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  1. It was ranked 5th best by
  2. The City Council voted unanimously 8-0 in a $700 million renovation to 56 year old Key Arena. Seattle has paved the way, if they can do it, then why can't we?
  3. Minor league sports are great and all and we should support the teams we have but we should also want more! It’s like being content and embracing that 20 year old Toyota Corolla you got for either your birthday or whatever holiday, yea it’s great and it still runs but you kinda want that newer 2018 model. We have to be thirsty for more rather than content with basic if we truly want to be a home for a professional sports team. Edit: It's just some random person's opinion, it means nothing.
  4. Nashville vs Colorodo I picked Nashville Winnipeg vs Minnesota I picked Winnipeg Vegas vs Los Angeles I picked Vegas Anaheim vs San Jose I picked Anaheim Tampa vs New Jersey I picked Tampa Boston vs Toronto I picked Boston Washington vs Columbus I picked Washington Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia I picked Philadelphia So as long as Nashville is still in it technically my bracket is kind of still in tack
  5. So I found this interesting article regarding how Seattle's admission into the NHL is actually a really good thing for Hartford and the return of the Whalers. I'm not sure if anyone has seen and or read this publication yet but I thought I'd post it here. Thoughts?
  6. The letter to the Islanders was Hartford's coming out party, the letter to the Hurricanes was meant to be interpreted as we mean business and we're truly going for it. Although it would be REALLY awesome if Carolina moved up here, Arizona is the most logical choice.
  7. I found this video earlier and I would love to know everyone's opinion on it. Are you skeptical? Do you think it could be done?
  8. Any guesses as to who the rich investors may be?
  9. It probably has something to do with the snow storm that's currently going on there right now.
  10. When and if Major League Baseball expands, they're definitely going back to Montreal. If I remember correctly, the city of Montreal already has a plan in play with a new stadium in the works. Let's be honest, would we rather have an MLB team or an NHL team? Honestly I'd prefer to have the Whalers back and I'm a super die hard baseball fan.