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  1. That’s the way you see things because your so anti Hartford and anti Whalers.. it is the only option at this point in time to sign them but surely it’s not what they want.. you don’t care if the Whalers return and we’re never a whaler fan, and that’s ok but you should t be here being an *****hole like you always are.
  2. Same thing happens here in jersey, I hear a lot of people complaining about the prices, price for parking and how lousy the lot set up is,to bad because it is a nice arena.
  3. CHad sorry but all you do here is point out what others to, not much of a contribution from you either.. now before you go on about me, I’m not perfect but I can have a good debate, chat, talk, whatever you want to call it, and I can see both sides, but some ***** on here is nothing but smack talking Hartford and whaler fans..
  4. They were not pack employees, they were under the wse company at the time, and that belonged tk Baldwin.. pack is a brand.. does it matter if I was there stupid..
  5. Wrong pucky was an employeee of Baldwin,wse, not msg..nothing to do with he pack.. and a pic with Baldwin is enough.
  6. Of course you wouldn’t.. but what if the rangers did it I’m sure you would.. amd on on that note I would be in for the whale.
  7. Well than that shouldn’t be a shock cause that’s what they usually get.. actually less sorry..and I don’t follow the pack so yes would be out of there loop..but I’m very well informed of what happens there
  8. Still better than the pack
  9. I guess uconn inflated numbers to.. liar, liar Hartford hater is at it again. I would comment on other threads you posted on but everyone already knows about you and why you do.. and by the way Seattle isn’t ready for a team, they are getting ready *****wipe..
  10. I give it a couple years, no way Carolina stays there with those numbers.
  11. Oh I know Mark but he compared them tk Hartford but Seattle wasn’t an nhl city.. that was his knock on Hartford..
  12. Simply put as Howard Baldwin has said, Hartford is a solution to the problem.. in easier terms Relocation..
  13. YEs mark I do agree they won the cup but not from the nhl..
  14. They did win a Stanley Cup, but they weren’t part of the nhl, they were in they pchl, hence liars comparison to Hartford was yet again another failed attempt to bring the whale down..that’s what I was referring to.
  15. It lets not forget they were not part of the nhl when they won.. so not to fast liar and do some research yourself before you dismiss Hartford again,Hartford hater