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  1. medium_ball_of_hate wrote: > Why does anyone care about history at all? 19 years p*****ing hardly seems like > criteria for an event to stop mattering. > > It absolutely does matter in regards to the NHL returning. If the narrative that > Hartford can't support the NHL is true, and that's why they left, that kind of puts a > damper on the NHL return effort doesn't it? And if it isn't true, then there are a > whole lot of people not supporting the NHL return because they believe a lie about > how we lost the team and think it's hopeless. > > Either way, I think it's a Hartford story that's never been told right and deserves > to be set straight for the sake of preserving history. > Give me some credit.......I did say it was a very well written series of articles
  2. The question of a possible Hard Rock casino can be put to rest now. http://www.courant.com/real-estate/property-line/hc-hard-rock-no-casino-hartford-20151221-story.html
  3. top cat wrote: > Whaler dude??? Bruce Jenner is more a dude than you. MEOW MEOW MEOW. HAHA kitty cat got all butthurt and thought comparing me to Bruce Jenner would make a great comeback. Just comes to show you never left the 4th grade
  4. It won't affect us hockey fans. The only thing that will change is Chris Lawrence's paycheck will say "Spectra" on it instead of "Global Spectrum"....
  5. medium_ball_of_hate wrote: > Pretty much invalidates every argument against the NHL in Hartford ever. > Obviously the league just chases an owner with cash regardless of common > sense or the facts. I look at it this way...... Rich guy with local connections buys an NHL franchise + NHL ready arena in Hartford = good chance of NHL returning to Connecticut. Hey, it could happen!
  6. medium_ball_of_hate wrote: > This board became a lot more use**l when I blocked the obvious troll, I > just wish people would stop responding to him and quoting all the nonsense. > He's clearly just baiting people, I'd be surprised if he even really goes > to Pack games. I've been told by people that they've never seen him at games....
  7. Msg

    jerseydiehardwhaler wrote: > Lol, really has to get that out. While you're at it, please tell Sonar he can stick it where the sun don't shine lol Long live Pucky!
  8. top cat wrote: > So you Cat haters go F^&$ yourself! I can see why you're not well liked on here..... I share the same p*****ion for the Whalers as you do, but picking fights on here all the time is completely unnecessary. I come on here to read what people have to say and I swear every thread has you ranting about something or calling someone out. I thought Biggie was bad, but I've never seen him flip out like you have. You take this stuff way to personally. No point getting all worked up over what people say on the internet.
  9. Whalers4Ever wrote: > The AHL has always come off to me as being very "pro" Rangers. > Use the latest cir*****stances as example. That being said, please mark me > down as predicting this first. Bridgeport will be awarded the AHL All-Star > game with in the first two seasons after the Rangers move there. Hartford > will be past over Seeing how things have been so far for Hartford, that's probably what will end up happening
  10. I'm not going to lie....I don't think I'll support this franchise if they revert back to Wolf Pack. Everything that Howard built and created in 2 years......flushed down the drain because MSG wants it "their way". I can bet the only reason MSG agreed to keep the team here for 3 more years is because Global was ok to a name change. If Global said "no, the Whaler identity stays", MSG would be out of here in a heartbeat. So the team loses the Whaler identity all because Global wants to be MSG @$$ kissers.
  11. I don't really expect much out of Bettman considering he worked for the NBA before taking his current position and that he has no hockey background.