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  1. Whaler 11

    Trouble in Glendale?

    If I were governor right now, I would fly out to Glendale right now with a case **ll of money and talk to the owner. Bring Howard Sr. and hartford mayor too
  2. http://coyotes.nhl.com/club/m_news.htm?id=770386
  3. Poor wolfpack kicked out of their "own arena" for the circus. They aren't even playing in CT, how embarr*****ing. They just need to let this team die already.
  4. Compromise make it $375 million. You need it make as attractive as you possibly can.
  5. Whaler 11

    Totally Psyched!

    Well there ya go. The state would be an idiot to not do the new arena. It has pretty much been confirmed that the wolfpack will be moving next year. Now it's time to battle with the state to see how it's going to be paid for.
  6. http://m.reviewjournal.com/columns-blogs/ron-kantowski/maybe-las-vegas-nhl-ticket-drive-isn-t-going-well-we-think
  7. Whaler 11


    5,086 for uconn and 4,064 for the wolfpack. So 1,000 pretty much left cause they didn't want to see the wolfpack.
  8. Whaler 11


    Uconn got more in attendance on a Sa****ay night then the wolfpack did. Not even an hour later. That's pretty bad for the wolfpack.
  9. Whaler 11

    XL Center Tonight

    10k whaler fans showed up for a Hartford whalers night. I couldn't go because I'm sick. If there was no whalers theme below 5k easily.
  10. Have any of you seen the new poster on Facebook? In the comments Howard Baldwin said it was their idea and the stole it. Hmmmm
  11. Can't wait to hear packfan1998s reaction to this. Or he is just not going to say anything cause he can't accept the fact that the wolfpack are a dying brand.
  12. It's **nny I present numbers and facts and you present you ****ing a proven liars dick. I want your numbers no one else's. Fact Hartford is 25th in attendance out of 30. Fact there have been 2 games this year that have had less than 2000 people there. Fact average for this year is 3,435 and we have had the most home games out of anyone played so far. It's pathetic the wolfpack is about to die. Now let's see your own numbers no one else's.
  13. Wolfpackfan1998 Just stop this nonsense. Your an embarr*****ment to yourself and as a hockey fan in general. 25th in league in attendance out of 30. Are you proud of that?
  14. Who's going on Sa****ay? I'm defiantly going with 3 other people.
  15. I've said before I'll say it again. Right now I would rather ***** in my hands and clap then go to a wolf pack game right now. Low attendance, poor atmosphere, and high prices is what's keeping me away.