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  1. whalers76

    UConn destroyes UM***** but no one saw it

    lol especially when they scored 8 goals. It was great to hear Br***** Bonanza 8 times.
  2. whalers76

    UConn destroyes UM***** but no one saw it

    We were at this game. Our first game of the season and had an awesome time, while the crowd was small they were into it.
  3. whalers76

    Springfield Thunderbirds

    When the nhl returns to Hartford they had better not call them the Whalers, I would be completely offend as I love whales
  4. whalers76

    RIP Gordie

    RIP Mr. Hockey
  5. I haven't played any of these hockey games yet. Think I will get this game this year. Any one here play on the xbox one?
  6. whalers76

    NHL tonight

    will5059 wrote: > If that's the case then that's just silly. Honor the French by playing the > French anthem. Meanwhile the Bruins played the actual French anthem > tonigjt.Wonder what Canada's new hipster prime minister thinks of his > decision to stop the air strikes on ISIS targets? Watching the Buffalo game tonight, they did the Canadian anthem again so I googled it. Looks like they have been doing it since the beginning, reason being cuz most of their season ticket holders are from Canada with the border only ten minutes away. So they do it to honor them.
  7. MarkH2919 wrote: > So awesome. > > Could be another sign, guys. Why would the NHL have someone on it in > Whalers gear??? That's what I was thinking, didn't see any Quebec jerseys
  8. Yeah my six year old daughter was yelling at me to look at the Whalers on tv at the parade, lol. I just caught it ... Happy Thanksgiving All
  9. And then give up 5 five goals, tie game
  10. Well that's over, looks like the wolfpuke just vomited 5 goals in the first period
  11. whalers76

    NHL tonight

    Watching the Buffalo game now. The sharks are playing the sabres in buffalo. They sang the Canadian national anthem. Is this because of the Paris tragedy or do they always do this and I just never noticed it before?
  12. whalers76

    Thanks Karmanos

    p4277 wrote: > Thanks Karmanos? Really? No, I can't thank him, not even sarcastically. > The fact that he has been shown to be totally incompetent as a team owner > does not make up for the loss of the Whalers. Nor does it guarantee that > an NHL team will ever return to Hartford. All we get is the venge**l > satisfaction that Karmanos has lost and continues to lose millions of > dollars as a result of this aw**l business decision. I'm not going to > thank him for that. I agree, well said
  13. they would be stupid to use anything but the whalers name but I would just be happy to get an nhl team back.
  14. whalers76

    The Pucky Controversy

    " but I can't without him doing what any other visiting mascot does." It's a shame he is considered as a visiting mascot, I guess the Hartford Whalers banners should come down too.