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  1. guess this clears that up https://www.nhl.com/news/new-york-islanders-to-play-12-games-at-n*****au-coliseum-in-2018-19/c-295409152
  2. oldetymehcky

    Amazon HQ Finalists

    I wouldn't be so sure about that. Holy Cross has had far more success in the Atlantic Hockey Conference than UConn ever did. I could see them being pretty competitive fairly quickly.
  3. oldetymehcky

    Connecticut's Team?

    Actually not. UConn can have their gameday skate at Frietas since they return to campus following games. Those visiting teams that are here for 2 games are going to be staying closer to Hartford and aren't schleppling out to Storrs for a gameday skate. Again with the HE schedule as opposed to other conferences this only happens a couple of times a year and certainly isn't grounds for expulsion from a conference which is actually looking to add a 12th team not expel a member for what at the end of the day is a trivial matter.
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    Connecticut's Team?

    I think what he was referring to were game day skates which so far in UConn's season probably would have only happened when Vermont and tOSU were in town for Friday/Sa****ay games (as well as UConn being @ Maine and Miami). as teams want to get on the ice the morning of games. They certainly aren't schlepping out to Storrs for a 30-40 minute skate. That being said it's hardly grounds for expulsion from a conference.
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    Connecticut's Team?

    Not sure that they have any real incentive to leave. With the exception of this season, at least so far, they've been very success**l on the ice. Also even though they are a good school they have a pretty serious recruiting advantage over just about all of other ECAC members when it comes to academics
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    Connecticut's Team?

    Totally agree. I was just pointing out that Lowell wasn't going to kicked out of a building they own. For the record as long as the XL Center continues to operate as an arena and not sold to some entity for another use HE isn't going to do anything to UConn hockey. HE is looking to add a team to get back to 12 members not get rid of a team because they happen to play in a suitable building which happens to be "off-campus" Let's face it if HE adds Quinnipiac as member 12 you can be sure their arena which seats around 3,500 will somehow be acceptable (it is a great facility BTW) even though they allegedly claim to require a 5,000 seat minimum for on campus arenas (discounting those that have been grandfathered in)
  7. oldetymehcky

    Connecticut's Team?

    FWIW Um*****-Lowell actually owns the building.
  8. Apparently reading comprehension, among many other things, is not a strength
  9. FWIW. I was watching the Blues/Wings game last Sa****ay and the Blues announcers actually addressed this. They stated that the reason the viewers were seeing so many empty seats was that while all the tickets were sold there were numerous restaurants, bars, and concourses were fans hung out to watch the game rather than sit in their seats. Also according to NHL attendance figures they are playing to 100 percent of capacity.
  10. Hurdle? You have a better shot of getting elected Pope than that rule ever being changed
  11. You do realize that with the exception of the Green Bay Packers, who were grandfathered in, that public ownership of franchises is prohibited in all 4 of the major professional North American leagues (NHL. NFL, NBA and MLB)
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    Seattle's Back

  13. Of course they play in an arena with a seating capacity of 17,500 and are averaging 17,753 per game which is 102.2 percent of capacity. Another brilliant post.