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  1. They were "bottom feeding" under WSE, or did you forget about Junior admitting to screwing with the numbers and WSE being millions of dollars in debt and hoping for someone to bail them out?
  2. Now who is lying? They didn't own the Whale brand and would have had to pay the Baldwins to use it. There's no way they'd do that with all the money they owed them.
  3. No clue, but from what I've been hearing at games, it sounds like it's going to be the same guys as last year. Honestly, after all of the no shows at the event in February I wouldn't be surprised if less guys show up this year.
  4. The Whale brand had millions of dollars of debt attached to it and MSG didn't own it. So they had to change it back because there's no way they'd buy it from the Baldwins. Would you really buy something from someone who owes you a ton of money? That's why they had to go back to the Wolf Pack. If not, then we might have been stuck with the Hartford or even the Connecticut Rangers. I know your name is "idiotboy" but you must be able to see that the Wolf Pack was a better option.
  5. DDP Named Best Double A ballpark --- AGAIN

    Don't know what Mark is talking about. He's even admitted that he doesn't go to Goats games unless it's Whalers Weekend.
  6. No quotes needed for the only professional team to win a championship in the state. I love the Whalers but you guys act like children. No wonder no one ever takes Hartford seriously. Also, what more can the Pack do for you guys? They brought in the Baldwins, changed the name and colors to honor the Whalers, had special nights for the Whalers, their players, and the Howe family. What more did they need to do to get you to support Hartford Hockey?
  7. AHL Conference Realignment

    You do realize that if the Whalers ever made it far enough in the playoffs they'd have to play their games somewhere else because of the circus.
  8. Whaler T-shirt sighting on TV

    Well Ryan Preece is a Wolf Pack fan and you'd all know that if you went to games.
  9. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    They're not done in Hartford. The contract keeps them in the building no matter who owns the building. Same thing applies if UConn signs their contract, which they still haven't done yet. This information is from the CRDA's website and meeting minutes.
  10. Yard Goats ticket sales jump 24%

    Never said that the Wolf Pack haven't had games with no one at them. Just saying that the Wolf Pack don't mess with their numbers as much as the Whale did and the Goats do.
  11. Yard Goats ticket sales jump 24%

    Yeah, these sure look like games with 4000 people in attendance. Honestly, they remind me of when the WSE was announcing that the Whale were getting 3000-4000 a game when in reality under 1000 people were showing up.
  12. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Still more actual people than the numbers the Whale posted. So, in reality it's not the second lowest attendance in Hartford Hockey History.
  13. Yard Goats ticket sales jump 24%

    Have you been to a game this year? Have you seen the pictures their fans, their employees, and even they have posted? I've been to a bunch of games and I seriously doubt there was more than 1000 people at most of them. There isn't a ton of places that you can't see from most of the stadium and the place is empty.
  14. Maine Mariners replace Greenvile Swamp Rabbits

    Which is pretty weird when you consider that their teams have been rivals for such a long time.
  15. Yard Goats ticket sales jump 24%

    That's complete BS and you know it. If you took the announced attendances and compared them to the actual attendance, then the Wolf Pack's numbers would be pretty close. The White Sox doing that is just sad, and minor league teams saying they sold out 42 games when they don't is just as bad. The Yard Goats have been having announced attendances of around 3800 when the place has only had about 500 people there. It's sad and it is only being made worse by the team ****ing and the weather being so cold. It's almost as bad as the Whale and the fake numbers they used to show how "great" they were doing.