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  1. p4277 wrote: > MarkH2919 wrote: > > I'll be very succinct...I don't think the NHL has any interest at all in > > putting a team in Quebec City unless it absolutely, positively has no other > > option. And right now, there are definitely other options that are better. > > I agree that QC would not be at the top of the NHL's wish list. Neither was > Winnipeg. But as you say, if they have no other options, they'll go there. But I > disagree that right now there are better options. The key phrase is "right > now". Quebec is ready "right now". They have a suitable arena, a > deep pocketed ownership group, and no one disputes their fan base. There is no > better vacant market that could take an NHL team right now. But the NHL is likely > going to take the losses in Arizona for at least one more year in the hopes that > Seattle will come to a decision on an arena. So "right now" isn't all that > important. The Islanders will be at Barclays for at least one more year as well. > Carolina is waiting for new ownership, I can't imagine Karmanos moving the team > again. So until the team is sold, I doubt they will move. > > That gives Hartford and any other possible markets some time to get their act > together. I generally don't agree with P4277, but I think he has been spot on this entire thread. I think Malloy not coming back isn't as big a deal as it has been made out to be. I also agree with him on Quebec. I don't think the league loved the idea of Winnipeg, but at that time they were in a bind and it was the best option. I think the fact they have been essentially ignoring Quebec ( chose to put a team in the desert again but their more traditional market) shows that they would rather wait it out in hopes that someone else gets their act together before being pressured into Canada again.
  2. chocco

    Article on Renovations Hearing

    This was my fear about the baseball stadium from the beginning. It was reminiscent of the whole Adrian's landing/Patriots mess and when that happened the XL center/Whalers got screwed. Not the same scenario, but I fear it will net the same result. You watch how many times that stadium (almost stadium) will come up in arguments against the XL renovations. I am OK with the baseball stadium in Hartford being built( to some extent), but the timing was the worst possible for the XL center and that could really end up screwing the city of Hartford in the long run
  3. Time Warner- Charlotte would really be the only other option in NC.
  4. WolfpackFan1998 wrote: > > But, that is the problem, there is no investor. Over 19 years, and NOT ONE name of > any investor has ever appeared. Get your head out of the warmed-up Celeste pizza and > start using some common sense. Here's one How soon we forget
  5. chocco


    p4277 wrote: > "The Rangers can only play a home games at MSG. It's part of their > deal they signed with New York City. That's why they were the away team for > both Stadium Series games played at Yankee Stadium." > > Interesting...I seem to recall that when the Rangers abandoned their fans > in Binghamton to move to Hartford, one of the conditions was that they > would play an exhibition game in Hartford each year. What happened to > that? Wow it did happen. I didn't remember this
  6. chocco

    HWBC elections tomorrow

    will5059 wrote: > With a busy work schedule and 4 young kids, 2 of which play youth hockey, the chances > of me making a meeting for the next couple years are slim. I may join this year > however. I still don't feel I'm in the minority. I was going into high school the > year the Whalers left. While that is young those years of middle school are a period > where sports stars are "bigger than life" for your average kid. I know > there were actual Whaler fans that age because I know them personally. Some, like > myself have moved on to support other NHL teams. None however, will ever feel for > those teams as they did the Whalers. All that being said 32 or 33 is the youngest one > could probably be to have actually followed the team. I just hope my kids will be > able to continue to watch pro hockey of any level in CT , the state that has a hard > time opening a ballpark that's 95% built. I just hope my kids will be able to continue to watch pro hockey of any level in HARTFORD , the CITY that has a hard time opening a ballpark that's 95% built. Surprisingly you can't blame the state for this one
  7. chocco

    Xl center

    Looking into **nding options one thing that I noticed is that the naming rights for the XL center was based on a 6 year agreement in 2007. I don't know what's currently going on, but Las Vegas is getting 6 million/year for 10 years and the Barclays Center rights going for 400 million over 20 years. I am not expecting for Hartford to get that kind of money but if they can get close to Carolina's 80 million for 20 years that can help offset some of the costs to upgrade the building.
  8. chocco

    Xl center

    If they can get it payed for without public **nding that would be a huge win for the City of Hartford and the State of CT
  9. 2) Concert celebrating the XL ( would have been great for the 40th ) and its history. Have local acts/ acts from the past/ messages from performers that have played there in the past with memories. Get donations/deals with local business, deals to keep parking costs down/free (A new XL only benefits LAZ and others), get people to donate their time. Have all proceeds go to a **nd to help rebuild the XL center. You will not raise nearly enough money for the project, but showing that the public cares enough to part with their money is a great way to drum up political/public support. or start a Go **nd me page for 250 Million Dollars I just think this is a good deal and worthwhile project. I think its a great case to be made to the public and I think if done the right way it would be well supported. I think celebrating the building and its history is probably the best way of doing this. I don't think it will actually happen. If Howard was still running the arena then I think he probably would have done it already. But everyone else involved seems to want to keep everything quiet or doesn't want to be bothered with it so it will probably just be brought up again next year and everyone will fight it saying the state has no money- because nobody took the time to show people why it is a worthwhile investment.
  10. If the State/CRDA/City are serious about renovating the XL for 250 million dollars they need to do a better job marketing it's necessity to the public and to businesses. They need to show their hand and inform everyone of what the plans are, demonstrate the need and rally support for their cause. To me the bast way to do this is a celebration of the buildings history. The building has been around for 40 years and has been a big part of Hartford's culture especially down town. People will have fond memories from their past that took place there and will A) will not want to see the place where the memories happened go away and will want a chance for loved/ones and themselves to have a chance for more of theses experiences. I think this can be accomplished 2 ways 1) an open house- Have an interactive open house with a)local/ Past celebrities/past performers/hockey players- you need something to help bring people in. Similar to what Howard did at the Rent but not limited to just hockey/Whalers b) local news/radio stations- important to get the word out to the public and coordinating with them can be just as important to getting people there c) As soon as you walk in start with ways of demonstrating why this NEEDS to be done and why its a good deal- Imagine a graphic that shows the costs of all the new arenas that have been built or are being built and their cost versus this project to demonstrate this is being done in a fiscally responsible way. Show comparisons of what the new building would look like and how its improved. Show figure of what it means to the downtown area etc. show how it compares with other arenas in the area capacity, ticket price etc.. Mention the contract with UCONN's **ture in the XL is contingent on the improvement of the arena d) Have displays of great moments in the past for the building concerts/ games etc. get people to WANT this.
  11. chocco

    Bonding approved

    MarkH2919 wrote: > I still don't understand why you couldn't do a $hort term alignment back to > 6 divisions of 5 while they figure out the expansion situation. > > Northeast -- BOS, BUF, HAR, MTL, OTW > Atlantic -- NYR, NYI, NJ, PHI, PIT > Southeast -- FLA, CAR, TB, WSH, NSH > Midwest -- CHI, CBJ, DET, TOR, STL > Central -- DAL, MIN, WPG, CGY, EDM > Pacific -- COL, VAN, LA, ANA, SJ > > You play 22 games in your division, 2 teams you play 6 times each (3H, 3A), > 1 team you play 5 times (2H, 3A), 1 team you play 5 times (3H, 2A) > You play 30 games against the other 10 teams in your conference, 5 teams > twice home, once away, and the other 5 once home, twice away. > You play 30 games against the other conference, once home, once away. > > 82 games total. > > OK hear me out,1 way this can be sold at least on a temporary basis. If you swap the Rangers and the Whale in the above . I know that takes Hartford away from its natural rivals but it creates 1 division with 3 Original 6 teams in each conference . The NHL can market the **** out of this particularly since the 100th anniversary is in 2017 ( also the 75th year of the original six). I think increasing games between those teams will be at a premium and having them balanced between conferences gets all teams the same amount of games with said teams. The Redwings and the Maple leafs would gain a lot from the exposure, marketing and merchandising. Then once expansions/relocations are settled the teams can be realigned again if need be. Is it a stretch? maybe , but could it work? I think so.
  12. chocco


    Whalers4Ever wrote: > The NHL is not going to place a team in Hartford under > the current conditions of the XL center, not even in the interim, no way. > Not until it's been updated to meet their standards, and that's years away. > > 2 words -> Airplane Hangar