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  1. TrueHartfordHockeyFan

    Wolf Pack open season in front of standard 6k

    Nobody cares about you and you seriously need to get over this obsession with Biggie. I hope to God that he never has to see this crap because, honestly, you think about him way to much. It's disturbing that he seems to be the only thing you can ever think of.
  2. TrueHartfordHockeyFan

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    He did and I know that because I saw the cards. He bragged about them at a St Patrick's Day Parade a few years ago. He talked about how proud he was even though his daughter didn't care about it when he told her but his son thought it was cool. Also, your "president" was the one that tried to get my brother to sign his kids up because, "Jeremiah did it and it's a good idea for the club to get a hold of the kids before it's to late." Well at least you admit that you're counting dead people to raise the numbers. So, why should we believe that you're not allowing kids and unborn babies? You can look at my last post to see what the club has become. It's a s**** of what it once was and it's an awful site to see. I was at games before the Whalers moved into Hartford and I never stopped going, unlike some people. If you want to see someone that's pathetic then you should look in the mirror because being the "membership chairman" of a booster club with nothing to boost is all you'll ever be, and I feel sorry for you.
  3. TrueHartfordHockeyFan

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    Themselves because that's all they really care about. If they cared about the return of the NHL and the Whalers they'd be doing everything they could to boost up all the sports teams in Hartford. Instead they boycott and complain about them. Their "president" has even sent emails to teams demanding things like free tickets, giveaway even though the club wouldn't be going to the game, and saying that they have to make Pucky the Mascot "or else". They don't care about Hartford or even the Whalers anymore. They just want something for nothing, and that's basically the same thing they're doing to "bring back the Whale". They think the NHL should just hand them a team because we live in the "Knowledge Corridor" and because we have a huge TV market. Well those things don't mean anything unless you have fans that are willing to spend money on tickets, and owners willing to spend millions money before they even thinking about making millions. That was Baldwins main problem. He thought that all he had to do was show up and people would just start throwing money at him to bring a NHL team back. Well they didn't and he screwed over a lot of people and cost Hartford and the state a lot of money as well. Connecticut Public TV shutdown their sports channel because Baldwin never paid them the money he owed for from them showing Whale games. That was after WCCT kicked him off of their station for not paying them for broadcasting the games.
  4. TrueHartfordHockeyFan

    Wolf Pack open season in front of standard 6k

    Still with this obsession with Biggie. You can talk about freebies and giveaways all you want, but thanks to Baldwin lying about having 8000 people at his home openers (when there was only about 6000), they can only count the tickets scanned into the building. So, they announced 6112 were at the home opener this year and thanks to Baldwin we know for a fact that's how many people were at the game. That's a lot of people for a game played on the same night as a Red Sox vs Yankees playoff game. That's close to what the Yard Goats got at their games for Whalers Weekend, but the Wolf Pack actually won their game.
  5. TrueHartfordHockeyFan

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    Back to this obsession with Biggie. You must really have a thing for him if he's all you can think of when you've been caught lying and looking like a fool. I was there when Jeremiah signed up his kids, including the one that wasn't born yet. I was also there when you gave an honorary membership to Howard Baldwin. Do you add him into your count as well? What about the Victors? I know they didn't renew their membership but I also know that you still count them as active members. I bet you still count Marty as a member and he's been dead for two years. That's why the club has become a joke. You and the people running it have destroyed what it was. It used to be a beacon of hope for the return of our Whalers and it's just a bunch of bitter jerks who just want to make other people's lives miserable because they can't get what they "deserve". I used to be proud to say I was a member of the Whalers Booster Club, but now I'm ashamed of what it has become.
  6. TrueHartfordHockeyFan

    Wolf Pack open season in front of standard 6k

    If you went to the game then you'd know there was well over 6,000 people there.
  7. TrueHartfordHockeyFan

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    The "membership director"? So you're talking about yourself in the third person now? I wouldn't expect anything truthful to come from the club since the Victor's left and Marty passed away. They would probably be embarrassed with what the club has become. Actively boycotting Hartford sports, attacking fans of Hartford teams, and signing up unborn children just to increase your numbers. That's all something to be proud of yourself for doing. I was wondering something though, do you still count the "honorary members" as well? I bet they help keep your numbers up as well, even though they don't have anything to do with the club.
  8. TrueHartfordHockeyFan

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    This is funny coming form the person that hasn't been right about anything ever. You have no credible sources and the one you claim are credible haven't been right about anything. You keep saying that the Whale had better attendance that the Pack, but we all know that's a lie because Howard Jr told us, said that the Whale brand was staying, and the team would never be called the Wolf Pack again. If anyone one here should be nicknamed a fraud it should be who. Especially since you didn't care about Hartford Hockey, the Wolf Pack, or even UConn until there was a chance that they could help bring the Whalers back. You weren't even in the Booster Club and never marched in any parades until recently. You don't really care and are just trying to feed your ego. I have proof and link to articles about what is really going on, you have nothing and are the true fraud.
  9. TrueHartfordHockeyFan

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    It looks like you answered your own question. It seems like it costs them more money to play games in Hartford than what they make from those games. I never said all games would be played on-campus but it sounds like the majority of them will be. Also, it seems to me that UConn doesn't have 3,000 STH if they're going to only have a building that holds 2,500. Why would they purposely screw 500 guaranteed attendees that they've already sold tickets to? It's funny that you didn't even realize that in trying to show me up, all you was make yourself look like a huge fraud. "Thanks for playing."
  10. TrueHartfordHockeyFan

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    Well this just proves you don't have any clue what you're talking about. UConn Basketball doesn't play more game in Hartford than in Storrs. They play either the same amount or more games on-campus, and have for the longest time. Actually, since the Hockey team started playing at the XL Center they've reduce the amount of games they play there. They used to play about 2/3's of their games in Hartford, and now it's about half. The women's team even got to a point where they were playing 2/3's of their game on campus, and that would be the case this year but they're playing 4 games at neutral sites, including a game at Mohegan Sun. So, I think you need to start referring to yourself as the biggest fraud because you have no clue at all.
  11. TrueHartfordHockeyFan

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    Wow, you just can't handle the truth that everyone has lied to you about what's going on. Or, honestly, you really just have no clue what's going on and can see what is actually happening. Yes, 30 games is combined but that was the catalyst for the XL Center to be a "campus arena". Now with this news that's never going to happen. The XL Center is now destined to be what it was built for in the first place, a college/AHL/entertainment venue. It's never going to be "NHL ready" no matter if Larry G sells the atrium or not. Just get used to the fact that Hartford and Connecticut is home to College/Minor League sports, and nothing more. What I do find interesting is that they were originally planning on building a 4000 seat arena, but decided to reduce that to 2500. Seems to me they think their numbers are going to keep dropping like they have since they first joined Hockey East. If really they do have 3000 season ticket holders as you say, but you've never been right so why should now be any different, then why only have 2500 seats in their new arena? I doubt they would willing want to make 500 people mad. I guess that might mean that they don't have 3000 season ticket holders and don't think their falling average attendance of only 4000 in Hartford is worth providing space for in the future.
  12. TrueHartfordHockeyFan

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    That's funny because you are the one that said this would never happen. You said if they were going to play on-campus then it would only be a game or two. They specifically say this is for 6 to 7 games, and maybe even more. That also means that there's no "30 game" contract because they wouldn't be able to play that many games in Hartford if they are playing half of their games ON-CAMPUS. That also means no money going into the XL Center to make it "NHL ready". Also, 6 to 7 games on-campus would mean that a few Hockey East games will be played in Storrs. So, it looks like you don't know what you are talking about yet again.
  13. "The Huskies will continue to play a majority of their games at the XL Center, according to a team spokesperson, but the new arena will allow for roughly six to seven games to be played on campus. The new arena will also help UConn avoid scheduling conflicts with other bookings at the XL Center." I thought you all said that I was lying and that UConn would never build a new arena in Storrs. Well, you were wrong yet again. I guess you should go talk to your "sources" and see why they were lying to you about what was really going on.
  14. TrueHartfordHockeyFan

    Hartford Athletic soccer

    The Wolf Pack promotional schedule is coming out soon and there is talk that the Athletic are on it. It sounds like they're going to be holding a mini training camp for kids at the XL Center with the Wolf Pack. Kind of like what HCFC did last year. Also, the Wolf Pack and the Athletic are following each other on Twitter if that's any indication of how truth**l that rumor might be.
  15. What is going on? I thought that the new owner was going to be doing more things to promote the Whalers, not bury them. There has been no talk of a Whalers alternate or of them doing anything up here. Malloy even sent him a letter telling him how it would be great for them to do something up here, but nothing is being done. You know what is happening? The Bruins will be holding the Fan Fest in Hartford again this year. The will take over Hartford yet again about a month from today.