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  1. MarkH2919 wrote: > How can you have a movie called "The Gordie Howe Story" and not > include the time here? That boggled my mind. > > I would give the movie a C myself. It was OK, but certainly not worth > watching again. Oh, and Vince makes a good point about Hallmark putting > the game on at the same time as a Red Wings playoff game. Not too smart. While I can certainly understand why a Whalers fan would want more time devoted to Gordie's Hartford career, it isn't mind boggling that they chose not to do so. He spent the majority of his career with the Red Wings, where he became the NHL's all-time leading scorer, and he returned to hockey to win championships with his sons in Houston, so Hartford was only a final act. The film did show Howe getting to play a fifth decade in the league and being selected to the All-Star game as a member of the Hartford Whalers, which was appropriate. In regards to Hallmark showing the film at the same time as a Red Wings playoff game, it was a case of bad luck, not stupidity. They had no way of knowing when, or if, the Red Wings would be playing when the schedule was made. They could have chosen to show the film after the playoffs, however, they most likely figured that people wouldn't be interested in watching a hockey movie in July.
  2. CTHabsfan

    Quick Note to the Hypocrites

    MarkH2919 wrote: > And here we have the leader of the hypocrites. > > You know it's still the same team that you re**sed to see for 3 years, > right moron? You call WP98 is a moron and a hypocrite, however, by re**sing to go to the Wolf Pack games next season, aren't you doing exactly what he did? After all, they will be the same team.
  3. CTHabsfan

    Quick Note to the Hypocrites

    MarkH2919 wrote: > CTHabs: Just like your loser bunch of diving queers on your hockey team. > Stay cl*****y. As long as you are sicking around, staying cl*****y shouldn't be too difficult. I will attempt to emulate you, since you always set such a fine example.
  4. CTHabsfan

    Quick Note to the Hypocrites

    "This is also my good-bye from this board, and this time, it's for good." MarkH2919, April 23, 2013
  5. Is Connecticut really a hockey state? I was at Bob's in Hamden today. Upon entering the store, the very first thing in sight were UConn women's champions shirts. There was also a great deal of additional UConn merchandise for sale. Meanwhile, if you are interested in some Frozen Four, Yale, or Quinnipiac stuff (remember, this is Hamden), you're SOL. They did have some Whalers, Rangers, and Bruins items in a corner of the store.
  6. nehckyfan wrote: > top cat wrote: > > Well nech, you forgot Danny Kristo ND to Mont. and Louie Leblanc to Mont. > > I'm aware of the draft. so you're saying no one else who wasn't picked yet > > won't get drafted. Looks like we'll have to wait and see won't we. > > No I didn't forget them and I could have listed another two dozen players if I wanted > to but I tried to stay on topic (something you have great difficulty in doing)by > using an example based on Yale and Quinnipiac. > > Also you apparently aren't too aware of the draft. Players who aren't drafted in > their draft eligible years, ages 18-20, become free agents and are allowed to sign > with any team. So what I'm not saying they won'y get drafted I'm saying they are not > eligible for the draft. > > Hope**lly you can see the difference. A better example for top cat to have used would have been Christopher Higgins. While Kristo and Leblanc attended university after getting drafted, Higgins was drafted by the Canadiens after his freshman season at Yale, so it is possible for a college player to be eligible for the draft.
  7. CTHabsfan

    Frozen Four

    top cat wrote: > Any interest on this? It would be great for Connecticut if either Yale or > Qninni won. Reflecting back when University of Hartford jumped into Div. > one basketball I felt it was a mistake. So far it looks like I'm correct. > College hockey was almost virgin territory in Connecticut. A rink on that > campus could have served the community of Greater Hartford and the inner > city as well. Wasn't Mr. Fish who was behind building a state of the art > skating rink there, but moved to Simsbury instead. TOO BAD. I still think > it was a good idea. Side comment: Never heard of St. Cloud College, But > LOVE their Logo! You'll also love UM*****-Lowell's white jersey.
  8. CTHabsfan

    XL Center's Replacement?

    An 11,000 seat arena? No, thanks. Too big for the AHL, too small for the NHL.
  9. The Falcons are a terrific example of a team not having a stabile affiliation with one NHL team, yet still managing to achieve great success. Springfield qualified for the playoffs in 2003 and now, a mere ten years later, are in the playoffs once more! The Falcons are not only success**l on the ice, they also have amazing fan support. They are currently ahead of three other teams in attendance, putting them solidly in 27th place for the 2012-13 AHL season!
  10. Hartfordyouremyhome wrote: > Congrats to Herm Sorcher & the Danbury Whalers. After all this time, > Connecticut finally has its first, very own pro-hockey championship. The New Haven Blades would disagree.
  11. jerseydiehardwhaler wrote: > And your feeling on the whole situation with Howard is crhabsfan.. Aeg and > MSG were in it together, one is out and now the other wants to hurt > Hartford even deeper with a me change that is not necessary.. I'd like to respond to your post, however, I do not understand what you wrote. Would you mind posting again, this time in English?
  12. CTHabsfan

    Hartford Hockey Fans Leverage

    Mr. Br***** Bonanza wrote: > Springfield was there for us when we needed an arena in 1978. They also > gave Karmanos the boot as his affiliate when he screwed us over. They have > been loyal to us, understand our hatred for the Rangers, so if the rags > keep infesting our market with their garbage, I will be happy to support > Springfield's hockey team. So, go to Springfield! That applies to anyone who does not want to go to Hartford and support "the hated Rangers". Springfield is a short drive for Hartford-area fans, and what would be better proof that poor attendance in Hartford is due to the affiliation with the Rangers and not a sign of a weak market, than filling Springfield's arena with a bunch of people wearing Whalers gear?
  13. nedman wrote: > Is there really any truth to the rumours about MSG wanting to use > "Rangers" in the name? I figured that they basically screwed the > Baldwin's to use them in order to switch to the Whale colors/Brand, which > any idiot would know would work out far better in this market than Ranjerks > colors or the name. They knew they couldn't get away with it themselves, so > I was guessing they were trying to get their way by using the Baldwins, > then set them up to fail with the ridiculous rent situation. The Rangers/MSG set up Howard Baldwin to fail with the "rent situation"? So you are saying that MSG had something to do with the amount of rent being charged and they knew that Howard was clueless enough to take on a no-win situation? Really?
  14. CTHabsfan

    A NHL move

    top cat wrote: > I just don't get it. This can only happen in the NHL. I also saw whole > sections downstairs empty. My son who was at another game in Fla. said > there was more empty seats than fannies. This is not new, they never drew > well. Between the Coyotes and Panthers and some others, Hartford looks like > an original six team. What the **** is going on? A late thought, there was > a TV camera in the promenade. no lines just a few people walking. It looked > like an AHL game . Bettman the s*****bag gotta go! Why do the owners put up > with this??? http://lastwordonsports.com/2013/02/15/panthers-club-red-pricing-is-joke/ A bit expensive, but who could p***** up on the private restroom perk?
  15. CTHabsfan

    Hartford Whale Pack

    Whalers4Ever wrote: > What if they were to rename the team the Hartford Whale Pack. Sorry I > can't do a visual but try to envision this with me. Keep the same > (current) CT Whale uniforms except change the jersey crest on the front. > For the new crest lets go back to the old Wolf Pack logo, eliminating the > wolf's head rising from the sea and insert the blue whale tail in it's > place. Now in the logo also you change the first word to read WHALE > instead of WOLF and lastly every where there is red in the logo, change > that all to green. Also keep br***** bonanza as the goal song. Thoughts? How about using the first part of the old AHL team name and the last part of the old NHL team name? They could be the Hartford Packers, perfect for people who like to compare Hartford with Green Bay!
  16. will5059 wrote: > How many careers does Matt Cooke get to end "accidentally" before > someone puts a hit out on him? IMO he's taken the crown of leagues biggest > dousche bag from Sean Avery . I honestly don't care how anyone feels about Matt Cooke, but I would recommend reviewing the play that caused the injury. There is no way that Cooke was intentionally attempting to injure Karlsson on that play.
  17. CTHabsfan

    NHL Rule Changes YOU'D Like to See

    Hartfordyouremyhome wrote: > MarkH2919 wrote: > "I would, however, like to see the team that receives the penalty be > allowed to throw the puck down the ice without having to worry about icing > being called." > > "Isn't that what happens now?" > > I read that & thought the same thing. But I think he just wrote it > wrong. Correct, Hartfordyouremyhome. I did a little editing and ended up eliminating, not, from the sentence.
  18. CTHabsfan

    NHL Rule Changes YOU'D Like to See

    Hartfordyouremyhome wrote: > 2) Require two-minute penalties to run their entire length of time, > regardless of whether or not a goal is scored. It was like this until the > NHL tried to slow down the mighty Edmonton Oiler power play in the early > 1980’s, & the rule should be reinstated. The rule was changed well before the 1980's to stop the mighty Montreal Canadiens power play. I don't have a problem with the penalty ending once a goal is scored, as I would not want to see a borderline call result in multiple goals. I would, however, like to see the team that receives the penalty be allowed to throw the puck down the ice without having to worry about icing being called. I've never understood why a penalized team deserves a benefit. As much as I would love to see the NHL eliminate the s-hootout, I would be even happier if they just got rid of the loser point. If you don't want to have ties, and there must be a winner in every game, then there ought to be a loser in every game.
  19. CTHabsfan

    Ocho Neuve

    See what I mean?
  20. CTHabsfan

    Ocho Neuve

    jimmytheidiotboy wrote: > Chad Johnson just threw a s-h-u-t-out at the Nashville Preds in the NHL. > Congrats Chad! It's sad that you have to spell shutout, s-h-u-t-o-u-t, on this board, but you could easily write that Chad *****ed over the Preds.
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    MarkH2919 wrote: > The ECHL would draw 1/2 of what the AHL gets here. ^^^^^^^^^^ People around here complain about the AHL being "hamburger" compared to the NHL "sirloin" that they are used to, so I don't think that bringing in a lower level of hockey is the answer.
  22. CTHabsfan

    new proposal

    top cat wrote: > I believe that there would be 3 groups in in the lottery. Teams with 3 > balls teams with 2 and teams with 1. If that's the foremat then the Habs > would be in the group with 3. Actually, the Canadiens would be among the teams with one ball. http://www.nhl.com/ice/page.htm?id=26401
  23. CTHabsfan

    New Affiliate Name?

    If the Rangers are to blame for the poor attendance in Hartford, why not use the name of the new parent club to show that the Rangers are no longer in town?
  24. CTHabsfan

    new proposal

    top cat wrote: > NHL owners have sent a new comprehensive proposal the the NHLPA. It is on > thn web site. It sounds very reasonable for the part that I understand. > I've mixed feelings however. I certainly miss seeing NHL games, but if the > **ll season is caput the Habs get a high pick with a good chance of #1. If the season were cancelled and the NHL used the same lottery format as the last time a season was cancelled, the Canadiens would not have a good chance for getting the #1 overall, as they have made the playoffs two of the last three seasons.
  25. Whalevolution wrote: > Hate to break it to you Habs but the Rangers and Isles have had discussions > about swapping cities before and recently. > > So not as far fetched as you think. > > Harbor Yard has been drooling over getting the Rangers for years. > > Notice how they are in the bidding for the XL? Do you have a credible source in regards to the Rangers/Islanders discussions about swapping cities for their AHL teams? I don't doubt that the Rangers would love to move to Fairfield County, I just don't see the Islanders wanting to move their affiliate **rther away to help out their biggest rival, particularly when they Islanders are running the Webster Bank Arena for the foreseeable **ture. While I know that Harbor Yards management is bidding to run the XL (and the Rent), that does not mean the Islanders would want to move the Sound Tigers to Hartford. AEG is also bidding, yet I don't see anyone seriously suggesting that they want to move the Kings from LA to Hartford.