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    Hartford Athletic soccer

    Kraft is the reason Hartford will never be in MLS. He has arbitrarily declared that Hartford is Revs territory and Don Garber agrees. If Hartford Athletic is just a subjugate of The Krafts I will not support the team. I'm sick of our state's identity being pick apart by Boston and New York. We have NPSL and a plethora of quality college soccer in New Haven so I won't be missing out. EDIT: Grammar
  2. ElmCityFan

    Hartford Athletic soccer

    I wouldn't step foot in that stadium if they end up being a farm team for Bob Kraft.
  3. ElmCityFan

    UConn destroyes UM***** but no one saw it

    This board is a dumpster fire.
  4. It was a Sunday make up game you dope.
  5. ElmCityFan

    Hartford Marlins

    You didn't understand any of what I said. I'm starting to understand why some of these "trolls" on here get frustrated with you. Teen Whaler Fan said the cautionary tale I told about the Ball Park at Harbor Yard deteriorating along with support for the team was not applicable to the Goats because the Goats are a AA franchise and the Bluefish are independent. My point was the quality of play doesn't matter citing how much more popular the Bluefish were as opposed to the AA Ravens in the late 90's early 00's. Yale Field was deteriorating rapidly and the Ravens were not able to compete with the better experience the Bluefish were providing. It wasn't about quality of play it was about the EXPERIENCE. The point I am making is DON'T GET COMPLACENT! Don't *****ume the Goat's success will last forever just because they have a new ball park. And I would sure as **** not start planning a move to AAA based on one year of success. The team needs sustained support over the next ten plus years AND they need the team to adapt to the market, evolve and provide a quality experience. Which they have done this year. Also your point about the Coliseum is laughable. If the XL Center was owned by the City of Hartford it would have been torn down already. The city was losing money and they did not have state support as they were more concerned about the Harbor Yard project in Bridgeport. New Haven supported a team in the dumpy unfinished Coliseum for 20 years with the Nighthawks and had early success with the Ravens. There is absolutely a market for pro sports in New Haven however, the City of New Haven was not supportive of pro sports in the 00's failing to build the ball park on Long Wharf and failing to properly maintain the Coliseum. New Haven has had several AA teams but never once did they have a new stadium. They played at glorified high school park in Quigley Stadium in the 70's and 80's and Yale Field in the 90's and 00's. The construction of the Arena at Harbor Yard in 2001 siphoned off ALL high profile acts, AHL hockey, etc from New Haven. The Coliseum was designed poorly and never finished, the parking garage was terrifying and the building was ascetically dread**l. So yeah we've had a few strokes of bad luck. That's why I know first had how fleeting these minor league franchises can be and it is my hope that the Hartford market and the Yard Goats continue to stay at the top of their game for the long haul. I also had no idea Josh Solomon is Edward M*****ey's son.
  6. ElmCityFan

    Hartford Marlins

    Not entirely accurate. Objectively the New Haven Ravens had much higher quality baseball than the Bluefish. New Haven was in the AA Eastern League and had players like Todd Helton, Quentin Mccracken, Bobby Jones, Ramon Vazquez, Coco Crisp, Alex Rios, Dustin McGowan who all had long MLB careers. I was living in Milford at the time which is right in between New Haven and Bridgeport. The Bluefish were the new kid in town with their fancy new ballpark and most people from my area that I spoke to were heading to Bridgeport and based on bumperstickers and caps I'd see out in the wild many others were too. We saw it with attendance as the Ravens attendance sunk and the Bluefish soared. The novelty of AA baseball in New Haven wore out along with the roof and conditions at Yale Field. Players openly disliked playing there and fans stopped coming. Eventually Harbor Yard got old and the Bluefish and City of Bridgeport go complacent. Now its a dump looking to get repurposed. There is a historical lesson in this. Just because its new and shiny now doesn't mean it'll last. The Yard Goats need to creatively market the team over the long term and whoever is responsible for maintaining the stadium MUST keep it looking as fresh as the day it opened. And maybe improve the obstructed views. If they don't stay on top of it, the Goats could go the way of the Bluefish. Connecticut has a long and storied history of losing major league affiliated teams in baseball and hockey, it can and will happen to the Yard Goats if they don't keep it up and strive to be better every year. My point is, its still early on, and we shouldn't just *****ume the success will continue. People generally don't care that there are **ture major leaguers on the team, they want an experience. The Goats are providing an awesome experience and if it keeps up...sky's the limit. Its going to take work though.
  7. Looks like the BMets changing their name to the Rumble Ponies didn't have the desired effect.
  8. ElmCityFan

    Hartford Marlins

    Not to be a debbie downer but I remember Route 34 being backed up for miles of people trying to get to Yale Field to see the Ravens in their first five years. Of course DDP offers more in terms of amenities and being downtown helps incredibly. I'm happy they are doing so well in their first year but the true test is if they can keep it up for 5-10 years. It was only 20 years ago when Harbor Yard opened and it was the crown jewel of ball parks in southern CT. They did absolutely NOTHING to maintain it and now its dumpy and the field quality looks worse than a rec softball field. I sincerely hope they do but it'll take creativity in terms of marketing so the product doesn't get stale, and it will take $$$ to reinvest in the park so it remains as fresh as it is today. If they can keep the same level of engagement and excitement up in the next several years and have a willing investor to renovate the park, I could see AAA coming here. I also would imagine the Mets would be looking for a more local affiliation than Vegas. EDIT: Grammar
  9. Also this has, once again, turned into a stupid conversation. The point, I believe, OP was trying to make is that there is a desire to get the NHL back in Connecticut. However, we are lacking a legitimate organized movement. Morale in the state is at an all time low, the state is bankrupting itself with decades of un**nded mandates, and the City of Hartford can't get out of its own way which causes people to pile on the cynicism. And who could blame them! Hartford could barely get this ball park built. Only a few short months ago the president of the Eastern League threatened to take the team away because construction was shoddy and slow. This is also the same city that couldn't even revamp a high school football stadium with new bleachers and ADA compliant ramps for a division 2 pro soccer team, and it wasn't long ago that the state had to take over Hartford Public Schools. The city can't get anything done. The state can't get anything done. People are leaving the state, people can't afford to live here. So I understand why the Whalers aren't even on most people's radars of concern. I've only lived in Connecticut my entire life in New Haven County, and four years up in Storrs, and the thing we do best here is whine. I don't know if its any different in other parts of the country or even New England for that matter. But all of these people on this forum, Facebook, and Twitter who do nothing but call Malloy a POS and say what an aw**l place Connecticut is are part of the problem. In fact I'll even say aside from the un**nded mandates, are the biggest problem we face as a state. We lack identity because we don't want one, we lack progress because we do not want to pursue it, we lack any sort of ambition to change anything. We are the land of steady habits, we are addicted to complaining behind a key board and at the water cooler. We are so miserable that our flagship college basketball team won two national championships this decade and we have the gall to say the program is falling apart because we had a couple bad seasons. I believe overhauling the Civic Center and attempting to bring the NHL back is a good cause that would be a moral victory that could potentially lead to a, more important, economic victory. But that will take a gr***** roots effort of p*****ionate people. What the Whaler Guys do is great but we have to do more. Was anyone at Whalers Weekend at DDP getting people to sign up to volunteer efforts for lobbying, writing letters to local corporations, calling out the media, calling their local state reps and senators? Was anyone encouraging those guys wearing the Bring Back the NHL shirts to walk around their neighborhoods and talk it up with their neighbors? Or were we just retweeting and starting a meme war with some guys who love watching you scramble to defend yourselves? This isn't going to just come to us because we deserve it. We have to SHOW we deserve it! That does not only mean going to Wolfpack games or UConn hockey games, it means starting an actual movement. It will be hard but if you we want it we have to fight for it! If we don't get the **nding for the Civic Center in this year's budget, we have to plan ASAFP for supporting the cause in the next budgetary session. Showing up to the St. Patrick's Day parade with 15 people won't cut it. I know I'm down here in New Haven and I may not see all the efforts you guys in the booster club or the Whaler Guys actually put forth. All I can say is what I see and from down here it looks weak.
  10. Looks pretty **ll, also it was before the game even started so while there are likely empty seats, people often get places later than they'd like, traffic, dinner went a bit long, life happened.
  11. If that's the case they'll be a New Britain team for a long time.
  12. They play ten miles away from their "home" at Dillion Stadium. They are as New Britain as the Bees and the Blue Devils.
  13. Similar but that league was based in the Southeast with four teams in Florida, one in Georgia and Alabama. I don't think it ever really had a chance.
  14. I don't think we're going to catch lightning in a bottle again with another WHA. Its a different time. Unless there are billions of dollars backing this league it will get crushed by the NHL. Unless each franchise can rally its market as a cheaper and more local alternative. The only sport that has been able to do this lately, at least in the past fifty years, has been soccer. There are MLS teams in major markets of course but D-2 leagues like NASL and USL have enormous followings and even the D-4 league NPSL (that currently plays in New Britain and New Haven) have teams like Chattanooga and Detroit with m*****ive followings of 5,000+ per game. The point is the soccer fans are drawn by the locality and the relationships built between fans, clubs, and players. Even going to these low level games in CT you see enthusiasm from both the New Britain and New Haven fans that cross generational lines. You see families, college kids, and millennials who are totally invested in the team. I don't know exactly why hockey has not caught fire like that around here. Its a better sport, and its (supposedly) in our DNA as north easterners. To get an independent team, or even an AHL team for that matter, to garner enough enthusiasm to compete with an NHL experience requires an organically developed fan base. I can only speak for myself when I say how sick I am of AHL games that have the feel of being at Disney Land rather than a hockey game. I get you have to market to those kids because they bring the families, but what's lacking is ENTHUSIASM. I have a hard time believing even if the Wolf Pack left and another team came in that it would change much around here. We'd really have to light a fire to get people excited about the sport, the club, and the players. Soccer gets it but hockey does not.
  15. Don't you guys think this has more to do with the state not having a budget yet? If there was more clarity there might be a bit more interest. Also how the state and the investor are going to split profits (if there are profits) is probably concerning. For the sake of getting this project done and bolstering the rest of downtown and the City of Hartford I think it might be best to relinquish majority control of the Civic Center to a willing investor.