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  1. jerseydiehardwhaler wrote: > So brilliant, your true colors show.. that's ok cause after the pack leave > so will you.. byeeee lmao you're acting like you never knew I was a Pack fan. You need a vacation. The Jersey air is killing your brain cells.
  2. Doubt it. They've had their own problems to deal with over the past decade.
  3. Maybe the reason I was talking only about Gernander is because the thread is about him dumb@ss. I'll talk about whatever I feel like talking about. And so what if I don't like retarded pizza flippers (who hate the WP) and 20 y/o dead sports teams. I've never denied it. If you have a problem with that then I suggest you call the internet police
  4. jerseydiehardwhaler wrote: > Again I never said he dosnt deserve respect, but there are many many many in line > before him..there difference here is your hate for the whalers. And I never said he was the only one.
  5. jerseydiehardwhaler wrote: > Actually your the one that's buthurt l, no where in my post do I diss the > pack or gernander.. that's the mentality you guys have.. I merely stated > the obvious, there is no privelage to see gernander when many many many > many other stars and superstars have skated in Hartford, and yes some who > have worn the best logo in sports, the Hartford Whalers.. it's just the > truth l.. I may be a jersey pizza flipper but at least I have knowledge of > the truth What truth?! Gernander deserves just as much respect as anyone who played in Hartford. Who gives a $hit if he was just a career AHL guy and never played for the Failers. There is way more to Hartford hockey than your dead team. You call me a "Hartford hater" and yet you have no respect for the one man who played/coached in that city for 20 years. If you "cared" so much about Hartford and this state, why aren't you living here, huh?
  6. jerseydiehardwhaler wrote: > As long as you know the truth.. and I didn't say he's not a part of > Hartford hockey,that's your own insecurity.. I'm just correcting your false > language as it was not a privelage to see him but there in fact many other > stars that get that honor So just because Ken didn't play for the Failers means it's not a privilege to see him play? How would you know? Your sorry @$$ probably hasn't stepped foot in that building since 1997. Ken has spent more time in Hartford than most of your favorite Failers players.
  7. jerseydiehardwhaler wrote: "When you say Hartford hockey it's a privelage to play there not a privelage to see gernander.." Like it or not pizza boy Gernander is part of Hartford hockey history. OK so he didn't play for the Failers. At least he played and coached in Hartford.
  8. jerseydiehardwhaler wrote: "Dosnt matter, we talking about Hartford..how about the guys that actually made it to the NHL.." Last time I checked, this thread was about Gernander. Oh and he did play a hand**l of NHL games back in the mid 90s. http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=1888
  9. jerseydiehardwhaler wrote: "Privelage of seeing gernander.. how about Francis, Howe, dinnen, liut.. and even Coffey or shanahan... and how about the greats like Gretzky or Lemieux.. are you kidding" I know you're not all that bright, but how is it even possible for him to have seen those guys play in Hartford when he wasn't alive at the time?
  10. jerseydiehardwhaler wrote: > And look where it started I'm not defending TC one bit but everyone on here seems to love giving him attention every time he says something.
  11. TeenWhalersFan wrote: "Public Schools are thetraining grounds for snowflakes -- like Top Cat. :D" Says the kid who claims I have "nothing positive" to say.
  12. TeenWhalersFan wrote: "Hey Wolfdud, do you ever say positive? You are part of the anti-Whalers pissing contest. Us Whalers fans want Hartford to be something, you morons don't care about the city. Me, in Tampa, cares more about the city and state than you do." Tell me kid, how many hockey games have you been to in Hartford? Did you ever have the privilege of seeing Ken Gernander play on the ice?
  13. And just when I thought we were finally having an adult conversation.......another derailment happens. Shake your ***** fellas, this pissing match is over.
  14. TeenWhalersFan wrote: ^^^ This guy KarmanosIsStupid is really a moron....by posting this^^^ Do you have anything to contribute to this conversation that isn't an irrelevant observation?
  15. MarkH2919 wrote: "You don't just "fire" a guy that's been your organization for as long as Gernander was with them. They're "re*****igned", as Schoenfeld was." Actually, Ken was offered another position with the Rangers... https://www.sny.tv/rangers/news/the-rangers-have-offered-ken-gernander-a-position-in-the-organization/230763078