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  1. They're losing dozens and dozens of fans. Oh my.
  2. At this point i don't think the NHL would be picky about the Hurricanes moving anywhere.
  3. If Amazon chose to move to Hartford that would be great. But I'm not holding my breath.
  4. It will be interesting to see how this all develops. Could this be a new home for the Coyotes?
  5. It's just a minor drop off between four games. Like Evo said, if it was something comparable to Carolina there might be something there, but at the moment it's to early to tell.
  6. I don't see where the money for any of this is going to come from
  7. Any particular moments during his time as Whalers broadcaster that stand out more than others? Since the Whalers have left does he see the expansion of teams into southern markets as having been good for the league or possibly bad? And in his opinion if another team were to come to Hartford would the people of the state support them?
  8. This is nothing unusual for teams and other sporting venues in general. MLB teams have been building smaller capacity stadiums for years. Where a team once played in a 50,000 seat stadium the new stadium may seat 5,000 or more less. Auto racing has been seeing the same thing. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has removed several thousand of their permanent seating due to dwindling crowds. The fact that this is now happening to arena's is not surprising at all.
  9. My mistake. I misread and thought you were referring to just the womans team. Those numbers make more sense now
  10. Those numbers must be combined for both the men and women's teams. The season is roughly 33 games I think, and there are usually about 16 or 17 home games per season. Going by those numbers that would mean the women played their entire home schedule in Hartford and then some during those years.
  11. This makes me think of Ray Finkle in Ace Venture. Laces out!!!!
  12. What other AHL affiliate could move here? To take a quote from the movie "Hot Shots" when Topper Harley asks, "Why me?" he's answered with, "Because you're the best of what's left."
  13. Correct. There needs to be some kind of professional team there. We need the Pack playing in Hartford.
  14. And yes Jersey, I know it was just a dig at Whalers fans. But look at it like this. How many other cities of teams that have come and gone can say that they still have a fanbase, be it for nostalgic reasons or whatever? Some but not a lot.