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    So let me see if I have this straight...everybody on this board that has done nothing but complain about not hearing anything in the media about a possible move (even a temporary one) is now going to complain that Francesa's sources aren't legit????? Really? It's nice to be mentioned...and I do believe it is a possibility that the Isles could move here on a short term basis...but it would be better...if Belmont went to the soccer team and the Isles moved here permanently. That said, if the Islanders come here on a short term basis, I'll go to as many games as I can financially swing, and I would like to believe the rest of you so called Hartford supporters would do the same.
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    Actually we do. It is called precedent. Odds are that if you and TrueHartfordHockeyFan engage with one another in a thread out here then the thread is going to end up being a back and forth between the two of you. And the worst thing is that the back and forth is never just civil debate about subjects. And most of that is your fault, Mark. Because you can't just share your opinion or make a factual point and end it at that. You have to give your opinion or make factual points and also insult people while you do it. You always have to add in an "idiot" or a "moron" or a "imbecile" or a "dip$hit" or a "Fraud" or a "BiggieLite" or some other insult or insulting nickname. Because it isn't just enough for you to share opinions or facts. You also have to insult certain people while you do it. Why? I don't know. Maybe it makes you feel better about yourself. What I do know for fact is that if someone is going to insult someone in threads on this board, it is most likely going to be you doing the insulting. You have proven that is who you are out here and that is what you do out here. And you have proven it over and over and over and over again. There is a way of knowing that. We just have to read your posts.
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    Yea while this is unlikely it's possible and the credibility doesn't get much better than this and if someone is poo-pooing it then they should just hand in their Hartford Hockey card membership because you are not a Hartford fan. Certainly one can thank it's not happening but the guy said possible and if you can't agree with that you are just projecting anti Hartford sentiment in my opinion. This actually makes sense on why Malloy was chasing Islanders he knew they were screwed
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    I know this might be difficult for some to understand, but here goes... That TV deal was $300M over the life of the contract, not $300M per year. So, to say the Islanders would lose $300M if they moved to Hartford, even temporarily, is not accurate. Next...Na$$au Coliseum is NOT an option, the Islanders say that, and the NHL says that. It's Barclays...or Belmont...or bust. If people in NY sports radio are even mentioning Hartford, and that came from a guy very much in the know of what's going on with ALL NYC teams, then the possibility, remote as it may be, of them playing in Hartford is there. Is it a long shot? Yes. Should it be completely dismissed? No, at least not at the moment. It is no secret that the people that run Barclays want the Islanders out. It's also no secret the Islanders themselves want out. But, for now, they don't have anyplace in NYC metro area to go. MSG is not an option. Uniondale is not an option, and depending on what happens in Brooklyn, Barclays is probably not a long term option either. So....if Belmont gets awarded to NYCFC...the Islanders will be in a really, really tough spot. Hartford can be a landing place...no conference movement, he!!, no division movement...we would be...and stop me if you've heard this before...a solution to a problem
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    It isn't that I don't like what you post. Once in a while you post something interesting or you make a good point. Why would I want to block that? The problem is how you post. A lot of times, even when you are making interesting or good points you feel like you have to insult people. So you end up ruining what could be solid contribution to message board. For some reason you get off on calling people "idiot" or "moron" or "dip$hit" or "Fraud" or "imbecile". For some reason you get off on giving people insulting nicknames. Why? Maybe it makes you feel better about yourself. Maybe you put other people down so you feel like you are better than them. What I do know is that over and over and over and over and over and over again that is what you have done out here. If there is some body who is going to insult other people out here it is likely going to be you. That is your reputation out here. You are the internet bully of the Courant Whalers message board. I am not blocking you and I am not Shutting The F*** Up. I am not giving you satisfaction of giving in to your bullying out here. I'm going to call you out every time you act like internet bully. Every time you call people "idiot" and "dip$hit" and "moron" and "fraud" and "imbecile"and other ridiculous nicknames you can come up with, I am going to call you out for it. I mean it is sad that some body your age is acting like a 4th or 5th grade student. Do everyone out here a favor (most of all yourself) and start acting like an adult.
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    It's really interesting that the SECOND SENTENCE of the article says "But don't get carried away"...so Frank gets carried away.
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    http://whalers.courant2.com/ignore/ Just put his name in your "Ignored List" and you block his posts. It looks like you can even block posts that mention him as well.
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    What Springfield is doing has nothing to do with the Whalers or Hartford, so why would anyone who claims to support the two go up to Springfield? It's not like any of you cared about the Indians back then anyways, so why should it matter now?
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    Sometimes I think Fraudie is deliberately trying to stir up trouble.
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    And youd Be right. Except about them saying the building is making money remember were all broke. You just don't like the CRDA because you don't want Hartford to do well. But you are right if UConn sold more tickets it would be better a little. As I've said many times the more tickets sold of anything the better for XL. The City owns the XL The Police work for the city The City is broke Yada yada yada
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    What does this night have to do with the Whalers, really? Nothing, other than the Indians were once the Whalers affiliate and they're wearing replicas of the jerseys from back then. Also, it's not being promoted as a Whalers event at all, so why should I care? Especially considering the Wolf Pack, an actual Hartford Hockey team, have a game that night that I already have tickets for, and have had said tickets for months.
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    I'd rather go to a Hartford Hockey game with a Hartford Hockey team in Hartford that night, than go to a Springfield Hockey game honoring a Springfield Hockey team in Springfield.
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    That's not good for WC's guarantee about a NHL team moving to Hartford next year.
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    Apparently reading comprehension, among many other things, is not a strength
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    Now radcon is Biggie. I thought I was Biggie. I'm con**sed.
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    "This actually makes sense on why Malloy was chasing Islanders he knew they were screwed" Despite what most people in CT think, Malloy is not stupid. And I'm sure that isn't the only team he has chased.
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    Until we know who gets the Belmont deal, it would be very silly to mark anything involving the Islanders as impossible, including a possible move, either temporarily, or permanently, to Hartford.
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    Mike Francesa has always been an annoying, pompous blowhard. With that said, to trivialize the sources of a guy who was king/co-king of sports radio in NYC for 3 decades is laughable. The anti-Hartford Ranger fans on this board are also laughable. But, on the other hand, maybe they're hoping to avoid Hartford suddenly having the same # of Stanley Cups in one move as the Rags have won in a century. Oh, & that includes decades during which the Rags had only 5 other teams in the NHL.
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    Really? That's all I do? WRONG. "Whole point in selling XL Center is to get cost of renovating it and maintaining it and running it off of state of CT and city of Hartford books. To do that you need to sell XL Center to private investors. UConn is not private investor. UConn is public university that receives public **nding from state of CT to operate. UConn "buying" and "owning" and "operating" XL Center would just be state of CT owning and operating XL Center. Only difference is that state of CT would be paying to renovate and maintain and run XL Center under UConn's name. And Amazon second headquarters isn't coming to CT. Amazon second headquarters is going someplace like Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Boston, Baltimore, Philly or Chicago." How is a post like that an example of me pointing out what others do? It isn't. And I made that post. So, pointing out what others do isn't all that I do out here.
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    Let's ease up on the word "retarded" ok? That hits home pretty strongly with some folks.
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    This board truly makes me laugh out loud sometimes. I think we're all nuts on various levels. I'll take that over being boring any day.
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    I never said anything about Hartford. Also, we should glad to have multiple college teams, but I just don't think UConn Hockey should be going around trying to say it's "Connecticut's Team". Especially since the basketball team wants Connecticut to be known as "New York City's Sixth Borough".
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    It isn't arrogance or ignorance. It is knowledge. My wife has a degree in education and she is working on a master's degree in clinical psychology. And one of her focuses is on the subject of online bullying. Online bullying can take on a lot of different forms and online bullying can vary to a lot of different degrees. My wife would tell you that Mark qualifies as an online bully. And that is based upon her education in the field of clinical psychology. Mark resorts to labeling people who don't agree with him out here and people who challenge his opinions out here as "morons" and "liars" and "idiots" and "imbeciles" and "frauds" and "dip$hits". He demeans people with these labels so he can undermine them and their opinions. My wife would tell you that is behavior that is recognized by mental health professionals as bullying. Mark challenges people who disagree with him out here to meet him in person and say to him face to face what they post out here. And if people re**se to do that he then labels them "cowards" and says they have "no balls" if they will not agree to a physical meeting. My wife would tell you that is manipulative behavior that is recognized as being part of online bullying by mental health professionals. My wife would also tell you that just because the targets of Mark's online bullying don't have their lives altered in some horrible or life altering or disgusting way, that does not mean that Mark isn't guilty of online bullying. It just means that his targets haven't given in to his online bully. When you are an adult and over and over and over and over again you have to resort to labeling people "idiots" and "morons" and "imbeciles" and "dip$hits", you are not behaving in a mature way. When you are an adult and over and over and over and over again you have to challenge people to come confront you in public, you are not behaving in mature way. When Mark acts like this he is acting like a child. He is carrying on like a schoolyard bully. His behavior is what it is. And it certainly is not the the behavior of a mature adult in his 20s or 30s or 40s or more.
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    Let me go get my Monopoly money and put it on the table. I can add Park Place also!!
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    Evo gets it. I too have heard through my sources that there is a deal in the works, but as Evo said, it's because the state has no choice. Also, this deal, like every other AHL deal before it, comes with the stipulation that should the NHL want to relocate or expand to Hartford, the AHL team is out. So in truth, it's to cover the CRDA either way, the deal insures that there will be pro hockey for the next two years. No more, no less.