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  1. But...but...if the Hurricanes really wanted to make $ off of Hartford, why wouldn't they use the universally beloved Wolf Pack brand? Hahahaha Who would've thought that switching from arguably the greatest uniform in sports, to a logo that looks like it was drawn with a Spirograph by a drunken orangutan, wouldn't pan out? Just the thought of Karmanos **ming over this is worth seeing that team wear them.
  2. Hartford NHL Never? Ahhh not so fast

    Mike Francesa has always been an annoying, pompous blowhard. With that said, to trivialize the sources of a guy who was king/co-king of sports radio in NYC for 3 decades is laughable. The anti-Hartford Ranger fans on this board are also laughable. But, on the other hand, maybe they're hoping to avoid Hartford suddenly having the same # of Stanley Cups in one move as the Rags have won in a century. Oh, & that includes decades during which the Rags had only 5 other teams in the NHL.
  3. 3395, on a Sa****ay after a holiday

    Only if you count the jerseys worn by the RIT players. I saw two Rangers jerseys at most, & I'd bet even combined they'd weight nowhere near 2,000 lbs. The laughable Rags are a joke, & they'll always be a joke. The Isles & Devils have been the NHL toast of NYC metro for decades. The Wolf Pack would be a joke, but aren't because almost no one is aware of their existence.
  4. Yeah, it's only the Connecticut Whale. If you want to be anti-Hartford pro-Rangers, that's your right. But why not just say that & save yourself time & posting effort?
  5. That isn't possible. Why? Because according to Wolf Pack/Ranger fans WS&E- and WS&E alone- is the only sports promotional entity in the history of professional athletics to try & inflate their #'s by giving away free tickets to a game.
  6. And still not soon enough. Here's to hoping they sign a 100- year contract- to play in Siberia.
  7. WolfPack lose 3-2(OT) infront of 2,312

    Uh, yeah, right; the NHL would only draw 2,300 people. Let's just shut down everything to appease a dozen anti-Hartford Ranger fans.
  8. 3674!?!

  9. pre-season NHL in Bridgeport

    He's right, it is **n ny. **n ny to see the laughingstock Rags get knocked down a few pegs. One bright spot is that each Wolf Pack fan gets his or her own personal pretzel & peanut vendor every game. So, there's that.
  10. Who is on your Mt. Rushmore for Hartford Hockey

    No, it's not. Gernander in no way at all should be up on a theoretically 4-person mountain honoring Hartford hockey. How fantastic it will be when the laughingstock Rangers, a team with unlimited **nds but only 4 Cups in a thousand years- 3 of which won when they had only 5 opponents- are kicked to the curb by Hartford.
  11. Who is on your Mt. Rushmore for Hartford Hockey

    Even you must've paused before posting this. Calling Ken Gernander "Mr. Hartford Hockey" is like calling Bobby Meacham "Mr. New York Yankee". Or Jarod Saltalamacchia "Mr. Boston Red Sox".
  12. pre-season NHL in Bridgeport

    "Tons of tickets"? A ton is 2,000 lbs. If you figure an average weight of 200 lbs per fan, that's 10 people. That does seem about the right # of fans who comprise the Wolf Pack fan base.
  13. Who is on your Mt. Rushmore for Hartford Hockey

    I'm not sure how else to write this so it's clear. Whatever he did or didn't do for the Rangers, he did it in an inferior, developmental league. He's not in the same stratosphere as a Kevin Dineen in Hartford. You want to toss up a plaque about him in one of the XL's rest rooms or something- cool. He does not deserve to be on a "Mt. Rushmore". Once again, the perfect word for such an action is "asinine". Imagine any hockey fan from anywhere else driving through Hartford, looking up, & seeing Howe, Francis, Samuelsson & Ken Gernander's likenesses chiseled into a mountain. Get real. They'd laugh themselves silly & say something like, "Only in Hartford". And they'd be right.
  14. Who is on your Mt. Rushmore for Hartford Hockey

    You're joking right? If a neutral party created a legitimate list ranking all the players who've played in Hartford, approximately where do you think he'd rank? Many Calder Cup-winning teams have been have been filled with players who didn't make, or do much, in the NHL. The AHL is a developmental league; nothing more. Gernander wasn't even the best player on the 2000 team. Often times Calder's are won or lost simply based on the timing of call-ups. They're a feeder league for their affiliates; nothing more. Putting him up there ahead of Dineen would be asinine.
  15. Who is on your Mt. Rushmore for Hartford Hockey

    Buffalo & Rochester are only an hour apart & have a very close connection. But I'll put that aside for now. I'm not against Gernander's inclusion on a Mt. Rushmore because of my dislike for the Rangers. If the Whalers had stayed, & Joe Day, Mark Greig or Blair Atcheynum had hung around for 20 years as player & coach of the Springfield Indians (or even the 'Hartford Indians' if they had played in the HCC) I wouldn't expect to see them up there over a Dineen, Liut or ect. "People have been honored for far, far less." That is true, but an award is usually proportionate to the accomplishment. Win the Stanley Cup & get your name permanently inscribed on a highly-coveted 130-year old chalice. But what Gernander did was like an 'Employee of the Month' sort of thing; & it should be accompanied by an honor similar to what a loyal Wal-Mart or Cigna employee might get after 20 years of employment. They might get an inexpensive watch or engraved plaque. Maybe a Dunkin' Donuts GC or better parking spot. They wouldn't get a statue in the foyer. I'm not trying to, or expecting to, change your mind. But (theoretically, at least) we're talking about a Mt. Rushmore. That is reserved for the best of the best. And it's the reason you don't see the image of any local D.C. aldermen chiseled into the real one.