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  1. BurkeIsGod

    New Goal Song?

    The new song is Big Time Rush by Windows Down
  2. BurkeIsGod

    New Goal Song?

    That is what I thought it was at 1st too. But unless its a clip of a 2nd verse I think is is different. It appears GS is going with new for everything, which is ok by me also. However if you were not at Sundays game then you don't know that BB was used for "this day in Hartford Hockey History" which I think is a good idea.
  3. Ok we all know they are not using BB or the Hey Song. So can anyone tell me what it is that they are using?
  4. Why did Dominic Moore miss all of last season? It's been quiet from Global lately. Is that a bad thing or do you see the silence being broken with a well organized marketing attack?
  5. BurkeIsGod

    Actual Season Ticket Numbers

    So your saying the Whale brand only had about 500 STH in the end? Wow.......no wonder they just wanted a new start.
  6. The truth is simple WhalePack. If all these thousands of Whalers fans showed up every night for Baldwin like you and I do. Then Howard Baldwin would not have had money issues and the team would still be run by him and it would still be called the CT Whale. That is the only way the rebrand made sense and they didn't show up for it. Now they are upset.......give me a break. If we averaged 6k a game for the 3 years as the Whale. I would have proudly burned my pack jersey and bought a Whale one. It should not matter what the team is called for Whaler fans because they sat on their hands and cried about it as the Whale and WolfPack. So whats the big deal???
  7. BurkeIsGod

    Epic Whaler Themed Wedding

    I have to say that was done pretty well, and any girl that would have that as her real wedding, deserves the NHL. So the them moving to NC probably is true. The cry babies on this board however don't deserve the NHL and that's why they remain here and cry cry cry
  8. BurkeIsGod

    Actual Season Ticket Numbers

    Anyone that would ask that question right now is obviously just looking for a low ball number. The AHL season is NOT over. Global Spectrum has not yet started promoting the team. The AHL schedule is NOT out yet. Some people don't even know that it is the WolfPack yet. It may take some time to get the WolfPack fans back after the whole rebrand thing. I have a friend that said he isn't going back until I report to him what the 1st 5 games are like. I mean if you want to consider a 10 game pack "season tickets" like the Baldwins did. Then you can't truly have a STH figure till the season is close to over.
  9. BurkeIsGod

    New Hartford Whalers TV show

    How about "Pipe Dreams"
  10. I get that. If he wasn't so talented it wouldn't bother me so much. He can't score from the penalty box. Your never gonna get the ref to change his mind on a penalty, especially not by yelling at him.
  11. It's about F@!%$ time. Richards hasn't done anything. Time to retire Thats the truth about Newbury though. It's what keeps him in the minors
  12. Just so you know. You beloved division winning Falcons are down 3 games to none. In the 2nd round of the playoffs, all the anti MSG hockey fans that call themselves Whaler Nation have packed the M***** Mutrial Center with a Friday crowd under 3k and a Sa****ay crowd under 5k. Question though, where are the other 20k of Whaler fans waiting to support a non Rangers AHL team???????
  13. BurkeIsGod

    A Fair Compromise

    Well then if there were a lot more people like you, we would have averaged way over 4,500/game. If we averaged 6,000 a game for 3 years. Howard Baldwin could have stayed a float and they would still be the Whale. Instead he is gone and so is his brand. Why? Because people didn't support him enough. Just like people haven't supported the people who came before him. He was supposed be be different and get people to love the CT Whale, media,state and fans. Sure they all jumped on the bandwagon and waited for their steaks and they found out he was lying to everyone and serving hamburg with steak sauce. Either you love the sport of hockey enough to support AHL or you don't. I do, question is do you? Where were all those people that signed the petition? How many people signed it? Evo?
  14. Goals don't come much better then that 4th one by the Rangers. 2 of the 3 on the pay, from Hartford
  15. BurkeIsGod

    A Fair Compromise

    jimmy thats because your an idiotboy It's the same damn thing. So your saying you went to 3 or 4 games with the WolfPack and what went to 8 or 9 for the Whale big deal....That's 5 extra games so what...I know people that were going to 40 games a year before the rebrand and stopped.(not that I feel that is right) but see you would be replaced 8 times over again, if you went back to 3 or 4 games a year. And there is no reason to go back to that, it's the same damn thing....