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  1. He and Mark love to think it was just me but little do their simple brains realize it was way more than just me lol
  2. Shaky leaf huh? **nny you say that on account you were scared the last time I saw you and thought I was there to kill you lmao
  3. Sometimes it easier to troll certain people just because it's impossible to have an actual adult conversation with them.
  4. A very niche audience.
  5. I have nothing against charity as long as it's legit. Realistically, maybe a hand**l of people will get this plate. And that's a big maybe.
  6. Pretty much. I'm no longer part of that cult...I mean club..simply because I got bored with them and their bull****. I found out the hard way how quick certain members will turn on you if you disagree with their idiotic opinions. They all love to pretend they're best friends but that's a bigger lie than some of the things that come out of Trump's mouth. Marky will always say I'm no longer part of them because I got "banned". How can you "ban" someone who wants nothing to do with them?
  7. That would be me......ex-member of the Failers Booster Club and current Wolf Pack fan. Marky loves to brag how got me "banned" me from that club. But he always fails to mention that my "banishment" became official months after I stopped going to meetings and not renewing my membership. I guess people will do or say anything just look important.
  8. Their jersey isn't bad looking.
  9. And guess what? I'm here still here! It's going to take more than just a few phone calls and emails to the Courant to get "banned" me from here. As for me being "banned" from the Failers Booster Club, PLEASE.....I beg you......PLEASE keep my on your "banned" list. I'd rather eat the chunky **** that comes out of your fat @$$ than hang out with you losers again.
  10. Whatever makes you sleep at night after your mom tucks you into bed.
  11. Nope. I might be the most vocal WP troll on this board but that doesn't mean there aren't others lurking around.
  12. I hate to break that heart of yours big boy but it ain't me. You do realize I'm not the only one who trolls this board, right?
  13. Maybe to get the last word in knowing very well they cant respond to him since the guest accounts got turned off?
  14. There was a lot of controversy with that move. Solomon could have gone about it a whole different way without pi$$ing off the city and the fans. But having secret talks with Hartford city officials months after telling the Courant "we're absolutely committed to New Britain" was his preference. And because of that, I re**se to support him and his **** Goats. My money is better spent supporting the Bees.
  15. If you're going to call someone out, at least do it under your registered name and not as a guest. No one can tell if it's actually you or some troll.