you are a lair and a fraud. It's just funny how I can backup all of my posts, but the person who is in the Club and calling others a fraud can't even backup one of his comments.
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    Really, "Jeremiah hasn't been a member of the club for several years now." That's interesting considering he still goes to meetings and Joanne says he's still a "proud member of the Booster Club". I'm starting to think the insults you throw around at other people are just the things that you are like a fraud, a liar, redundant, and no one cares about you.
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    The best city in America came in #1. That's all that matters
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    He did and I know that because I saw the cards. He bragged about them at a St Patrick's Day Parade a few years ago. He talked about how proud he was even though his daughter didn't care about it when he told her but his son thought it was cool. Also, your "president" was the one that tried to get my brother to sign his kids up because, "Jeremiah did it and it's a good idea for the club to get a hold of the kids before it's to late." Well at least you admit that you're counting dead people to raise the numbers. So, why should we believe that you're not allowing kids and unborn babies? You can look at my last post to see what the club has become. It's a s**** of what it once was and it's an awful site to see. I was at games before the Whalers moved into Hartford and I never stopped going, unlike some people. If you want to see someone that's pathetic then you should look in the mirror because being the "membership chairman" of a booster club with nothing to boost is all you'll ever be, and I feel sorry for you.
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    Themselves because that's all they really care about. If they cared about the return of the NHL and the Whalers they'd be doing everything they could to boost up all the sports teams in Hartford. Instead they boycott and complain about them. Their "president" has even sent emails to teams demanding things like free tickets, giveaway even though the club wouldn't be going to the game, and saying that they have to make Pucky the Mascot "or else". They don't care about Hartford or even the Whalers anymore. They just want something for nothing, and that's basically the same thing they're doing to "bring back the Whale". They think the NHL should just hand them a team because we live in the "Knowledge Corridor" and because we have a huge TV market. Well those things don't mean anything unless you have fans that are willing to spend money on tickets, and owners willing to spend millions money before they even thinking about making millions. That was Baldwins main problem. He thought that all he had to do was show up and people would just start throwing money at him to bring a NHL team back. Well they didn't and he screwed over a lot of people and cost Hartford and the state a lot of money as well. Connecticut Public TV shutdown their sports channel because Baldwin never paid them the money he owed for from them showing Whale games. That was after WCCT kicked him off of their station for not paying them for broadcasting the games.