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    They finally get it!

    Baldwins plan DID not fail......his money did...and he overspent.....changing the name...bringing back Blue & Green ...... getting WCCC, getting TV exposure on CPTV were all great ideas that worked.....If he did anything wrong its that he had more faith in this market than the fans did....Hope**lly AEG can continue on his ideas and with MSG's money get attendance up from last year...Only time will tell....this is a good start. I have been going to games in Hartford since 1975 and I will continue as long as there is hockey here. We the fans need to support this team or I won't have a hockey team to bring my grandson to.
  2. I don't want a re**nd. I just want what I bought. My seats for next season. I guess we will see.
  3. Anybody else catch the reference in Berlet's article to how they are going to treat people who have already bought tickets. I am already completely paid up for next season. If they burn me I will never step back in there.
  4. kenspidey

    Whale Promotions

    I always like to compare what this team is doing compared against two things. What are the other success**l AHL teams doing that we are not and two what do other sports teams in this area do that we are not. Arguably the premium AHL team is the Hershey Bears so what are they doing? Well to start with they offer free parking with season tickets and their price is comparable. That is huge. How about a discount on concessions? They offer that too. The Whale has got to do a better job at increasing the value of season tickets or the total will continue to drop. Ok what about in the area. Look at the Rock Cats. What they have done is amazing? How about the Ct Sun? They offer discounts on concessions up to 25% depending on how long you have been on board and free gifts. What can the Whale do to get you 10 and 20 game holders to jump and to keep me in play.....and how do they get new people to go without alienating who is left? Those are the questions.
  5. kenspidey

    Whale Promotions

    Ok, but how do you add value so you can sell more season tickets. 800 season tickets doesn't bode well for the long term. I am a **ll season ticket holder wondering whether or not to renew. Why should I? I agree that putting people in the seats is important game to game, but season tickets is the meat & potatoes.
  6. How does everybody here feel about the promotions the Whale are running which undercuts the value of the ticket? 50% off sales do work, but are they lessening the value of having season tickets???