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  1. Yeah, you did. Yeah, they are. The Isles have the same # (4) of Stanley Cups in 40 fewer years, with many fewer resources. "I just will never understand the hatred for the Rangers by the people on here." Really? You don't have to agree with it, but to still not understand it is roughly the equivalent of being unable to grasp the concept of 1 + 1 = 2. However, you have given me an opportunity to use your word in a correct manner. For example: "His utter conf usion & inability to understand why people don't support things they despise gave me a good excuse to question his intellect."
  2. Neither do I...Only an absolute moron would spend money on things he or she couldn't stand. Imagine, the mighty NY Rangers; playing second fiddle to NYC Metro's most successf u lll team, the Islanders. & by the way, you post a lot for a guy who's said he was going to stop posting here.
  3. Get it straight- I don't give a flying **** what you "would have accepted".
  4. Just a couple of counterpoints, if you can spare a moment: It's in no way an excuse. It's what we call in English a "Direct answer." I can't stand the Pack, & so I don't support them. I can't stand broccoli, so I don't eat it. Facts. "That's a fact". No, it's an idiotic opinion. I've already answered above why I don't support the Pack. An excuse would be "I just don't have time" or "I don't feel like driving." No, because "I can't stand the Rangers" is true, that is a fact- not an excuse. "Also, I seriously doubt that even if the affiliation changed, you'd support Hartford Hockey." Who the **** are you to tell anyone, let alone people you've never met, what they would or would not support? I love hockey, I follow hockey closely & I love Hartford. When the Rags are gone, I'll be back. End of story. My question for you is when the affiliation does change, will you still "support" the new team?
  5. I didn't support them. I went to Whale's first opening game because I knew a much larger crowd would highlight how dumb it was dress them as the Rags in the first place.
  6. Why is this so difficult for you to understand? There are no excuses. My "excuse" for not supporting what we're stuck with is that I can't stand their affiliate. That's not an excuse, that's a fact; whether you like it or not. I, & others like me, don't need to justify that to you or anyone else. Change the affiliate, & I'll happily support the AHL in Hartford.
  7. Thanks, but it's not a joke. Unless the vast majority of Wolf Pack fans enjoy dressing up as empty seats... "A few of the guys on here like to use numbers to say how UConn is better than the Pack but I just don't see that." Please re-read what you've written above in quotes, & see if it makes more or less sense to you the second time around. Most times you look at a Wolf Pack crowd, you see more vendors in the stands than fans. Maybe they're selling pretzels & soda to themselves... Go to a UConn game, the place is packed & the fans actually care. Pack games have the atmosphere of a library. UConn games have a real hockey atmosphere. And no annoying DJ's screaming into mics.
  8. All the Wolf Pack need now are some fans.
  9. Even for you, this is a huge stretch.
  10. I don't know what you're taking about. But then again I doubt if even you do. Tell me where I've said I believe every (or even any) rumor on this board. I don't believe anything about sports until whatever it is becomes official. Do I want the NHL back in Hartford? Yes. Do I believe it will happen? I will the very second I see a puck dropped on Opening Night.
  11. And he would know.
  12. I know.
  13. I can't speak for Pete, but in my opinion he's not a Wolf Pack fan, per se. He covers local hockey & they're here right now so they're included in his coverage. Pete can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think if he was given the sole authority to replace the Rangers with (nearly) any other NHL affiliate, he'd do it in a second.
  14. There has never been a single Wolf Pack fan member of this board, besides maybe WhalePack, who wasn't an obvious troll.
  15. One or two? Hahaha