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  1. https://arenadigest.com/2018/04/30/rfp-issued-xl-center/
  2. Article names company that was interested in buying the XL Center....... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-05/connecticut-and-hartford-get-2-billion-offer-to-buy-real-estate
  3. Tom Dundon Pitches PNC Arena Upgrades By Zach Spedden on February 2, 2018 During a meeting this week, new Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon pitched potential upgrades to PNC Arena, the team’s home facility. As part of Dundon’s vision–which he detailed during a meeting on Thursday with the authority that oversees the venue–PNC Arena would see upgrades in multiple areas. Among the changes that could take place include adding a new team entrance to the ice, as well as the addition of software that would capture data from Wi-Fi users. Perhaps the biggest addition, however, would be that of a new center-hung scoreboard in time for the 2018-19 NHL season. While the new scoreboard has been discussed for a later season, officials at Thursday’s Centennial Authority meeting expressed a willingness to consider completing the project on an earlier schedule. More from The News & Observer: For Dundon and the Hurricanes, there were items of importance on the agenda, the most pressing being installing a new center-hung scoreboard at PNC Arena for the 2018-19 season. Dundon wants a scoreboard that extends blue line to blue line, one that could cost about $7 million. The authority had a scoreboard in the projected budget for 2019-20 but agreed to consider fast-tracking and having it in place next season for Hurricanes games and N.C. State basketball games. “Some of these things are pretty spectacular and would a great *****et,” [authority chairman Tom] McCormick said. “Again, can we afford it? … I think everybody agrees it’s a good thing to have in this building.” Dundon recently purchased the controlling interest in the team from long-time owner Peter Karmanos Jr. PNC Arena has been home to the Hurricanes since 1999, when it opened as the Raleigh Entertainment & Sports Arena.
  4. Now that CT has Whaler license plates any chance we can get a petition going to change the state song from "Yankee Doodle" to "Br***** Bonanza"? No offense to James Cagney or anything, but the Whaler theme song needs to be officially reclaimed by this state!
  5. Whalevolution: My statements are just my opinions, nothing more. That's how I feel. I truly believe the NHL is diluted beyond repair...so many unnecessary teams. I look to TV ratings, sinking attendance records, the the introduction of the salary cap following the 2004- '05 lockout to support the fading star that is the NHL. As for Las Vegas' success, I believe the NHL rigged the rules. If I read right the expansion draft for them was much different than previous expansions drafts (...especially when the Whalers joined the NHL). And, they weren't paired up with another city entering the league as most recent new teams did. Meaning they didn't have to compete against another new team in the same year/draft.
  6. "...relocation of a current franchise would eliminate the need for expanding to 34 teams, and would also protect the league from **rther diluting its talent pool..." ---too late. This league was diluted beyond salvation back in early '90s. Now, with every new team the NHL tumbles **rther and **rther into oblivion.
  7. UCONN should make Hartford the "main campus"
  8. Why make it harder than it has to be. The NBA owners can conspire among themselves and just purchase NHL teams one by one as they come up for sale. If you think about it, other than a hand**l of NHL teams, they're all for sale (even if their current owners aren't saying that publically). There's plenty of failing hockey teams that are ripe for NBA owners (or anybody else for that matter) with deep pockets.
  9. Just curious...are there going to be any bus trips this season? Maybe a trip to the Prudential Center (NJ Devils), the Barclays Center (NY Islanders), or to the Bell Centre (Montreal) ?
  10. lebaron92

    Bus trips this season ?

    ...is there a link you can go to sign up?
  11. If this were to happen AND Hartford gets a team, they should call them the "Hartford Wailers". That ought to put Bettman's panties in a knot!!
  12. lebaron92

    Pucky comes home?

    ...the best part of Pucky's appearance was when they did a jumbo-tron thank you to all the mascots. They flashed on the screen every visiting mascot that showed up AND then they made the announcement (...paraphrasing here), "...and a special thank you to Pucky the Whale." And the accompanying picture shown was a photograph of Pucky standing next to Howard Baldwin. Intermixed throughout the round of applause I swore I heard some audible gasps. That alone was worth the (discount) price of my scalped ticket. I found it interesting how the crowd showed love towards Pucky, but not a single person lamented the absence of Torpedo
  13. lebaron92

    UConn destroyes UM***** but no one saw it

    Here's the difference: Although tonight's UCONN attendance of 2723 was disappointing, ALL 2723 people that were there WANTED to be there. The crowd was **ll of UCONN students, alumni, parents of students, and a number of UM***** faith**l who made the trek. All eyeballs were on the game. As opposed to a Wolfpack game where...I would say 60% of the people there don't want to be. Wolfpack attendance is littered with wives, girl-friends, and siblings/children who don't want to be there. Half the adults are on their cellphones and almost all the kids running around or fidgeting not watching the game. How many dads miss Wolfpack goals because of 'little Timmy's' weak bladder? I witnessed all eight goals scored by the Huskies tonight...I'm and sure almost all in attendance could say the same thing. Wolfpack hockey...ya, it's a "cheap" night out for the family, but seriously, hockey fans? Ehhh...-shrugs-....
  14. I have a suggestion: MOVE !!! Carolina Hurricanes Looking to Boost Attendance By Zach Spedden October 13, 2017 Amidst concerns over their attendance numbers, the Carolina Hurricanes discussed their strategy going forward to bring more fans to their games. For their contest against the Columbus Blue Jackets at PNC Arena on Tuesday, the Hurricanes drew a reported total of 7,892 fans. While their home opener on October 7 resulted in a sellout, the small crowd on Tuesday prompted more discussion about the team’s low attendance figures over the last few seasons. In terms of announced per-game average attendance, the Hurricanes finished last in the NHL in each of the previous two seasons, with figure for 2016-17 coming in at 11,776 fans. During a recent interview, Hurricanes president Don Waddell addressed the team’s attendance figures, and discussed the how the team evaluates its numbers and the ongoing strategy to improve them. “We’re not last in the league in attendance,” Waddell said. “You guys can publish (attendance) reports, but I go by dollars. So we’re not last. “Nobody is happy where we are, no doubt. We also have to continue to keep moving all the elements forward. If we can do that, I think attendance is going to pick up with that.” Waddell said that when he was named president in July 2014, the Canes had a season-ticket base – in terms of **ll-season ticket holders and season-ticket equivalencies – of about 5,400. He said that base has been built to about 7,000. “We’re making some progress under the cir*****stances, and we’re just going to keep going,” he said. “I talk to our sales staff all the time (that) winning or losing doesn’t stop us from doing our job. If we win, it’s going to make our job a little easier to sell more tickets. But we don’t use that as an excuse.” As noted, the Hurricanes drew a sellout crowd for their home opener. That figure was reported at 18,680.
  15. Meanwhile up in Worchester, MA..... Worcester Railers Start With a Bang By Zach Spedden on October 16, 2017 The arrival of the Worcester Railers was celebrated at the DCU Center, which hosted a sellout crowd for the team’s first game. As their first season in the ECHL begins, the Railers are seeing signs of strong community from the community. That was evident over the weekend, when an announced crowd of 12,135 fans saw the Railers defeat the Manchester Monarchs by a final of 4-3 on Sa****ay. While their victory was a cause for celebration, the Railers’ debut in and of itself of a highlight of the evening. Railers owners Cliff and Susan Rucker, Gov. Charlie Baker, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito, Mayor Joe Petty, City Manager Ed Augustus Jr., Worcester Chamber of Commerce President Tim Murray and DCU Center General Manager Sandy Dunn were among those who took part in the opening-puck ceremony. “It was awe-inspiring,” Cliff Rucker said. “It’s been a long haul and it was just incredible to see that level of support. I’m just grate**l that everybody showed up. “I seem to be getting a lot of credit, but it’s really about the fans and the staff. The community is incredibly supportive of the team and I’m excited.” “I’m really happy to be here,” Baker said while high-fiving young fans before the game. “I think this is great for the city of Worcester and it’s great for the commonwealth and the fact that you’ve got a sellout on your opening night is a great sign of great things to come.” The Railers are filling the void of professional hockey in the city. Worcester’s last professional club—the AHL’s Sharks—relocated to San Jose after the 2014-15 season.
  16. Anyone going? ...anyone going wearing Whaler gear? ISLANDERS TO BATTLE RANGERS IN BRIDGEPORT NHL rivals collide at Webster Bank Arena for the first time ever on Friday, Sept. 22 BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (May 16, 2017) - The New York Islanders will take on the New York Rangers in an NHL preseason game at Webster Bank Arena on Friday, Sept. 22 at 7:30 p.m. The venue is home to the Islanders' American Hockey League affiliate, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. Webster Bank Arena, located at 600 Main Street in downtown Bridgeport, has hosted an NHL preseason game on five other occasions, including last October when the Islanders faced the Washington Capitals. Bridgeport also played host to sellout crowds for Islanders exhibition contests against the Boston Bruins in 2011 and 2014. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, June 2 at 10 a.m. To purchase tickets, visit Ticketmaster.com, call Ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000 or stop by the Webster Bank Arena Click It or Ticket Box Office. For group ticket information, please call 203-345-2300 ext. 7. Executive suites and premium seat packages are also available by calling 203-345-4841. ---soundtigers.com--- Contact: Alan **ehring: (203) 345-4824 - alan.**ehring@harboryardse.com
  17. http://dailyhive.com/calgary/ottawa-senators-remove-seats ...didn't Pony-Tail Pete pull the same stunt in Greensboro?
  18. ...if memory serves correct they didn't just remove the 2000 seats. That square footage was replaced by "business cl*****" seating and the bar room area.
  19. Date line August 2, 2017............. http://arenadigest.com/2017/08/02/20170802karmanos-carolina-hurricanes-price-tag-is-500m/
  20. lebaron92

    Hartford Marlins

    If the success of the Yard Goats continues...and keeps going up...I'd like in the next 5 to 10 years the team getting upgraded to AAA baseball.
  21. These guys? ---Patrik Elias (39) drafted 51st overall by the NJ Devils (1994 NHL Entry Draft- hosted in Hartford !) ---Zdeno Chara (39) drafted 56th overall in 1996 by the NY Islanders ---Shane Doan (39) drafted in 1995 by the Winnipeg Jets
  22. Any truth to the rumor that as of Friday night (4/14) the stadium didn't have any running water?
  23. Here's where the $250 million went: http://www.courant.com/business/hc-state-office-building-capitol-avenue-renovation-20150803-story.html
  24. http://www.newsday.com/sports/hockey/rangers/2018-nhl-winter-cl*****ic-likely-to-be-held-at-citi-field-with-rangers-vs-sabres-sources-say-1.13268887
  25. "...run with the big dogs in Hartford..." Correction: the "big dogs" (ie, the NHL NY Rangers) play at Madison Square Garden, NYC. Their junior team plays in Hartford.