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  1. They are toooooo dumb to notice
  2. The Words Out of your mouths Describe Idiots Certainly Known Simultaneously
  3. blah blah blah, whalers ****, boog boog boog, whaca whaca whac, rags rags rags, msg msg msg, baldwin bladmin, whaaa whaa whaaa whaa. bloog blooog bloog, stupid stpupid, pukiy, fraudy fraud freekie fraudy blah blah blahwookie wookiy wokie, baby baby baby, bbooo hoooo booo hooo hoooo
  4. Blah, blah blah blah blah, whaaa whaa whaa, wonka wonka wonka bloop bloop bloop!!!
  5. How do any of these replies have any relation to the subject of this thread!! Grow the f u c k up you babies!!!
  6. Why does every single topic on here go way off on a tangent from the original subject!!! WTF!!! Holy Shiite!
  7. Any new names?? Or the same ol'. Website says Babych, Crawford, Kaiton, Stoughton, Janssens
  8. So, its about a month away, anyone have any inside scoop on who is on the preliminary list of attendees?? Hope**lly we will see some NEW faces!!!
  9. I sure hope the Goats do a better job than the Wolfpack did this summer!!! Lame O!!!!!
  10. So much for seeing Stoughton this weekend!! Big disappointment!! Half of the supposed alumni backed out!!
  11. How about Team P: Phoenix!!! The NHL will probably bail out the Coyotes!!!! Nothing wrong with that arena.
  12. Wow!! What a s u c k er! There's a bridge for sale in Brooklyn also!