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  1. AHL Conference Realignment

    You do realize that if the Whalers ever made it far enough in the playoffs they'd have to play their games somewhere else because of the circus.
  2. Whaler T-shirt sighting on TV

    Well Ryan Preece is a Wolf Pack fan and you'd all know that if you went to games.
  3. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    They're not done in Hartford. The contract keeps them in the building no matter who owns the building. Same thing applies if UConn signs their contract, which they still haven't done yet. This information is from the CRDA's website and meeting minutes.
  4. Yard Goats ticket sales jump 24%

    Never said that the Wolf Pack haven't had games with no one at them. Just saying that the Wolf Pack don't mess with their numbers as much as the Whale did and the Goats do.
  5. Yard Goats ticket sales jump 24%

    Yeah, these sure look like games with 4000 people in attendance. Honestly, they remind me of when the WSE was announcing that the Whale were getting 3000-4000 a game when in reality under 1000 people were showing up.
  6. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Still more actual people than the numbers the Whale posted. So, in reality it's not the second lowest attendance in Hartford Hockey History.
  7. Yard Goats ticket sales jump 24%

    Have you been to a game this year? Have you seen the pictures their fans, their employees, and even they have posted? I've been to a bunch of games and I seriously doubt there was more than 1000 people at most of them. There isn't a ton of places that you can't see from most of the stadium and the place is empty.
  8. Maine Mariners replace Greenvile Swamp Rabbits

    Which is pretty weird when you consider that their teams have been rivals for such a long time.
  9. Yard Goats ticket sales jump 24%

    That's complete BS and you know it. If you took the announced attendances and compared them to the actual attendance, then the Wolf Pack's numbers would be pretty close. The White Sox doing that is just sad, and minor league teams saying they sold out 42 games when they don't is just as bad. The Yard Goats have been having announced attendances of around 3800 when the place has only had about 500 people there. It's sad and it is only being made worse by the team ****ing and the weather being so cold. It's almost as bad as the Whale and the fake numbers they used to show how "great" they were doing.
  10. Maine Mariners replace Greenvile Swamp Rabbits

    That's interesting and I guess it shows that MSG and Spectra like working together, and want to be partners in minor league hockey. That's pretty different than what others have said about their "working relationship".
  11. Yard Goats ticket sales jump 24%

    Announced is the key word in that post. I was at the home opener and at the games in Friday and Sunday, I went to the Pack game on Sa****ay, and the places was more than half empty. Their employees were even posting pictures showing how empty the place was. People were walking out on the Sunday game during the 5th and 6th innings because the Goats were getting beat. NBC was even making people bunch up to make it look like there was more people there during their reports. It's aw**l.
  12. Eat Crow table for 2m

    Why don't they take the deal? It's freaking stupid that they've already rejected once.
  13. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    What evidence is there? Evo said his "company was given 100 tickets". What proof can he show that what he says it's true? He also can't show anything saying that ten other companies were also given 100 tickets to every game. The **nny thing is that he even states that the reason his company was given those "100 tickets" had to do with the fact that the company is a sponsor of the Wolf Pack. So, those tickets really weren't "free" and even if they were, there's no proof the Wolf Pack counted all of those tickets, used or not. So, you have no proof of anything. All you have is speculation. It's like when everyone said that Dundon wanted to move the Hurricanes back Hartford just because he wanted to sell Whalers merchandise in the team store. You guys like to use hypotheticals but you never have any actual proof. Like how the Hurricanes can't move because Karmanos added a stipulation to the sale of the Hurricanes keeping the team in Raleigh for another seven years. Dundon doesn't even have majority ownership of the team just for that reason.
  14. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Yeah, I'm sure you did and I bet they told you that they would "love to see the team be called something else". That is honestly the craziest thing I've read on here. Why would anyone that's trying to get people to come to games tell anyone that the brand is "hurting" them? They're averaging more than Bridgeport, who had played better than them this year. You can bring up Springfield but everyone, even their own fans know they're numbers are fake. Their fans have even called them out on their Facebook page for doing that. They posted a picture of the arena half empty with "SOLD OUT" written on it. Their fans have them so much crap that they had to take the picture down. Also, the Whale was giving out thousands of tickets for their entire existence. I know because I saw the stacks of tickets at 106, the hundreds of tickets they gave out right in front of the building that people just threw in the garbage, and I saw the post from Baldwin Jr on here telling everyone that they gave out all those tickets and then upped the numbers to make the team look better.
  15. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    They give away a thousand tickets to every game? They're not like WSE who dumped hundreds of tickets to every game at the radio stations throughout Hartford, and handing out tickets in front of the arena.
  16. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Never said that teams don't give away some tickets. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd didn't give away a few hundred just like the Thunderbirds do or a thousand like it seemed WSE did with the Whale. It just seems like the Wolf Pack only counts tickets used where other teams count tickets "distributed". Mark makes it sound like they gave away all 4000. So, like I said before, if his claim about the Wolf Pack having under 100 season ticket holders is correct, and they gave away a few hundred, then that means they sold over 2000 to 3000 tickets every game this year, and they didn't have to sell them at $10 to get people to show up consistently.
  17. Yard Goats ticket sales jump 24%

    Wait, they don't keep statistics on season ticket sales or increases, but they know they have gone up 24%? How do they know that if they don't keep track of the numbers?
  18. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Just because you don't believe it, that doesn't mean it's not true. I've been going to UConn Hockey games since they were playing in the rink that was basically outside by Memorial Stadium. That's long before the Whalers left and I was a fan of them as well. My entire family were Whalers fans, and still love the team. The thing is that we're realistic and unless many things change, they're never coming back.
  19. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    I loved UConn hockey before it moved to Hartford and I'll love them when they move back to Storrs. I seriously doubt you can say the same.
  20. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Most people? You mean what's left of the Booster Club? Everyone thinks of them as Hartford Hockey, so I don't think 40 people will skew the numbers that much. You also forget, I love UConn and know they're a part of Hartford Hockey, I just don't think they're a permanent part and neither do they. They still list their team's location as in Storrs on their website and on Hockey East's website. They are also getting money to either upgrade Freitas or to build a new arena on campus, whether you want to believe it or not.
  21. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    They're selling them. Stop making things up to make yourself feel better about the things that are going on. There's proof that they're selling that many all over the place. They're not like the Thunderbirds that announced a sellout and then had to change the picture because they one they picked showed the arena was half empty. It's like Bridgeport last year, they were "selling out" games but for some reason the Wolf Pack still beat their average by 300. Springfield even had an "Indians Night" to honor it Whalers past and they announced a "sellout". Then, people started posting pictures on their Facebook page showing empty rows and empty sections. Their own fans were making **n of them for lying about them saying the game was "sold out". Some said it was like having the Baldwins and WSE back in the AHL. You can make up all the lies you want to make the Wolf Pack look bad but it's not going to work. They're here and they're going to extend Hartford Hockey History longer and longer. Heck, after next season they'll have been here longer than both Whalers teams combined. Hope**lly they'll be here to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Hartford Hockey History. They'll be close at the end of their new contract with the XL Center.
  22. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Well, that's the average and recently they've been getting more than that to games. So, yeah, they are selling that many tickets. It must be difficult to have the facts dispute every single thing you say and go against what your "sources" are telling you is "actually happening".
  23. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Wow, the Wolf Pack only have 78 STHs. That means they sell 4000 tickets for every game. That means they sell more than 500% of the tickets of every game through the ticket office. That's amazing and puts every other team in the world to shame. That's something to really be proud of with this team. I wish the Whalers had those types of numbers when they were here. Maybe then they would have left.
  24. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    I just need to name one, the Pack are staying for 2-5 years. You said I was a liar and and that the link I used, Howlings, were a bunch of hacks who don't know anything. You can't even agree with yourself about the things you post.
  25. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Where? You haven't proven me wrong ever. Honestly, more of the things I've posted about in the last none months have actually happened than anything you've posted about in seven years. So, who is the lair now? Oh yeah, that's right.