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  1. We should also monitor: Mickey Mouse Buzz Lightyear Sarah Palin Paris Hilton The Pope The Rock! Dolly Parton Roseanne Snoop Dog And the list goes on and on and on and on............................
  2. ****o Frenchy, Fraudie, Frankie, WC or whatever. ****o, ****o, ****o!?!? Bueller??
  3. My brother was at the Uconn game hours before, he mentioned that he looking around the arena before he had left, and then boom!!
  4. How the heck can this thread go from Amazon not coming to Hartford to Hockey East so fast!!?!?!? Stay on target Jedi!!
  5. Oh my aching arse!! Up to page 5 now!! Wheres the popcorn!
  6. I hear the Blackhawks, Mapleleafs, and Canadians are moving also! We should take a poll, which one you want in Hartford!! Blackhawks for me! Q and Dineen back in Hartford!!
  7. This too will make the Whalers to come back to Hartford!! This is all dovetailing together!!
  8. you got that f ing right. The University of Connecticut is the state school/college/university/higher education of Connecticut, how freaking hard is that to understand!!! University OF Connecticut, get it??!??!?
  9. This was a dumb a s s picture!! 2 jokers out of the 4!!
  10. At least Frenchy knows how to use a simple calculator!!
  11. NO THEY WON"T Frenchy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. When there are comparisons about attendance, why do people always show photos during pre game or half time warm ups, when everyone is out getting brews and pretzels??!?!?! I don't get it!! Also, Uconn men's basketball hasn't been as good in the past few years either, they haven't finished in the top 25 since they won the national championship. Their product is not as good as the women's right now!!!!
  13. Nobody reads print newspaper anymore, no big impact to getting the Whalers back!!
  14. Maybe in SOUTH and CENTRAL America!! But NOT North America! Yup! I'd rather watch them good ol' boys racing round the track than soccer. Yuppers, I' fixin' to get me some Chik Filet too!!
  15. Frenchy, Its like comparing apples to oranges with the size of the stadiums/arenas they play in!! Soccer has never made it in Hartford in the past!!
  16. This article is not facts!, just wishes and hopes and somebody's opinion!! OMFG!! Get your Shiite together!!
  17. Thats the only thing you are right about, "In the World" , but not the USA!!! Nobody in the USA cares about soccer!!
  18. It was just a matter of time, I don't think anybody could go 0 fer for life!!
  19. Like the NHL has had recent good success with expansion???!?!! Not happening! Stop photoshoping articles!!
  20. He is the best part of this board!!
  21. Ahhhhhhhhh! Just what I needed to hear after coming back from vacation!! I missed it!