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  1. will5059 wrote: > Banging on the gl***** like a drunken savage is about as annoying as the guy > who yells "**** it!" for the whole game. MarkH2919 wrote: > Or the guy that screams POINT!!! about a zillion times per power play. ...But not that guy who used to throw the 20 pound Mackerel out on the ice at the Whalers games - that NEVER got old! Could you imagine sitting next to that dude all game with that fish??? I miss those days...
  2. Wasn't Dunkin' Stadium the alternate location the Gov was looking at to develop into an NHL arena destination? So now the City of Hartford will lose millions year after year and without **rther development in the adjacent properties, the park will be permanently annexed to the North End of Hartford. Nice, what a waste of property that was developed by the mad-man, the previous Mayor of Hartford just to pi$$ off the Governor. Why can't Hartford ever have nice things?
  3. TeenWhalersFan wrote: > > Tampa fans are better than the Panthers. Even when our team was down, we supports our > team...Tampa fans aren't bandwaggoners... I totally agree, Tampa Bay fans are really into their team. We attended a Tampa Bay game at the Amalie Arena about 2 years ago. Not only is the arena nicer than in Sunrise, the fans seem more knowledgeable about hockey. I wore my Whalers Sweatshirt to the game and everyone practically treated me as a celebrity. Everyone wanted to talk to me about the Whalers days and the younger kids were intrigued to hear about a team they never saw play in the NHL. We stayed at the Marriott one block from the arena and checked out the nice boats and docks on the Bay. The Tampa Bay arena and surroundings is beauti**l compared to the Panthers BB&T Center which is surrounded by a big parking lot across the street from a mall in the middle of nowhere.
  4. Well, I read this thread from top to bottom and was about to chime in about what the actual cost is to the State of Connecticut to re**rb the XL, but I won't as most know my opinion on this. Bottom line, it isn't as expensive as it looks. Just check out what other rediculous projects the State has bonded over the past few years and you'd be an XL renovation believer as well... #Br*****Bonanza ...And oh by the way, when we attended a Panthers game in early 2016, 10 rows from the gl***** were $100+ each. If the Tix are now $3, something has gone amiss in Sunrise, FL. By the way, most of the fans we met at the game were bandwagonners (is that a word?) and they were having a pretty good season. This year, not so much - two games above .500.
  5. I gotta say, this is a great discussion/debate, very civil and lots of good points, just like the old days. I have a question and/or point to make. We're all trying to figure out how the State can afford the $250M "reno" and we all have opposite opinions which is all fine and good. The question I have is: Why, oh why is UCONN treated as the center of the Universe in Connecticut from a budgeting standpoint? Why? Did you know? The University of Connecticut pays UConn 2000 bonds from a debt service commitment appropriated from the State General **nd originally established under Public Act 95-230 and extended in 2010 and 2013. Up to $4.3 billion of Debt Service Commitment bonds will be issued under a 28-year $4.6 billion capital program to rebuild and re**rbish the University of Connecticut. The current "credit card tab" that's bonded as of today for UCONN is $1.303B. That's BILLION! The total spend can be Bonded upwards to $4.3B Why the F are we spending so much money on a University system that does not benefit everyone in the State? Same concept as the XL Center, eh? Not all taxpayers use XL as in not all taxpayers use UCONN facilities. So, why can't we drain a mere $250M (yes, only Million) from UCONN 2000 and **nd the XL renovation? What's the size of the UCONN Endowment **nd? Bueller, Bueller, anyone, anyone??? It's GOTTA be millions. It's time for UCONN to spent their own money and not to continue to act as an island ****king money from CT taxpayers. Did you know? There's only 1 player on the UCONN men's hockey team from CT? Only 4 players on the Men's BB team from CT? Only 1 player on the Women's BB team from CT? Football... You get the Gist. Our athletes in CT aren't benefiting from UCONN 2000 Bonded projects, so why are we spending all these $$$'s for outsider athletes from Sweden, Canada, California, Finland, and even Moscow Russia? This $hit has to stop.
  6. MarkH2919 wrote: > > This could have and maybe should have been done 15-20 years ago. But the > state, as they always do, kick the can down the road until it becomes > insanely expensive to fix. Remember, in 1997, the cost of a brand new > arena here was around $140M or so... That's exactly the point, the cost of money 20 years ago vs. today. That project in 1997 bonded for 30 years would only have 10 more years to go until **lly paid and we'd already be NHL ready. The balance would be less than $60M today. Fast forward to today, it's the same issue, bond this over 30 years and it's a drop in the bucket in today's State budget despite the current budget situation. I've already presented the costing analysis many times over and over, but most on this forum continue to whine about the expense. It's amazing they're able to make ends meet in their own personal budgets without going bankrupt with this line of thinking. At the cost of today's money and low interest rates, this is a good time to whip out the State credit card and bite the bullet and make the monthly payments via Bonding. Interest rates will be on the rise soon, and the project costs bonded over 30 years will be out of reach. Unfortunately, we've pisssed the past 20 years away budget-wise. Typical thinking in the land of steady habits = stupid State financial mistakes year after year...
  7. WhalePack


    WolfpackFan1998 wrote: > p4277, I have seen your posts on this forum for the past few years, you are a fairly > bright guy. So, I want you to do some homework tonight, I want you to take out a pen > and paper and sum the total of the following: > > - income taxes paid by concession workers at WolfPack games to STATE OF CT > - STATE gas taxes paid on gallons of gas used to bring fans to games for 40 games a > year > - income taxes paid to STATE by local parking garages, which are used during games > - all of the STATE sales tax brought in selling WolfPack merchandise > - TicketMaster taxes paid to STATE on WolfPack ticket revenue > - local bus companies which transport team and opponents into Connecticut, use > taxable **el, pay income taxes > - STATE INCOME TAXES paid by WolfPack players, coaches.... > > > add up all of the taxes that Connecticut RECEIVES from the WolfPack organization and > connected businesses, and you will see that the State more than earns back that $1.5 > Million, which is the reason why the State comes up with that money to begin with, > the State has loads of finance and economics guys working for them, they know the > WolfPack is a winning formula. I have to admit, that was the most lucid, factual and well thought out post by Wolfie ever, laying out the cost benefit of the $1.5M to keep the Pack in Hartford. I never thought that through in such details but you must admit, it really does make sense. Wolfie, do us a favor and complete your CBA with hard-fact numbers, meaning, get the real numbers and present them to this forum. Does the State REALLY recover the $1.5M franchise fees or is this merely conjecture? You're on the right track, I'd really be interested in the hard-fact numbers and sources to back this analysis up. This could change attitudes as to why the Pack are still here.
  8. In some people's opinion, the XLCenter is definitely a necessity. To re**rb the XL at $250M and float the expense in a 30 year bond is only $694K per month plus interest. ****, we could open a go**ndme page and raise that small amount of cash. Connecticut needs big thinkers that understand municipal financing to get this project off the ground.
  9. Summary - UCONN 2, Merrimack 2. Final HWP 2, Rochester 4. Final Not a winning weekend in Hartford for hockey, but the fans were winners in the nicely facelifted XLCenter - $35M was well worth the expense. UCONN attendance: 5,272 HWP attendance: 5,779 -------- 11,051 - Total for Sa****ay, February 4th, 2017 (hey NHL, take notice!) Two different fan bases in a fractured market with little to no overlap in games. Sprinkle in some more Hartford Whalers fans and we're NHL attendance-ready. The XLCenter concessions folks tell me they were VERY happy with sales on Sa****ay in Hartford. How high could attendance go with an NHL team in a hockey-starved market? Well, the sky is the limit. Islanders, Yotes & Ponytail Pete's buyer should take notice - Big League... ...and oh by the way, the Prime Rib at the Coliseum Club carving station/buffet was FANTASTIC and the freshly made Lobster Ravioli is to die for!!!
  10. Whalers4Ever wrote: > I think it's safe to say that most of us would want any NHL team that would > move their franchise to Hartford to rebrand themselves as the Hartford > Whalers. What's the chance that any of the mentioned franchises would > actually do that considering they are already an established NHL brand? I > bring this up only because I for one would not be all that interested in > attending or supporting an NHL team in Hartford that's not the Whalers... Here we go, I was waiting for a post like this to this forum once the rumor of an NHL team was moving to Hartford. Totally F'ing MORONIC!!! **rther fracturing of the Hartford Hockey market if an NHL team moves in and not branded the Whale. Really? "I bring this up only because I for one would not be all that interested in attending or supporting an NHL team in Hartford that's not the Whalers"... REALLY??? REALLY??? It's the RETURN OF THE NHL but it's all about YOU????????????????????????????????????????? Connecticut hockey fans should EMBRACE the return of the NHL, regardless of the team name and "laundry" (as mentioned when the AHL CT Whale team was launched). Really, I am totally SHOCKED with a stupid opinion as this. "If it's not the Whalers, I won't go".... WAH WAH WAH!!!! SERIOUSLY???? The return of the NHL is going to **rther fracture the Hartford hockey market damaging it forever? Imagine that, the NHL returns and we lose another piece of Hartford hockey fan base. W4E, do us all a favor, when the NHL returns and it's not the Whale brand, do us a favor and watch the Bruins on TV, because you'll be blacked out on TV if the game isn't sold out. Unbelievable... WAH, WAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
  11. WolfpackFan1998 wrote: > Folks, all that happened is that a letter was written, a piece of paper had > some words on it and the piece of paper was sent down to New York. > > This is a non-story. The Post Office moves millions of pieces of paper a > day. > > This is just a rerun of the Country 92.5fm incident a few years ago, just > more noise. > > Biggie's brother was working video production at the XL Center, if any real > news is to develop, we will get it from him, they have sources and > connections. I know WP98, Biggie has already informed me on twitter this isn't going to happen, based on a $40M TV contract or some excuse like that. We'll see, but I think Howard Baldwin could be right about his 2017 prediction. Oh, and Mark will come out on top of this new story with his prior predictions!
  12. Well, things are happening!!! http://www.wfsb.com/story/34421877/connecticut-making-a-play-for-the-ny-islanders
  13. Well, well, looks like Pony Tail Pete's situation is going from bad to worse. Last week he lost 2 investors in the team and tonight, an ice plant failure postponed tonight's game vs. Detroit. We get an ice plant upgrade in Hartford this Spring and new dasher/gl***** - timing is everything. #BringEmHome
  14. Part II: In November 2011, Karmanos unveiled new minority partners that included former Red Hat CEO Mathew Szulik, General Parts International founder O.Temple Sloan Jr. and Capitol Broadcasting Corp.'s Jim Goodmon, among others. Also listed among the private investor list from 2011 was Jim Rutherford who was the Hurricanes president and general manager during that time. Rutherford now is the general manager for the Pittsburgh Penguins, the defending Stanley Cup champions. In September 2012, the Canes announced that Ron Francis, who is now general manager, had become a minority owner of the team as part of Playmakers Management LLC. Four other investment groups also joined at the time. Here's the link to the original article: http://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2016/12/16/2-investors-pull-out-of-hurricanes-ownership-group.html?surround=etf Now's your chance to grab a minority ownership position with the 'Canes! Maybe once you're in, you can warm up the moving vans and bring 'em home! #Br*****Bonanza
  15. Nice article from Bizjournals.com today: Part I: Two of the Carolina Hurricanes’ 21 investors have decided not to continue as investors, team president Don Waddell confirmed Friday. Waddell said the two investors had a total investment of $6 million. He did not say which investors had decided not to continue. But he did say that one current investor decided to pick up another $1.5 million investment in the team, so the franchise is looking for others to take up the remaining $4.5 million. The company filed private placement do*****ents with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this week. The Hurricanes have not made the playoffs since 2009 and are currently 30th, or last, in the NHL in attendance at 11,037 fans per game. That number is well below the 29th team, the New York Islanders, which is averaging 12,559 per home game. The team, currently, is on a winning streak at home having won seven straight games. In the summer of 2011, Canes owner Peter Karmanos formed a holding company, Hurricanes Holdings LLC, as a structure for taking on minority investors. As part of the deal, investors could get their money back in five years – with interest – if they were not happy with the direction of the team. “This was an enticement to make the investment as risk free as possible,” Karmanos said at the time. “It’s important to me to get local investors,” something he says is “difficult enough.”