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  1. C'mon now, this has nothing to do with QU. My point is that as much as we like hockey and want the NHL back, there are much more important issues to consider when choosing a governor. How about cutting state spending and taxes to make our state more competitive for business? (It should have been done a long time ago, then maybe we would have a slight chance of getting Amazon here...) If our next governor can make that happen, it would increase our chances of getting a team back here. It's the best way to make it happen, but it would take a long time to see the results. I don't know much about Bronin, he might be great, but he needs to show that he can get results in the job he has now before asking people to vote for him for governor.
  2. This seems way premature. Bronin has been mayor for a very short time. He hasn't straightened out Hartford yet, he'll need more time to accomplish that if he can. Simply wanting to fix up the XL Center and getting an NHL team is not reason enough to run for governor or to vote for him. The state has a lot of other issues to deal with. If he proves to be success**l in Hartford, then he could try for governor. But he's not there yet.
  3. The Coyotes could have moved to many other locations, but they are still in Arizona. I think the NHL really wants to be there, even though the market has never shown that it really wants the NHL. IMO, the league likes the idea of being in major cities, even if they are questionable hockey markets. The league would probably love to be in Houston, and would likely give Atlanta another shot if they could. And of course they've been craving Seattle for years. But there doesn't seem to be any love coming from the NHL towards Quebec, Hamilton, or Hartford, unfortunately.
  4. Because they've been doing it for years, and don't seem to be making any arrangements to leave.
  5. My comment about the Olympics was meant as sarcasm...with people suggesting that the NFL and MLB are looking at Hartford, I figured why not add the Olympics to the list of absurd ideas. It's hard to convey sarcasm on a message board, but in reality, the only possibility for a major league team is to have the NHL return. And even that is a long shot.
  6. Coyotes will eventually move, but who knows where? They can go on a year-to-year lease in Glendale, so they don't have to make an emergency move after this season. Of course, they will continue to lose money, lots of it, for as long as they stay where they are. I don't think the NHL will allow a Western team to move to the Eastern conference, and Seattle isn't ready yet, so Houston seems like the best option for the 'yotes, IMO. WhalerCanes move depends on how long PK is willing to wait for a buyer who can afford his price and wants to keep the team in NC. If he decides he needs to sell sooner rather than later, he'll have to either lower the price or not demand that the team stay in Raleigh, or both. If he did that, Quebec City has a new arena and ownership in place. They would be the most likely landing spot. I can't imagine anyone paying $500 million for a team in Raleigh. To be honest, I don't think a team in Hartford would be worth that much either. The Islanders are tied to a big TV deal in NYC. They would lose that by moving to Quebec, Hartford, or anywhere else. They would be better off financially going back to N*****au and keeping the Cable TV deal than moving. Calgary and the Flames are just starting the fight for a new arena. I doubt they will end up leaving, but if they do, the league will keep them in the West. If Seattle gets their arena built, they could go there. Or Houston. Or Portland. The Florida Panthers are the most baffling of this group. The county has bent over backwards to keep the team there, with no evidence that the market can or will support them. Apparently the team is tightly tied to the arena as a loss leader for the building. I guess it's just a question of how long the county will continue to subsidize the team's losses. But for now the Panthers don't seem to be packing their bags.
  7. Hmmm, Last I heard, 238 cities had applied to host Amazon's Eastern HQ. That number includes New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia. But I'm sure none of them have a chance when compared to Enfield...
  8. First of all, it's a REALLY big "if", when it concerns Amazon coming here. There are about 100 cities trying to get Amazon's Eastern headquarters. I'm glad that Connecticut is in there pitching for it, (I believe 3 CT cities have applied), but the competition is fierce. Connecticut's business climate is aw**l, it will be a hard sell. The cost of doing business here has become a reason for companies to leave, not to come here. And linking the return of the Whalers to getting Amazon is purely wish**l thinking. If there was really a connection, wouldn't Seattle have had an NHL team for a long time now?
  9. Doesn't look like big trouble in Vegas, at least not yet. Attendance is good, and even if it wasn't, you can't draw any conclusions after less than a month in business. Let's look at Vegas in five years and see how they're doing then...
  10. I thought PK had a buyer for the 'canes already, and that the team was staying in Raleigh. Did that deal fall through?
  11. You're right, I thought that the Islanders and Devils had some games on YES, but they are on separate MSG channels instead. Thanks for being a jerk when you pointed it out. I don't know how many people in CT get MSG, but Fairfield and New Haven counties get it and they are two of the biggest counties in this small state. My cable system has 3 MSG channels. The fact still remains that 4 NHL teams have TV access to the Connecticut market. That's not a selling point for bringing a team here.
  12. If you drew a large circle around those other markets, as was done in the so-called "Knowledge Corridor" would they still be smaller? And are they losing people, as we are? Simply combining 3 cities together to make a large market does not present a case for moving a team to Hartford.
  13. Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, and by far the largest without an NHL team. They already have a suitable arena, so if they have a viable owner, they are at the top of the list for an NHL team. It doesn't hurt that they would be in the Western Conference and have a natural rivalry with Dallas. It's true that a lot of the people in the area are not natural hockey fans, but the sheer numbers will attract a team, IMO. They only need a small percentage of that large population to support a team. And they won't have nearby teams with fans in their area like Boston and New York have in Hartford. Getting Amazon would be a huge boost for Hartford and the state. Realistically, what are the chances it will happen?