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  1. WOW!!! I normally lurk, but is this really necessary? What are you a 10 year old kid or something? I don't hate the wolfpack. GROW UP!!!
  2. Hartford VS Carolina!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. TimmyFromBoosters wrote: > Hartford is the #1 location for a Hurricanes relocation. > > 1 Hartford already has a fanbase for the Hurricanes/Whalers organization, > we still have the merchandise > 2 Hartford already has investors lined up to purchase the team > 3 Hartford will be making major renovations to the XL Center to accommodate > the upcoming NCAA tournament > 4 Governor and Mayor are already on board to bring an NHL team here > > From rumors I have heard coming out of Hartford, the building renovation > plan and NHL plans and announcement for Hartford will be released in late > June, at which time we will hear some of the names of the investors waiting > in the wings, and SCI architects will be in the building next week to > finalize their drawings and plans and that UConn will be a partner in this > operation as opposed to being a tenant Man I hope your right, but like everybody else I have my doubts.
  4. p4277 wrote: > It depends on a combination of factors: > > Who would be buying the team? I can't imagine that PK will move the > team...he's trying to sell it, and moving is expensive. So if he sells to > Quebecor, then the team goes to QC. If he sells to interests in Seattle, > they go there. If someone interested in Hartford buys it, they could come > back here. Obviously, Seattle and Hartford have to get their arena issues > resolved. Same for Portland, Hamilton, or anywhere else. The sale of the > team will determine where it ends up. > > When would the team be sold? Mainly asking if it would be before or after > the Coyotes situation is fixed? Most believe the Coyotes will move either > this year or next. Where they end up will take away an option from the > Hurricanes. The NHL still wants Seattle and will likely prop up the > Coyotes in Arizona for one more year in hopes that Seattle will get their > arena act together. > > There are a lot of possibilities but Quebec looks like the best bet right > now. They have the arena and ownership ready to go. If the team isn't > sold for a few years, then Hartford and Seattle would have time to get > those pieces in place. I doubt PK would sell to any group in Hartford. He's the type of guy that does not want admit failure, especially to the Hartford fans. My guess would be Quebec.
  5. What would be your guess? Quebec maybe? It's no secret that their attendance and financial situation is not great.
  6. Whalevolution wrote: > They still do I was there at the Bell Turkey day night and they mentioned > Claude Lemieux but they all wanted to talk about the Whalers Plus Montreal fans were always much more cl*****ier than Bruin's fans.
  7. Whalevolution wrote: > Yea I could never move on to Bruins or Montreal and now especially the > Rangers > But I get it. > > Where can TC go to see Hockey he's closer to Habsville than Beantown? > Talk about rough choices > > I never went anywhere just never took to any team I gave it a few tries > Gun to my head I would follow the Flyers Well to be honest I've always had a soft spot for Montreal. Could be because they always gave the Whale respect.
  8. Anytime the Bruins lose is a Happy Time!!!!!!
  9. VinceCT wrote: > Dennis House, Kevin Nathan, and Rich Coppola, three idiots who told us the > Patriots were coming to Hartford. So why should anyone listen to them??? And yes you must be Mr. Perfect right?????? Weren't you the guy that said Winnipeg wouldn't get a team again? How did that prediction work out for you? Pot calling the kettle black.
  10. Biggie1083 wrote: > The thing that I would be worried about is the politicians approving a new > arena, but not making it big enough. I'd be worried that they would make a > building the size of the M*****Mutual Center (6,866) or the Webster Bank > Arena at Harbor Yard (8,525). Any politician that would approve an arena smaller than XL would need to be impeached right away.
  11. Adopt an NHL Team?

    Hartfordyouremyhome wrote: > DRC72 wrote: > "I've always had a soft spot for Montreal........... A great team and > fans that always respected the Whalers when they visited Hartford." > > I agree, DRC72. Montreal was great to us. (Except on the ice, haha) It's > just that it is understandable that a lot of Whalers' fans wouldn't want to > support them. > > I just want to be as fair as possible with this thread. Totally understandable!!!! In all honesty there isn't an NHL team in the US that I really like.
  12. Their review of the XL Center seemed to be very positive. I'm sure with a renovation the XL would probably move up past Providence.
  13. Adopt an NHL Team?

    I've always had a soft spot for Montreal........... A great team and fans that always respected the Whalers when they visited Hartford.
  14. Favorite team

    i always had a soft spot for the Montreal Canadians.