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  1. What is this? http://nhlhartford.com/
  2. I was just listening to country 92.5 and the guy goes "for all whalers fans out there, big announcement coming tomorrow, tune it to hear". Anybody know what he's talking about?
  3. Was there something going on to draw all of those people? Boy scouts? Girl scouts?
  4. Whalerguy

    Global Spectrum, & Hartford, Win!!!!

    Looks like the XL Center is going to keep its name... Unfortunately... Oh well, its just a name. http://courantblogs.com/ct-real-estate/xl-center-getting-new-manager-but-keeping-its-name/
  5. Whalerguy

    Global Spectrum, & Hartford, Win!!!!

    Very excited about this. Hope to see some improvements downtown...
  6. This has got to be a joke... I love the concept and the enthusiasm, but c'mon... "AEG Management CT announced today that the Whale’s home game February 2 at the XL Center against the Springfield Falcons will feature a “White Out”. Fans are encouraged to wear white to the game, and the Whale will give away 10,000 white rally towels. Also, fans can share thoughts and excitement throughout the game on Twitter, using the hashtag #whalewhiteout." I'd be surprised if half of these people show up with the way things have been going. They'll be giving those towels out till March.
  7. It sure wouldn't hurt... But way to get defensive and try to start a confrontation when I was just offering my opinion.
  8. I don't really think that steedmen and AEG are the only ones that could get big name artists to come to the XL because of their capital. What's he supposed to say? He's making an argument as to why they should stick around. I really hope that the Hartford group of guys win the bid and get serious with that place. It could be a huge revenue builder and attraction to downtown Hartford, but it's just a dated building that people around interested in going to now. In order to get the hockey market excited, you need to fix it up.
  9. It's been a while since I have been back on this board, but when I saw the attendance rankings today I had to come back and see what was going on. I don't think this is WS&E's fault. The thing was heading in this direction 3 years ago when Howard came back. If anything, all they did was delay the inevitable. It is very sad what has happened to Hartfords Hockey market. Unfortunately, they just seem to want to ride this thing out... Very sad...
  10. Whalerguy

    The XL Center Bidding

    It better go to that capital region group. If AEG gets it again, there is no hope.
  11. Whalerguy

    CTWhale home opener tonight

    I don't know what you guys are talking about? I heard it a few times tonight. I don't think it needs to be played after every goal. Can't we just be happy with the presentation tonight??
  12. People, get it together. For a $1.00 hot dog and $2.00 beer, it was exactly what I expected. Long lines and small cups. Not anything surprising and certainly, not anything you should be upset with. It's not like they were ripping you off... Attendancewise, it was much more than I expected. I though there would be 7,000 there, maybe. The team played like crap in the second period, but lucky for them, that doesn't matter. For a Friday night game I'd say it was a 100% success. Good crowd, good prices, good game, good fans(minus those cock ****ers in 212). But I thought it was great. Nice job whale. They do a much better job at presentation than WS&e ever did. From the bio pics to the in game advertising. Ws&e was a total joke. They advertise the upcoming concerts and everything. I think it's great. Job well done tonight.
  13. Whalerguy

    Opening Night Ticket Sales

    Anybody have new ideas on Ticket Numbers?
  14. Whalerguy

    CTWhale home opener tonight

    I'll be there! Booyaa!
  15. Whalerguy

    New CT Whale Website Unveiled

    I'll agree with Mark. It's okay. Im sure they will be doing a few things to touch it up. But it's a pretty boring website. Cleaner than Howards website though...