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  1. "[W]ith a little discounting , Hartford drew nearly 14,000 fans"? They barely even got above 13,500 and to use the last year is a joke because people didn't seem to care before that. Just look at the five years before the final year when the team barely averaged over 11,000 fans per game. That average would put them 500 behind the Islanders, and 1500 behind the Hurricanes. Also, didn't the Booster Club do this a few years ago and they ended up having to give people their money back? Seems like a waste especially since none of those teams will be moving and none of them will be up for sale next year, no matter how bad they're doing.
  2. You just contradicted yourself. The title of this posts was how they're was "LOTS of green" and now you are saying that people were wearing a ton of different colors, buy a bunch of Whalers logos. I know I didn't see a ton of them.
  3. Biggie1083

    Next 2 NHL cities

    Malloy isn't a dictator, he can't do whatever he wants. I have talked to state senators and state representatives, and they don't think wasting money on the NHL is important. They do think the XL Center needs more improvement, but nothing like what Malloy wants. They are still talking with SCI about their $100 million plan that Malloy threw out.
  4. There was AHL in Connecticut long before the Whalers moved here. If they weren't kicked out of Boston then the Hartford Civic Center would have been the home of an AHL team. You seem to forget, they started building the HCC in 1971. That's a year before the Whalers played their first game. Connecticut already had an AHL team playing in New Haven, and with a new arena being built I bet the AHL would have loved to call it home.
  5. Biggie1083

    Next 2 NHL cities

    Yes, and I was wrong about that one thing. How many times have you been wrong? I'll wait for WP98 to post them all. The upgrade to the XL Center has been put on hold, ever Malloy said that. They will only be upgrading the ice making equipment because that's all that needs to be done at this time to keep the XL Center open. Everything has been shelved because they need to find billions of dollars to pay for the upgrades to 84. Politicians are working on a hold on bonds until all of that stuff is figured out.
  6. What did Gordie do in Hartford that makes his time here more important than his time in Detroit? Ask anyone outside of Connecticut what team they think of when they hear Gordie's name and almost all of them will say the Red Wings. I'm not saying what he did here wasn't important, but most people don't even know he played here. Perfect example would be Farris Bueller which was set in Chicago in 1986. Farris' buddy wore a Gordie Howe Red Wings jersey in it.
  7. Biggie1083

    Next 2 NHL cities

    By what you said, the XL Center is unsuitable for the NHL until they upgrade the arena. The NHL has entertained the idea of playing in the Key Arena while it's upgraded. There's been no actual proof of them saying the same thing about Hartford. Until that happens, then everyone else will be ahead of Hartford in those talks.
  8. Well, they're were a few nights but the attendance for those events keeps dropping. Other than the Whale Bowl that still has a disputed number, even Dave Andrews says the number they have is more than what actually should have been announced, those nights haven't been getting the people that they used to get.
  9. Biggie1083

    Next 2 NHL cities

    It was deemed unsuitable by the NBA. The NHL only said it was to small at this point for a NHL team. Basically, they're in the same position Hartford is now, other than the fact that they have people willing to put up the money to upgrade their arena. Hartford still has to try and find the money to upgrade the XL Center, and those talks have been put on hold until after the **nding for the I-84 project in Hartford is paid for and started. That's not going to happen until almost 2021.
  10. Gordie Howe is a huge part of Hartford Hockey. All I said was that the tribute to him wasn't for Whalers fans. It was for Gordie Howe and what he meant to all of hockey. He went to games at the XL Center for the Wolf Pack (before and after the change to the Whale), while they were the Whale, went and was honored at the first college hockey game play at the XL Center between Harvard and Quinnipiac, and went to UConn games. That's more that can be said by they people that claim to support Hartford Hockey.
  11. MarkH2919 wrote: > "You're day has p*****ed and is never coming again." > > Nothing, and I mean N-O-T-H-I-N-G is going to be sweeter than rubbing this statement > in your face over and over again. Jersey's day is never going to come. I'm sure about that. jerseydiehardwhaler wrote: > Biggie, besides your first two or three years of good attendance due to the fact > that people wanted to get here hockey fox, attendance for the pack has been a miserable > failed experiment.. msg tries to plant the seed but failed..can't wait till the > door hits you in the *****. They're still here, which is way more than that cane be said about the Whalers, and even their fans. Most of them have either p*****ed away or moved on.
  12. Biggie1083

    Next 2 NHL cities

    20 years ago the NHL let a team play in what was basically an airplane hanger with 9,000 seats until their arena was built. Mark, you also said that the NHL would let a team play in the XL Center while it's upgraded for a team. Why can't Seattle or another city do the same thing?
  13. The Rangers , Wolf Pack, their players, coaches, and staff spend money and pay taxes in CT and Hartford. That means they've done more for the city and state then you ever will. Also, if 20 years means they failed then I guess the Hartford Whalers failed even worse since they only lasted 17 years.
  14. jerseydiehardwhaler wrote: > you lie and your wrong.. I "lie" less than everyone else on this board. Actually, about 95% pf the stuff I've said on this board has actually happened. I talked about the Baldwins leaving, the Wolf Pack brand coming back, and Wolf Pack staying when others on this board called me a lair or that I didn't know what I was talking about.
  15. Did I say anything about the Rangers in any of my posts? Nope. I only talked about Hartford Hockey which includes the Whalers, Wolf Pack, and UConn. You know what that doesn't include? A guy from Jersey that can't do anything. My day is here because my team exists. You're day has p*****ed and is never coming again.