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  1. That's great. Now Hartford just needs to do something about the issue with businesses moving to the suburbs.
  2. It's only a matter of time before this thread becomes yet another flame war between dumb and dumber.
  3. The 6112 who were in attendance are "nobody"?
  4. CTWhalers

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    Hold up...the HWBC is still a thing? I was so sure they were going to disband after the Whalers left Hartford. What exactly do they "boost" these days???
  5. The announced attendance was 6112. https://theahl.com/stats/game-summary/1018342
  6. CTWhalers

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    In other words, HE is willing to bend the rules so UConn can play midweek/non-conference games at Storrs while high profile HE games will be played at the XLC.
  7. CTWhalers

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    Sorry to interrupt this pissing match but who the **** cares where UConn hockey will and will not be playing in a few years?
  8. CTWhalers

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    “The arena, which will seat 2,500, will serve as the Huskies’ home venue for a handful of games while they continue to use the XL Center in Hartford for a majority of the season.” This quote taken from the article posted above by MarkH2919 should clear up any confusion.
  9. CTWhalers

    Tom Dundon, marketing genius

    Now they will be the Whalercanes.
  10. CTWhalers

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    I don't think anyone seriously thought the state would invest that kind of money to begin with.
  11. CTWhalers

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    Anything Malloy says should be taken with a grain of salt. The man in unpopular for a reason.
  12. CTWhalers

    New on -campus approved for UConn

    "Hockey East requires that schools have an arena to play in on campus." Pretty self explanatory.
  13. Was there ever a time when Hartford actually had a real shot at getting the NHL back? Larry Gottesdiener spent several years trying to bring an NHL team here before giving up. And then there was Howard Baldwin's failed plan to test the market by taking over the business operations of the Wolf Pack and rebranding them at the Connecticut Whale.