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  1. Any news on the vote for the renovations
  2. Stay cl*****y cyber bully..
  3. Cyber bull I have plenty of family there to help me.. dknt you worry about me just worry about Triolling..
  4. Your on a whalers board and are talking about people who still believe.. that's a troll
  5. Oh I don't want it to put it on, just a souvenir
  6. Thank you admin for addressing this issue we had with the guest check ins..maybe now we can get back to normal
  7. I can't wait to see them.. mr bb do you think I can get one plain no numbers on it ..
  8. Awww your panties are tightening up, the NHL will be back and than you won't have anything left to say..the xl will be up to NHL standards and the ice and boards were a big part of it..
  9. It's great to see that the whalers are turning you upside down and gettin you crazy.. also while the new ice and boards are for uconn, cause the ahl won't be here much longer, is NHL approved
  10. I see some work being done already.. brand new NHL approved ice and boards coming next season.. and seems like they worked pretty quick and efficient to.. they said it was gonna get done and it did.. next
  11. I seem to think and actually see that they have been pretty right up til now
  12. Awesome
  13. 97-2000 was good because people still cared and loved hockey, hoping the rangers would really help bringing the NHL back like they said they would.. than the whaler fans realized what was happening as msg was trying to plant here seed, and guess what it didn't work and that's what you have now, garbage.. and it's time to get the trash out.. congrats on the cup, it's meaningless, to most saw signs of brilliance along the way on whaler nights and agin when Baldwin took over, and guess what, they screwed him to.. if he had the **nds he would have succeded big time, but his good friends at msg left him to dry to, just like they did to Hartford..
  14. It's called understanding the fan base and not trying to take over the city and state
  15. 20 years strong of Connecticut paying the bill.. but that will end soon byeee..