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  1. Coyotes fans seem to think that the team will stay at GRA in Arizona until Seattle is ready, however long that takes.
  2. Whalevolution wrote: > No I totally agree but Bridgeport owning the the arena was not related to P4277 > scenario were public money would be used to build a brand new arena in NH. > > That I would not support, they had an arena they blew it. So you don't support public money being spent on venues in other parts of the state, but you do support taxpayers in other parts of the state paying to renovate the XL Center even if no NHL team comes back? Sounds a bit hypocritical, doesn't it? They blew it? What would you have done in New Haven? Try to save the Coliseum? If so, how would you have done that?
  3. Whalevolution wrote: > They chose not to rebuild, they maintain "goof" ownership. Having three arenas close together in a small state like Connecticut made no sense, and New Haven wisely did not build a replacement for the Coliseum. The city could not have afforded a new arena on it's own, would you have supported state **nding of a new arena in New Haven? > > They feel their missing out on Hartford? Hmm maybe they shouldn't have torn > down (and not rebuilt) the NH Coliseum. > > Apart of me is glad it has come back to haunt them. Nice attitude, what have you got against New Haven? Do you blame NH for the loss of the Whalers? It's not haunting anyone, the city has been here since 1638, it will survive not having a hockey arena.
  4. Whalevolution wrote: > And as for New Haven you blew your load on sports "projects" when > you turned your only venue into a lifeless ugly parking lot. If they are > coming forward now it's proof of their goof in tearing down the NH Coliseum As I've pointed out before, the New Haven Coliseum was structurally unsound, due to having been built on reclaimed land. So the goof wasn't in tearing it down, but in building it where it was located in the first place. By the time it was demolished, there was no way to save it. That mistake was made back in the design phase in the late 1960's. Replacing it made no sense, since there were venues in Hartford and Bridgeport. Having said that, it's understandable that representatives of Fairfield and New Haven counties don't want all new public expenditures going to Hartford while they get nothing to show their constituents. And we are hearing that the legislature is once again considering putting tolls back on the CT Turnpike, which would affect people on the shoreline far more than those inland. I'm not sure what improvements they are looking at for Webster Bank Arena, but it's not realistic to think it could be expanded to attract an NHL team. That could only happen at the XL Center or a new arena.
  5. Virginia Beach will be building a new arena, and looking for an NHL team to be a major tenant. Unfortunately that means more competition for Hartford trying to get a team in the East. http://hfboards.hockeys**ture.com/showthread.php?t=2226681
  6. It depends on a combination of factors: Who would be buying the team? I can't imagine that PK will move the team...he's trying to sell it, and moving is expensive. So if he sells to Quebecor, then the team goes to QC. If he sells to interests in Seattle, they go there. If someone interested in Hartford buys it, they could come back here. Obviously, Seattle and Hartford have to get their arena issues resolved. Same for Portland, Hamilton, or anywhere else. The sale of the team will determine where it ends up. When would the team be sold? Mainly asking if it would be before or after the Coyotes situation is fixed? Most believe the Coyotes will move either this year or next. Where they end up will take away an option from the Hurricanes. The NHL still wants Seattle and will likely prop up the Coyotes in Arizona for one more year in hopes that Seattle will get their arena act together. There are a lot of possibilities but Quebec looks like the best bet right now. They have the arena and ownership ready to go. If the team isn't sold for a few years, then Hartford and Seattle would have time to get those pieces in place.
  7. Getting the NCAA Tourney is a good thing, but not a game-changer. The amount of money bet on brackets doesn't go to the cities that host the games. Will hosting the tournament bring some money to Hartford? Of course it will, and that's a good thing. But it doesn't have much relevance to what's going on in Hartford in regards to the XL Center or the possibility of the NHL returning. Hartford was selected without the XL renovations being done or even finalized. If the plans go forward, they will have to plan the construction work around the tournament. If the plans don't go forward right away, it means that the XL will be around for at least two years despite what some people say about the building closing it's doors. A lot can happen in two years...
  8. MarkH2919 wrote: > I'll be very succinct...I don't think the NHL has any interest at all in > putting a team in Quebec City unless it absolutely, positively has no other > option. And right now, there are definitely other options that are better. I agree that QC would not be at the top of the NHL's wish list. Neither was Winnipeg. But as you say, if they have no other options, they'll go there. But I disagree that right now there are better options. The key phrase is "right now". Quebec is ready "right now". They have a suitable arena, a deep pocketed ownership group, and no one disputes their fan base. There is no better vacant market that could take an NHL team right now. But the NHL is likely going to take the losses in Arizona for at least one more year in the hopes that Seattle will come to a decision on an arena. So "right now" isn't all that important. The Islanders will be at Barclays for at least one more year as well. Carolina is waiting for new ownership, I can't imagine Karmanos moving the team again. So until the team is sold, I doubt they will move. That gives Hartford and any other possible markets some time to get their act together.
  9. MarkH2919 wrote: > "If they moved to the East, it would probably be to Quebec." > > Uh, you're forgetting that Quebecor wants to buy a team. Which means the > Coyotes ownership would have to want to sell. No, not forgetting that. Without a new arena in Arizona, it's very possible that they'd want to sell rather than pay a very high relocation fee. And just because Quebecor wants to buy a team, that might not happen. You can't always get what you want, right? Quebecor wouldn't stand in the way of a relocation to QC just because they don't own the team. It would be a PR disaster.
  10. Whalevolution wrote: > You were the last person I'd thought would ever try to rally the troops. > > Thanks, but you are too late. > This is the charge of the light brigade "2017" > > Next "NHL favorable" Governor is a life time from now, no thanks, we're all > not getting any younger. It's not about rallying the troops, I was asking if there was any political support for the XL renovations other than Malloy. If the answer is 'No', then it wouldn't likely happen even if Malloy stayed.
  11. MarkH2919 wrote: > And what about Arizona? You don't really think they're going to stay in > Glendale, do you? They won't stay in Glendale long term, but they don't have to move immediately. The NHL will try to keep them in the West, ideally holding out for an arena solution in Seattle. If they moved to the East, it would probably be to Quebec.
  12. So Malloy is the only one in state government supporting the XL renovations? You don't know who will be governor next, but you are writing off this project already? For those of you convinced that this would be money well spent, ask the candidates what they think and support the candidate(s) who are willing to see the project through. Considering the fiscal condition of the state and the tax burden, which will likely rise again, getting support for a $250 million project will not be easy. But politicians love to spend other people's money, especially on big, highly visible projects, so don't give up yet.
  13. Whalevolution wrote: > Whaleofatime wrote: > > Evo I have some updated questions about the ice system / dashers being put > > in place > > 3. Will they actually (the XL Center/Spectrum) let fans hit the gl***** now > > that it's going to be new? I don't know of any other arena in the country > > that has the arena workers act like Nazis about banging on the gl*****, only > > in Hartford. > > Evo: That's true I've seen that, perhaps they don't allow because the gl***** boards > could break so easily, I'm kidding but maybe new gl***** will be something they allow > fans to bang on. I've never noticed that until you said it but you are right they > make a stink if you bang on the gl*****. At Quinnipiac they make announcements at every game that you are not allowed to bang or lean on the gl*****. I've often wondered about this. If the gl***** is too fragile to let a little kid hit it, how do they expect it to stand up to players running into it at **ll speed? Or a puck hitting it at 90 MPH? They don't have people enforcing it, but it seems weird. At QU, they use plexigl***** as opposed to tempered gl*****, what are they going to install at the XL Center?
  14. By now, everyone knows that the XL Center is old and has many obsolete systems. Do they really need to keep reminding everyone of how the caretakers of the building have neglected it over the years? The problem isn't convincing people that the building is decaying. The problem is money. We all know the state is in a fiscal crisis, deeply in debt and already one of the highest taxed states in the country. Getting the legislature and the public to buy into an additional $250 million of debt is the challenge.
  15. Whalevolution wrote: > I think a final season attendance would be debatable onwhether it would be high or > low. Obviously there would be attempts to save the team even though they would have > been fruitless endeavors. > > But me personally I would have taken another 41 games in a heartbeat. I'd take the > Islanders for a year or two knowing they're leaving an I bet attendance would be high > just to see real hockey again. We'll never know for sure what would have happened if the Whalers had played the last season of their lease after announcing they were leaving. I think it would have been a disaster, but who really knows? The last game would have been a sellout though. If the Islanders came here temporarily, (what is the chance of this?), it would be a different scenario. We would know from the beginning that it is a temporary thing, they would still be known as the New York Islanders, and their fans might make the trip to see them. So attendance might be pretty good.