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  1. Winnipeg

    Awesome to watch games from Winnipeg and can’t wait till we get that chance
  2. 8-0. How did your 1st rd predictions go?

    I’m 6 out of 8 with the caps winning it all..
  3. It’s all adding up now
  4. Are you surprised by this?

    No just another reason..
  5. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    One more thing, clearly oak tree has stated the will renovate the xl, I mean the article didn’t lie
  6. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Actually no, if the buyer,oaktree, ask for them tk leave the lease is done.. pretty standard business.same goes for uconn as well. But I’m sure whaler/uconn will work.
  7. Wolf Pack renew XLC agreement

    Wolfpack brand is dkne in Hartford.. here’s a question, when the xl is sold, would the lease be terminated, considering oak tree will renovate the bldg they would have to go bye bye..
  8. The Hartford sell off

    Let me try this again, apparently my phone is not good, article also says oak tree was going to renovate xl and bring it up to nhl standards..
  9. The Hartford sell off

    Also says company was going tonght rebuild the company and bring it up to nhl standards
  10. Eat Crow table for 2m

    Hi guys just got back on, been a while but I saw this article come out today and wow, talk about timing.. plan b taking effect... where is everyone that said there was no investor, biggie, chad, basically everyone..
  11. This is for real Whalers fan's!!

    Truly awesome and always wanted to do that but we don’t have an extra room yet lol
  12. Connecticut's Team?

    Wish he would put some of that effort to get the Whalers back, oh wait, he was never a Whalers fan.
  13. Kind of sounds like you a troll to troll.
  14. Connecticut's Team?

    AWWW thhf is hurt that the pack aren’t...
  15. Throwback Night with the Thunderbirds

    Tjere is no Hartford hockey anyway, it’s ranger hockey in Connecticut for now
  16. Bus trips this season ?

    To bad your not coming to jersey this year, I’m gonna miss you guys.
  17. CRDA owes Hartford PD $$$$

    THATS exaclty it, he loves poiring gas on the fire.. just like a jerkoff he is
  18. CRDA owes Hartford PD $$$$

    Wolfpack isn’t the excuse it’s the reason
  19. 6-7pm Busnell Park Rink Thurs Dec 21

    WHat is the announcement lol
  20. Hartford NHL Never? Ahhh not so fast

    Means ***** if they have nowhere to play biggie liar anti
  21. Hartford NHL Never? Ahhh not so fast

    Ahhh they want to leave and Barclays don’t want them there.. you guys are all really anti Hartford wow
  22. Hartford NHL Never? Ahhh not so fast

    You’re talking about revenue but the islanders dknt have an arena to play in.
  23. 2145 for a Springfield-Hartford game

    You always seem to miss the point chad..
  24. 2145 for a Springfield-Hartford game

    Than what is your purpose here and don’t say it’s to talk hockey because you surely don’t at all..
  25. Hartford NHL Never? Ahhh not so fast

    This will prove to be that Harford is a viable nhl market..