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  1. First of all, it's a REALLY big "if", when it concerns Amazon coming here. There are about 100 cities trying to get Amazon's Eastern headquarters. I'm glad that Connecticut is in there pitching for it, (I believe 3 CT cities have applied), but the competition is fierce. Connecticut's business climate is aw**l, it will be a hard sell. The cost of doing business here has become a reason for companies to leave, not to come here. And linking the return of the Whalers to getting Amazon is purely wish**l thinking. If there was really a connection, wouldn't Seattle have had an NHL team for a long time now?
  2. Doesn't look like big trouble in Vegas, at least not yet. Attendance is good, and even if it wasn't, you can't draw any conclusions after less than a month in business. Let's look at Vegas in five years and see how they're doing then...
  3. I thought PK had a buyer for the 'canes already, and that the team was staying in Raleigh. Did that deal fall through?
  4. You're right, I thought that the Islanders and Devils had some games on YES, but they are on separate MSG channels instead. Thanks for being a jerk when you pointed it out. I don't know how many people in CT get MSG, but Fairfield and New Haven counties get it and they are two of the biggest counties in this small state. My cable system has 3 MSG channels. The fact still remains that 4 NHL teams have TV access to the Connecticut market. That's not a selling point for bringing a team here.
  5. If you drew a large circle around those other markets, as was done in the so-called "Knowledge Corridor" would they still be smaller? And are they losing people, as we are? Simply combining 3 cities together to make a large market does not present a case for moving a team to Hartford.
  6. Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, and by far the largest without an NHL team. They already have a suitable arena, so if they have a viable owner, they are at the top of the list for an NHL team. It doesn't hurt that they would be in the Western Conference and have a natural rivalry with Dallas. It's true that a lot of the people in the area are not natural hockey fans, but the sheer numbers will attract a team, IMO. They only need a small percentage of that large population to support a team. And they won't have nearby teams with fans in their area like Boston and New York have in Hartford. Getting Amazon would be a huge boost for Hartford and the state. Realistically, what are the chances it will happen?
  7. Why shouldn't I go to Quinnipiac games? I'm an alumnus, the rink is really nice and only a few miles away, and the team has been nationally ranked highly in recent years, reaching the Frozen Four twice recently. Would I go to watch NHL games in Hartford if a team came back? You bet I would! But I'm not going to Hartford to watch college hockey when I have my favorite college team right here. How often have you come to QU for a game? (You should try it, you might like it...) As far as being positive about Connecticut, I've lived here all my life, and it's a great place to live, but the state government is horrible. They've screwed things up to the point where we are deep in debt and can't figure a way out. That's why we're the only state in the country without a budget. They've raised taxes, and driven businesses and jobs away. There's the focus of what our problems are, not whether I say that our business climate ****s... Maybe you need to make a case for why someone would bring a team to what would be the NHL's smallest market, surrounded by big-market teams, where the economy ****s, people are leaving, and the government can't handle money...
  8. What constitutes "incredible negativity"? Pointing out that the NHL demands fancy new arenas, and we don't have the money for that? The fact that the state's economy is in bad shape, businesses are leaving, (taking jobs and people with them...)? The fact that high taxes and high costs make Connecticut very hostile to businesses and individuals alike, especially retirees? No surprise they are leaving. But you think it's my fault that the NHL is unlikely to come here? Why is that? Because I'm not optimistic about Hartford's chances? Yeah, that makes sense, because people making decisions concerning hundreds of millions of dollars routinely base those decisions on what they read on an obscure message board by someone they don't know, right? I'd love to have an NHL team again, but it won't happen until there's a good reason to do it, and it makes economic sense to do it. Right now, there's no good reason to put a team here, and it would not make sense to do it.
  9. Are you saying that the reason millennials leave is the lack of an NHL team? The article you provided a link for states that 60% of those that left cited jobs as the reason. Having an NHL team in Hartford will not provide very many good paying permanent jobs for these people. Is it good to have an NHL team in the state? Of course it is. But that comes after you have a population with good jobs that can afford to buy NHL tickets and merchandise, not before. Realistically, what are the chances of the NHL returning? We can't begin to afford to renovate or replace the XL Center, and the league won't come here with the current building.
  10. Yup, I've been saying this, too. Connecticut needs to fix it's economy before thinking about a hockey team. Companies, jobs, and people are leaving, and that's not an "opinion". And it's not just young working people, Connecticut is rated as one of the worst states for retirees, based on high taxes and the high cost of living. Until the state is made to be more economically attractive, we'll have to make do with the WolfPack, SoundTigers, and the college teams. The NHL isn't going to put a team in an economic disaster area like Connecticut.
  11. Nothing new here. Seattle has been dragging their feet for years on building a new arena. And the NHL won't put a team there without it. As far as expansion is concerned, it's not necessary for Seattle. If the Coyotes are still vomiting money in Arizona by the time Seattle's new arena is ready, they'll be at the top of the list for relocation. As far as Hartford is concerned, we're almost as far from having an NHL-ready arena as Seattle is. There's no money available for the type of renovations that the NHL would require to host a team. Everyone agrees that Hartford is not an expansion candidate, we would need a relocation. And the conference alignment issue, which is a bigger deal than some people think it is, means that a team would have to move from the eastern conference. In other words, not the Coyotes. Carolina and Florida are possibilities, but they have been for years, and haven't moved yet, so we'll see. Quebec's new arena stands ready to welcome an eastern relocation before Hartford.
  12. I can't see what the mayor of New Haven, or the city itself, has to gain by having an NHL exhibition game in Bridgeport. Or by having a casino built in Bridgeport for that matter... At least the casino shouldn't be a big drain on taxpayers.
  13. True, but there is no guarantee that it will happen with a renovation, or even with a new arena. Considering the disastrous financial condition that the state is in, is spending this kind of money on the XL Center without an NHL team coming the best use of taxpayer money? I'd love to believe that there are teams and investors all lined up just waiting for a newly-renovated XL Center to be completed before announcing the return of the Whalers. But does anyone really think that will happen?
  14. Without an NHL team, this is not a win.
  15. They're doing this in Arizona as well.