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    There aren't any investors. If there were then they would have invested in the XL Center when the Governor and Mayor asked for investors to help pay for the upgrades to the XL Center. One investor did come forward, but they were only willing to put up about a million dollars. There was a company willing to "buy" the XL Center, but they'd only do that with the promise that the state would buy the building back after they remodeled the entire building. We'd have to pay them rent to use the building while they owned it and we'd have to pay them all of the costs of the remodeling and upgrades, with interest.
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    The Wolf Pack prove that every game since they announce the tickets that are scanned into the arena. They had to do that after Baldwin admitted to messing with the numbers by flooding the market with unused free tickets and then adding another 12% to that number to make it look like the Whale was actually doing something. The reality was that they were only getting between 1500 to 2000 a game, but they were announcing that they were getting over 3000, and sometimes even 4500 a night. I don't need to prove that because Junior admitted to it on here, on Facebook, and to the Courant.
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    "400" is the number of tickets that UConn gives away as "comped" ticket. Those are not Season Tickets. Illiterate.
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    All this bickering over some college hockey team that no one gave two ****s about before they started playing at the XLC. smh
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    Of course it makes sense to use a picture from 30 minutes before game time to support your argument. Never change, Fraudie.