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  1. CaptainBrambles

    Hartford Athletic soccer

    Not a fan of Kraft of the Pats, but I'll still support the team.
  2. Hope it's a good weekend for them. To bad I"ll be on vacation then. I's like to be there.
  3. We could only consider ourselves fortunate if one of our parking lots won the coveted gold parkie award.
  4. CaptainBrambles

    Whaler T-shirt sighting on TV

    Keep your eyes peeled.
  5. CaptainBrambles

    Are you surprised by this?

    This is not shocking in the least.
  6. CaptainBrambles

    Eat Crow table for 2m

    Hope**lly something comes of this. It will be interesting to see how this could play out.
  7. CaptainBrambles

    The Hartford sell off

    That's an interesting article.
  8. It's a nice idea but not realistic at all
  9. It's just a whalers license plate. I wouldn't read to much into it.
  10. How do you know they were being dropped off by friends or family. Those could be Uber or Lyft drivers. Just because you don't use something doesn't mean that others don't.
  11. CaptainBrambles

    Thanks giving for HH

    I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving today
  12. I don't know. I spotted a couple empty seats in those pictures so it must be true.
  13. CaptainBrambles

    WolfPack lose 3-2(OT) infront of 2,312

    This idiotic back and forth is getting tiresome and pathetic
  14. CaptainBrambles

    WHALERS night this Friday at XLC

    Hope it works out for them.
  15. When the Tampa Bay Rays get close to the end of their insane lease with Tropicana Field, and if they have no plan for a new stadium planed out, then this article might have the slightest bit of relevance. But still, the chances of a MLB team moving to Hartford are to far remote to even consider. But it's a long way out before the Rays lease expires.
  16. Well I guess either league would be a very realistic goal. Hope**lly if a team from Hartford gets into one it's a league that won't be on the verge of folding.
  17. After taking a look at the number of teams that are not returning to the NASL next season I think you might be right. Looks like more and more are jumping ship to the USL
  18. The USL is technically because it's affiliated with the MLS, basically it's minor league. The NASL is independent from the MLS, but it's considered to be at the same level as the USL. Either the USL or NASL would be good fits for Hartford, but I think the NASL, being a league with fewer teams overall would be more likely to grant membership to Hartford. That's just my opinion on the subject.
  19. CaptainBrambles

    WHALERS night this Friday at XLC

    Maybe they're doing it just for the heck of it.
  20. Ah, this old topic again. I think I remember something like this being mentioned about five or six years ago. Yeah, fat chance of this ever happening. Montreal has a better chance of getting the Expos back than Hartford has of getting a MLB team here. So what's next, the English Premier League going to put a team in Hartford?
  21. You can tell it's the old New Haven Coliseum by the concrete columns in the corners. But as for an MLS team coming here it's doubt**l, what with the Revolution, NYCFC, and even the New York Red Bulls in the area. I also can't imagine that the league itself would want to bring another team into an already saturated market. The best that Hartford could hope for in the way of professional soccer might be the North American Soccer League. That would be the next step down from the MLS on the American soccer pyramid.
  22. They're losing dozens and dozens of fans. Oh my.
  23. At this point i don't think the NHL would be picky about the Hurricanes moving anywhere.