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    If you really think they're trolls then what is pathetic is you "feeding" them by ALWAYS responding to them. But you will never ignore them because you ALWAYS have to get in last word. It is more important to you to get last word in then it is to ignore them. It is like you have pathological need to "win" an internet flame war. I have news for you. NOBODY "wins" internet flame war. Which is proven over and over and over and over again out here by all of the threads that end up becoming pissing contests. I go away on business for a while. When I come back the same old crap is going on. How surprising.
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    I never said (a) that hundreds of Whalers fans march in the parade and (b) the booster club has over 100 members. So you might want to try a different argument....and fast. Because if you stay down this road, you'll lose this one. Of course, being a Rags fan, you should be used to losing.
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    It's not an equal comparison. Far from it, in fact. First, and most importantly, Buffalo and Rochester are two totally different cities. So in that regard in and of itself, your comparison doesn't work. Second, Buffalo's history witht he Sabres was...to be polite...a bit more decorated than the Whalers. I don't recall the Whalers getting to a conference final, never mind a Stanley Cup Final. **rther, Buffalo's NHL history now spans 48 seasons and counting, Hartford's time in the major leagues (either WHA or NHL) was less than half that. Lastly, the 20 years Gernander was involved with hockey in the city, has to count for something. No, he was not the greatest player, nor was he the greatest coach, but he has been the face of Hartford hockey for the last 2 decades, like it or not. Unlike a lot of other personnel that have p*****ed through here over the 20 years the Pack have been in town, Gernander has never badmouthed Hartford, not one time, about anything...be it the paltry attendance, or the horrific media coverage, save for Pete and Jerry, or whatever else. He should be commended for that. 20 years as an athlete/coach in ANY city, is a noteworthy accomplishment. People have been honored for far, far less.
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    Well, season #1 at Dunkin Donuts Park is officially in the books following last night's 9-3 Yard Goats loss to Portland. For the season, the Goats drew 395,196 fans for 68 dates, an average of just over 5800/game, which should have them finish 3rd in the Eastern League, and in the top 5 or 6 in all of double A baseball. They had 41 sellouts. The previous franchise attendance record, set in New Britain of course, was 368,523, which was set in 2010. You know, it's f unny...all along certain people have been saying that a neutral affiliate with the proper promotion, color scheme, and the connection of the past with the present would do very well at the gate...and watching the Goats fill DDP night after night should be more than enough evidence to prove those people to be 100% correct. In other words...for the haters out there...and you know who you are...we tried to tell you........
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    Greg is realizing that he is dangerously close to never being allowed to post here again. Identity Theft was his latest attempt. Last warning Gregory Hendrickson.
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    "Also some more thinking... this fight to save the XL should be from everyone, regardless who you root for. Instead the arguments between Wolf Pack / Whalers & UConn hockey, why not forget about for the time being. The building is at a critical crossroads. Any negative posting of no one showing up to games kills our argument for a better XL. The state people are not all hockey fans. The pictures online or anything negative about any tenant who plays in the buildings just hurts us all together. From the law makers perspective. Why renovate a building if no one goes? Why give the arena millions for renovations when no one cares? All those pictures of empty crowds really kill us, regardless what tenant plays. If the main worry is Pack vs Uconn / Whalers in the current fight for maintaining the building, then how are you helping? If we had a renovated building, then that's a whole new ballgame. The arena would of be fine" Quoted this from Ricky, especially for you morons who constantly crap on the pack attendance, take a gander.
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    Even you must've paused before posting this. Calling Ken Gernander "Mr. Hartford Hockey" is like calling Bobby Meacham "Mr. New York Yankee". Or Jarod Saltalamacchia "Mr. Boston Red Sox".
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    Maybe it's not so secretive, maybe all you want to do is put it down.. that's all you seem to do here..
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    That's only "true" for Hartford and nowhere else. We knew who the people were and who the investors were that wanted to bring teams to Winnipeg and Vegas. We know who the people are and who the investors are that want to bring teams to Seattle, Markham, Quebec, Kansas City, and a few other cities. Why is it that Hartford seems to get a p***** on this when "we" questioned cities like Quebec and Vegas for months? Call me what you want but I have proof and facts to back up what I say. You have nothing but info from people that have been wrong about everything for years. No one here is going to care what someone who hasn't supported Hartford Hockey in years and lives in Jersey. I'm here, I go to games, and I talk to the business people, politicians, and fans that actually support the teams and city and the majority of them don't see the "writings on the wall". They'd love for all of this to happen, like myself, but they don't think anything is going to happen for many years.
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    I think there would be interest from teams to come here if the Pack left. There ARE positives. The new ice plant/dasherboards/gl***** is definitely one, the size of the market is another, and the fairly easy travel to most games is a third. I understand the 170K people, I understand it's better for a pro team to be here...I get all of that. But, there is no hiding the fact the state loses money on the WolfPack. And 170K people could magically turn into 220K people with a neutral affiliate. But until the state realizes this and kicks the Pack to the curb where they belong, we'll never know how much better it could be.
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    Ricky is a true, unbiased Hartford hockey fan who doesn't go around spreading bull**** rumors unlike your fat@$$.
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    This argument is so juvenile. It's not rocket science guys, every baseball park in the country announces a sell out as long as they have a ticket sold for every seat in the house. That NEVER means every ticket sold actually came to the game. When MLB parks announce sell-outs, the attendance number always varies as those two terms do not mean the same thing. **rthermore, when you are looking at empty seats, you have to account for the hundreds if not thousands of people in the concourse getting concessions, sitting at the bar, and using the facilities. On a hot day in July for example, you will see a lot of fans not in their seats as they seek shaded areas of the park. Typically the nicer the park's amenities, the less fans actually sit in their *****igned section. I never sat in my seat at the NB stadium the last 4 times I went as there was no need to. The Sam Adams roof top bar had a nicer view and a short line for more beer.
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    Huge concrete pour tomorrow for the XL ice sheet. Miles and miles of piping has been put in and set up. Now with NHL ready ice Hartford has much more bargaining power. Because they have an arena now that can be used while updated over next three Summers. Well looks like were getting a little closer to getting our team back True Hartford Hockey Fan. Good news!
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    Please give me the names of this ownership group ill wait....oh nevermind they re**se to reveal who they are and there have been no public comments from the group just hearsay through Governor. Compare that to other groups in pro sports who have names and faces and had in public made comments and shown actions to get a team to a new location by any means. Given the current state of our state we need someone who is no afraid to openly push for a team here like Howard Baldwin did.
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    You can be a Hartford Wolfpack fan and hate the Rangers. Plenty of people have minor leagues teams that don't affilate with their favorite team. You don't need to route for whoever your minor league team affilates with. I'm a celtics fan, doesn't mean I routed sgainst the Armor because they were affiliated with the Nets.
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    AHL would only need up to 8 teams if it went Major League. So that's not a problem. But my idea could work with a new league entirely.
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    That's exactly right. The Suns can hold their own. Why on Earth would they share a penny with a franchise in such terrible condition as the Yotes. I can't see any incentives for whicg the Suns would bite.
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    Imagine that! This is what I would hope this board can one day be.
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    Now, will you look at that. A civil discussion with two people that have differing opinions. It's amazing what can happen when people can actually talk with out getting hurt by words.