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  1. HWP1997

    help me

    Spoken like a true *****
  2. Let me get this straight...you went to the Fail's home opener just to prove how "dumb" the team looked dressed as the Rangers? I would have accepted "I was there to support the Baldwins" but what you just said is beyond lame haha
  3. You clowns didn't seem to have a problem supporting the WP when they were known as the CT Fail.
  4. Yeah and you're probably right about that. BUT no matter how you slice it, their overall attendance numbers have gone down. You have to get on your little Failers talk show and remind Failers Nation to stop showing up dressed as empty seats
  5. If UConn games are "packed" with fans who "care", then can you explain why their average attendance numbers have been doing a nosedive since 2014?
  6. Numbers don't lie. If UConn hockey was as "popular" as some people have made it out to be, the attendance numbers would be going up and not down.
  7. I can bet they're the same clowns who say UConn is "real" Hartford hockey.
  8. While the state is cutting and/or eliminating educational **nding to a bunch of towns, some people just don't care and still think we should be spending hundreds of millions to get the NHL back. Yeah right.
  9. HWP1997


    Whoever is responsible for "banning" people on here either doesn't care or is dead haha
  10. Nope but he would fire anyone who honestly thinks the Failers are coming back when our state is going through a budget deficit and is cutting and/or eliminating educational **nding to some towns as a result haha http://www.courant.com/politics/hc-pol-malloy-education-shift-20170818-story.html
  11. HWP1997

    help me

    Sad pathetic Marky always looking for a confrontation. You do have a history of stalking your foes at games and trying to intimidate them lmao