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  1. Thank you
  2. Also evo did they remove the picture of me that he posted..
  3. At least now they are on to him
  4. Can they just toss him evo..
  5. Lay it down evo so we can have **n here again
  6. If you were a whalers fan you would understand . And personally for me it's more against msg and Dolan than the rangers..
  7. Fake commish,there were several teams with drop offs.. the average was down as well.. wow I'm getting everyone's attention I love it.. one loser blocked me already cause he couldn't handle it..
  8. We dknt know that uet do we chad, we are waiting to see what happens with he budget and go from there.and much more favorable to Hartford being that it would only cost 250 million rather than almost 540 in Detroit.. now Malloy has said there is investors, there are plans and NHL is interested.. and ice and boards are already done
  9. Ok chad, the majority, but you see the trend.. also an opinion is different than someone that continually bashed Hartford.. sorry if you can't distinguish the difference.. you can block me to if you like..
  10. The whale wasn't a bust, the people that howard called freinds turned there back on him.. maybe he didn't have the money to do **lly what he wanted but msg could have helped him being that its tjere affiliate, and also seeing that there was excitement in Hartford again..clearly the whale name has leverage
  11. You can say the same for every team on this attendance sheet so they are trending like the rest of them.
  12. cleaely uconn outdraws the pack with no problem.. all that you say is guys are reaching pretty low here
  13. One more thing cause I'm sore your gonna read it, you talk about me being like your 5 year old but your gonna block someone cause they don't agree with you, real mature hater.. so much for a good debate and than you guys say it's us..