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  1. top cat

    Kenny G out

    Do you even know what that cliche means? Sorry jerk, it doesn't apply although it does to you with your Goofie predictions and your inability to move on. May I suggest that you and teen brat listen to Pink Floyd's "Mother". I think it's on their The Wall album.
  2. top cat

    Kenny G out

    The cuddled brat who can't go to a public school and repeats everything his "family" says as fact has nothing to add. He lives in a gl***** bubble. It's really sad. He'll have a rude awaking coming
  3. top cat

    Hartford Bankruptcy

    "Topcat is one of you like you and he's a hab fan so that hockey humor not like what you do and they used the dk on the forum a lot." Makie, interpret that jibberish for us. JC, this guy is Special Olympics material for sure.
  4. top cat

    Hartford Bankruptcy

    Markie's nit wit buddy is back. What a pair. Where else you going to get this? Can't get!
  5. top cat

    Hartford Bankruptcy

    "Gagging" over the HABS out in the 1st round???? Really? Short term memory. I stated that they'd be out in the 1st round. Now as for you, you are how old??? mid 40s? Again your rants are on a par with a 13 year old. " Mommy, daddy those Canadiens beat us again!! I don't like them! Make them stop!" You have NO life jerk.
  6. top cat

    Hartford Bankruptcy

    " And it's going to be Great"
  7. top cat

    Hartford Bankruptcy

    So tell me again about Hartford being a viable city for a major league team. "Ant happening" to quote willie and markie's president
  8. Ps: If Hartford does get a NHL team, would I attend a game or so on my way to NYC? Absolutely. May I also add that if this does happen and the HABS and their fans come down which they will, I strongly recommend you haters be polite because they will be unlike Bruin/Ranger fans
  9. I'm pretty sure that this baseball attendance topic has been discussed. To recapitulate: It's only spring so kids are still in school, the temp is chilly especially at night and it is minor league, there has been many empty seats in the north east for MLB do to the same reasons. Would I support the Goats if I still lived in Greater HArtford? Absolutely! If they're playing during my visit to Hartford I'll be there.
  10. Are you guys forgetting that this so called corridor population is for the most part committed to Boston and greater NY teams and has been for many,many generations. So your pt is ??
  11. No 1st or 2nd line centers for starters. I also said that they wouldn't get past the 1st round. so I think the word shill in reference to the Habs is just a l i t t l e out of line.
  12. Who gives a $ h i t what Mark or Marty wore. Does warring Whaler stuff mean that the NHL is coming back? This board is past silly. Just a reminder: I did state several times that a NHL return is possible and I wish that it would happen But it's not likely. Some time back I asked if there was any change in Hartford's population and its demographics. No answer or comments from any of you. I think that would be very important in evaluating Hartford as a NHL market. I think I read recently that the #s have decreased over the last decade. Remember all the talk on this sight mentioning UConn moving some of it's schools to Hartford? Apparently it did little in making the city more vibrant.
  13. So lil makie boy. I'd really like to help you out and let bygones be bygones. So let me spring for the gasoline.
  14. I think we'd all be happy if teen brat got off this site