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  1. Interesting considering there is way more Yellow and Blue in the XL Center tonight then there is Red and Blue.
  2. Because I'm in such a giving mood. Hockey East's By-Laws - & W BY-LAWS/Revised Men's By-Laws September 19.pdf Holy Cross Joining Hockey East (talks about why the men's team won't be joining because the by-laws are so strict on the arena size and campus rules) -
  3. Now, this I'll gladly post a to the article detailing the facts.
  4. It's from Hockey East's bylaws.
  5. "From the top." If that's Malloy then I know it's false. I got my information from Hockey East and other schools that have been contacted about joining the conference. One is Holy Cross in Worcester where Hockey East accepted the women's team into the conference but wouldn't accept their men's teams because of, and I quote, "In our men's league, we're more stringent on facility issues, attendance, seating capacity, things like that. Where the women can play at the Hart Center (1600) without any difficulty, if the men were interested, that would be an issue." Holy Cross has played a few games at the DCU Center but that would only be a temporary home until they built a new arena or expanded the Hart Center. They said they wouldn't start working on bringing the men's team into Hockey East for a while because they're upgrading the basketball court, and would have to wait until that's finished.
  6. Also, which is it? Where there UConn cl*****es held at the XL Center or not? Also, just because they have use of it, that didn't mean the rules and regulations they agreed to when joining Hockey East just disappear. They have to follow them or face the punishment.
  7. Islanders already have one home, the Barclays Center. They also have a temporary home that they'll be moving into, the N*****au Coliseum. And, they are building their own arena at Belmont Park. They're not moving here, none of these teams are, ever.
  8. They don't play at Freitas, so that doesn't fit the rules. The team's arena has to be available for the other team to practice in, outside of other collegiate activities or sports. Also, that would mean the team would have to bus the players from Hartford to Storrs just to practice, and then bus then back to Hartford for the game. This is one of the main reasons why the XL Center can't be UConn's permanent home. With the events that go on at the XL Center, other teams can't practice there, and that's made even harder now that the Wolf Pack has started to hold more practices there.
  9. Hockey East requires at least a 4000 seat arena, on campus. Also, the XL Center doesn't allow away colleges to practice there with two weeks notice, which is another Hockey East requirement. There are also two levels of penalties that a team can have imposed against them. The second level is when the big penalties come into play. The last three consist of a $10,000 penalty, then a $50,000 penalty, and finally "termination of membership".
  10. That mandate is still in effect because UConn just exhausted one waiver last year and only have one more left. They were supposed to have started building an arena or started upgrading Frietas by this season. Since they didn't, they have to have until 2020 to get that done. If not then they're probably going to be kicked out of Hockey East, or at least be paying a penalty to the conference. There really is no incentive for them to switch conferences for hockey. They play they same cl***** of players, and don't have to worry about having to update an arena they just built. People forget that Hockey East and other "big conferences" have requirements like an arena with a minimum capacity of 5,000 seats for new and transferred teams. Notre Dame was playing in a 2,857 seat arena that they just finished an update on before starting to build a 5,022 seat, $50 million arena just so they could join Hockey East.
  11. Yep, but it's not Connecticut's ONLY state school/college/university/higher education. It's just one of the many institutions and UConn-Hartford proves it. That's why I question them taking the "Connecticut's (Hockey) Team" name, especially when they haven't done anything to show they're good enough to use that name.
  12. The team playing at the XL Center isn't called the UConn-Hartford Huskies, so that means that will have to play on campus or be in violation of Hockey East's rules and be kicked out. Also, the XL Center isn't a part of the campus so it still wouldn't matter. Nice try though.
  13. Yes, leases can be broken, just look at the lease the Whalers have with Hartford. The thing is, the lease the Hurricanes have with PNC Arena. It's almost as good as the lease the Panthers have in Florida. They literally just pay to play there and nothing else. Even with how bad their attendance was last year, the team still made millions of dollars because of how good their lease is with the arena.
  14. I said that because you implied in this post: that there still might be a chance that the Islanders might still be coming to Hartford. There's no way that they're coming here, upgraded arena or not.
  15. Yeah, Dundon sure looks like he can't wait to change the team's name and move them back to Hartford.
  16. Then why would that move to Hartford when they can play down the street from where they're building their new arena? Moving to Hartford for a short time makes no sense at all when there's a building that's of the same size but is technically newer. Also, it's closer to their fans considering it's on the same street.
  17. The XL Center would have to had started their upgrade now to be ready for the Islanders, especially if they are only going to work on the building during the summer. They just don't have the time to do the makeover. Also, it now looks like the state doesn't have the money to do the work either now that they've stopped all work on the highways because of lack of **nds. I doubt you'll be seeing any extra money going into the building, especially since they're actively looking for someone to buy it.
  18. The contract for the new owner of the Hurricanes states that he has to keep the team in Raleigh until 2024 and in North Carolina until 2027. They're not moving here no matter what your "sources" are telling you.
  19. It also makes more sense to move into a building that's down the street from where they're building their new one, than to move to an arena in a whole different state that's over a hundred miles away. Especially considering they're about the same size. The other thing is that the N*****au Coliseum has just finished a $100 million renovation while the XL Center is looking to be sold to the highest bidder.
  20. This article lists the capacity for hockey at 14,750.
  21. Honestly, if this is such a big event then why has no one else heard of it? You'd think that this would be promoted like the Goats game that brought back Whalers Alumni, or even the Wolf Pack's Heritage Weekend with their giveaway of a Gordie Howe Bobblehead. No one I know has heard a word about this event outside of a rumor of four or five former players showing up for a pregame at the XL Center.
  22. Whale numbers? You mean the numbers that were upped by 15%, and had thousands of free and unused tickets added to them to put the average "over 5000"? Yeah, that's really something to be proud of and to brag about. The Wolf Pack's average will start going up but to use the Whale numbers just shows how stupid and blind you are to the truth.
  23. Basketball has a different set of rules. You can go look them up. I actually have proof and sources unlike you guys, but I stopped posting them because you guys kept calling me a liar even though the stuff I was posting was right. You let Mark pay whatever he wants with no proof but from his "nacho guy" because he "can't reveal his sources, but when had he ever been right? I've gone back and read a lot of his posts and he's been wrong about almost everything he's posted. The best one was when he got into a posting was with Biggie about the Whale name being replaced with the Wolf Pack. He was talking about how he was told be "people high up" and he was *****ured by then that there was no way that would ever happen. He was bragging about how the Whale name was here to stay and "Puke fans" will never "get their team back". We all know what happened there, but he's treated like royalty on here. If anyone says he's wrong or doesn't have a clue, all of you come out of the woodwork to defend everything he said, even if it's completely wrong. It's the same reason there are only a hand**l of people in here and a hand**l of people in the booster club. If anyone says something that doesn't for with the "agenda" they're treated like dirt.
  24. Well, your sources are lying to you because there is no way UConn is going to buy the XL Center. That would be stupid and it would still mean the "state" would in the XL Center. Where do you think a lot of that money for the Times building came from? It came from us through state taxes. If UConn "bought" the XL Center then it would just mean a change of title but the money for everything would still come from the same place, taxes from us.
  25. The Courant had reported on this for months. That's why UConn is working on their rink on campus. They'll either expand Freitas to hold 5000 seats or build a new one. The governor is a moron and had no clue what he's talking about. I've talked to people all over. These rules are iron clad. It's the reason why Notre Dame remodeled their rink a year after they finished updating it. It has nothing to do with the NCAA. The only way UConn Hockey can keep all of their games in Hartford is if the team moves to Hartford. The team is located in Storrs with the college, if they want to play at the XL Center then they'd have to move the entire team down there. That's the only way. I'm not making any of this up. Even UConn's AD and coach have said the will be moving back to campus. The coach has said he can't wait for that to happen