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  1. Awww I can’t see what mike posted he must have blocked me cause he can’t hanlde the truth
  2. Crda and xl are 2 different things.. again mark is correct..
  3. It’s spread over 3 years so hope**lly they. An squeeze or in.. doing nothing is not an option either, that will have a reverse effect on Hartford.. dd park has a great debut so maybe they can continue the momentum.. the good news is they are still negotiating.
  4. Tons where, you and 3 people..
  5. Wow great comeback, I probably know more than you on what’s happening there biggie..and you upset cause you didn’t get a peice fakewhalerfan.. get a life and come up with a new line other than in from jersey.. lair loser
  6. You keep referring to yourself in 3rd person, no good
  7. Please with gernanee the career Ahler who couldn’t be make it with the big boys.. and stop with the nonsense that you were a Whalers fan biggie.. your posts say it all.. and me being from jersey has no bearing whatsoever with anything at all, I love connecticut, love Hartford and am pro Hartford.. I am and always will be a Hartford Whalers fan.. yourself, you will go down as a liar troll..proof is on the posts and more people are realizing.. and im pretty sure it was you who discredited how to be on the Hartford mt Rushmore, hmmm talk out of the side of your ***** much
  8. And do yourself a favor and take down that pic you have because #1 your no whaler fan ever and #2 gernander should not even be on the ice with the legend
  9. I didn’t post that loser, and you just keep posting your true colors fake ***** liar
  10. HE blocked me everywhere.. lol.. fake news guy
  11. There was until the budget was voted for but now they are gonna sit and renegotiate
  12. Your not nor never were a whaler fan.. and is that all you have that I’m from jersey., that’s gettkng old now I’m a true whaler fan unlike yourself
  13. He was never a Whalers fan, you can tell what and how he posted.. biggie all over
  14. He’s a joke this guy, stop hiding behind the fact you are an anti whaler and go support your pack on there pages.. biggie..
  15. That’s the truth mark, they tell us we dknt agree with anything negative about Hartford, but they don’t look at anything positive