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  1. Connecticut's Team?

    Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not Hendrickson. Just someone else who's here for the entertainment value mostly.
  2. Connecticut's Team?

    The title of this thread "Connecticut's Team" (which needs to put out of its misery) reminded me of this, when the Whalers considered changing their name to the "Connecticut Whalers" back in 1993. Richard Gordon, principal owner of the Whalers, said in a recent interview. "And since we are a regional team, we're considering changing our name to the Connecticut Whalers." Hartford Whalers' Goal: To Become Connecticut's Team, or Else
  3. Amazon announced it's finalists for it's second headquarters today. As expected, despite WhalerCentral's claims, Hartford will not be the choice. Amazon has said its preferences for the site include a metropolitan location with a population of more than 1 million, m***** transit, proximity to an international flight hub and the potential to retain and attract technical talent. The finalist cities are: - Atlanta - Austin, Texas - Boston - Chicago - Columbus, Ohio - Dallas - Denver - Indianapolis - Los Angeles - Miami - Montgomery County, Maryland - Nashville, Tennessee - Newark, New Jersey - New York - Northern Virginia - Philadelphia - Pittsburgh - Raleigh, North Carolina - Toronto - Washington D.C.
  4. Nothing of value? His humorous posts are the only thing of value on this board!
  5. Enfield, home of Amazon's **ture second headquarters, according to WhalerCentral!!!
  6. Yeah, who cares, there are 70+ of these Amazon warehouse facilities in the US, **ll of low-skill, low-pay jobs. Big difference between these and a second headquarters. Out of 238+ bids, we'd be lucky to crack their top 100.