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  1. CaptainBrambles

    Hartford Athletic soccer

    Not a fan of Kraft of the Pats, but I'll still support the team.
  2. Hope it's a good weekend for them. To bad I"ll be on vacation then. I's like to be there.
  3. We could only consider ourselves fortunate if one of our parking lots won the coveted gold parkie award.
  4. CaptainBrambles

    Whaler T-shirt sighting on TV

    Keep your eyes peeled.
  5. CaptainBrambles

    Are you surprised by this?

    This is not shocking in the least.
  6. CaptainBrambles

    Eat Crow table for 2m

    Hope**lly something comes of this. It will be interesting to see how this could play out.
  7. CaptainBrambles

    The Hartford sell off

    That's an interesting article.
  8. It's a nice idea but not realistic at all
  9. It's just a whalers license plate. I wouldn't read to much into it.
  10. How do you know they were being dropped off by friends or family. Those could be Uber or Lyft drivers. Just because you don't use something doesn't mean that others don't.
  11. CaptainBrambles

    Thanks giving for HH

    I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving today
  12. I don't know. I spotted a couple empty seats in those pictures so it must be true.
  13. CaptainBrambles

    WolfPack lose 3-2(OT) infront of 2,312

    This idiotic back and forth is getting tiresome and pathetic