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    Minor league sports are great and all and we should support the teams we have but we should also want more! It’s like being content and embracing that 20 year old Toyota Corolla you got for either your birthday or whatever holiday, yea it’s great and it still runs but you kinda want that newer 2018 model. We have to be thirsty for more rather than content with basic if we truly want to be a home for a professional sports team. Edit: It's just some random person's opinion, it means nothing.
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    Don't know what Mark is talking about. He's even admitted that he doesn't go to Goats games unless it's Whalers Weekend.
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    No quotes needed for the only professional team to win a championship in the state. I love the Whalers but you guys act like children. No wonder no one ever takes Hartford seriously. Also, what more can the Pack do for you guys? They brought in the Baldwins, changed the name and colors to honor the Whalers, had special nights for the Whalers, their players, and the Howe family. What more did they need to do to get you to support Hartford Hockey?
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    Sounds like someone with no vision or dreams to me. "I'm thrilled with the status quo! Evolving is hard." These are the same type of reporters who write things like, "Oooo, CT might become Hollywood East!" whenever Synthetic Cinema is shooting a low-budget Lifetime moovie around the state. Lame.