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  1. Hartford Courant - The agency that oversees the city’s XL Center Thursday night *****ailed the budget adopted by the legislature last week as potentially setting the arena down the road to closure. The state budget authored by Republicans digs deeply into the annual subsidy the state pays to keep the arena operating, members of the Capital Region Development Authority said at their monthly meeting. The GOP budget that was adopted slashes $1.2 million from CRDA’s operating budget, cutting deeply into the **nds that would be used to close the gap at the XL Center. On top of that, the adopted budget includes a 10-percent admissions tax that also would pull revenue away from the arena. In the fiscal year that ended July 1, the XL Center earned revenues of $15.7 million with expenses of $17.3 million, a loss of $1.6 million. The $250 million project would come on top of $35 million in renovations in recent years to spruce up the arena to extend its life long enough to make a decision about its **ture. This summer, another $2 million was spent on a new ice-making system. Malloy had proposed $125 million in bonding over the current fiscal year and 2018-2019. The Democrats’ budget came close to that, at $115 million but the GOP budget that p*****ed cut that to zero.
  2. BRIDGEPORT, CT (WFSB) - A new world-cl***** resort casino is planned for Bridgeport. MGM Resorts International said it will announce plans on Monday for the development of MGM Bridgeport, which will be built at Steelpointe Harbor in Bridgeport. MGM said the planned casino and entertainment facility would result in thousands of jobs, increased revenue to the state and it would be **nded by private investments. The announcement is set for 11 a.m. at Steelpointe Harbor on Seaview Avenue. It said more details would be provided then.
  3. pre-season NHL in Bridgeport

    I will be there this Friday, am now hearing word that the Mayor of New Haven will also be seated with Mayor Ganim at the game, and that officials from MGM might be at the game also, since they want to attract visitors from NYC to the Bridgeport MGM casino in the near **ture.
  4. Monday was an important day at the Capitol Building, what is happening is that a geographic divide is growing, and it is larger than a partisan divide. Democrats and Republicans from downstate Connecticut are joining forces after realizing that Bridgeport and New Haven are missing out on projects such as the New Britain Busway, XL Center possible renovation, possible East Windsor casino, East Hartford football field outlet shopping, and the new Yard Goats baseball stadium. State Rep Christopher Rosario, a democrat from Bridgeport, said that "we [bridgeport] want to get in the game”, and his other exact words is that Bridgeport has been riding the sidelines bench for too long. He made sure to use sports references when describing how southern Connecticut is missing out on projects. State Rep Toni Walker from New Haven, said she will stop her support for legislation if it doesn’t mean jobs for the New Haven area. Bridgeport and New Haven have begun to join forces over the past few weeks. The East Windsor casino legislation did move forward out of Committee to the House and Senate, but there is still another bill that would instead place the casino in southwest Connecticut, probably Bridgeport. MGM wants the new casino built in Fairfield County, they are saying it is a more ideal location because it would capture the New York market, and it could be built in Bridgeport, where Trump previously considered building a casino and Ganim was at the President's inauguration a few months ago, he realizes that winning Bridgeport and New Haven is the key to winning the Democrat primary for Governor which is exactly 1 year from now.
  5. BRIDGEPORT, CT (WFSB) - A new world-cl***** resort casino may be in the works for Bridgeport. MGM Resorts International announced plans on Monday for the development of MGM Bridgeport, which will be built at Steelpointe Harbor in Bridgeport. Representatives from the company said the project would bring in 7,000 jobs, $50 million in fees paid to the state, $8 million for Bridgeport and $4.5 million to surrounding communities. They said it would also generate more than $600 million in private investment and $430 million in new labor income. James Murren, MGM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said the casino could be a major economic force. “This project can help to turn the economic tide of this state," Murren said. "We just need the political commitment to make it happen.” Right now, the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribes, owners of Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun, have exclusive rights when it comes to developing gambling sites in Connecticut. Murren said the new MGM casino would tap into the New York City market of 8.5 million people. The casino itself would boast 2,000 slot machines, 160 table games, a 700 seat theater, a 300 room hotel and retail and dining options.
  6. It is official, they expect the MGM Resort to be open in 30 months !!
  7. Mayor of Bridgeport spoke at the Press Conference Mayor of New Haven spoke at the Press Conference MGM is there, the Construction Union (green helmets) are there Meanwhile, back in Hartford, they are talking about Bankruptcy and they are stuck with an empty baseball stadium, that will sit there out in the snow empty for the next 7 months not being used. Bridgeport joining forces with New Haven, this is huge.
  8. New Haven Mayor Harp was at the Press Conference today, she is joining forces with Mayor Ganim for MGM in Bridgeport, this is huge.
  9. My sources for the past two weeks have been 100 percent correct, and proven by what just happened a few hours ago at the Capitol Building. I was unaware that materials were printed last week, I was aware that after the Courant messed up the front page article, that discussions began at the Capitol Building, but this action by Bridgeport is unprecedented so late in a legislative term, with only 4 weeks remaining, and this is all due to the Courant's incorrect front page article. Tuesday, 5pm news 'BRIDGEPORT — Mayor Joe Ganim’s $185 million vision for a downtown arts and entertainment district now has a glossy pamphlet — and jobs estimates — to go with it. “This is a great job creator,” Ganim said in a brief interview this week. The brochure that the city is circulating among state lawmakers also gives a glimpse at a possible **ture for the city’s 20-year-old ballpark as an attraction to host not only for sports, but other outdoor entertainment. After learning in February that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy wanted to invest $250 million in Hartford’s downtown XL Center, the Ganim administration scrambled to submit its own request for $185 million in state cash to upgrade Webster Bank Arena, the Ballpark at Harbor Yard and other downtown attractions. What was lacking were the details needed to try and sell Malloy and the General *****embly, given Connecticut’s budget crisis. So last week the city’s economic development office printed around five dozen glossy pamphlets with a breakdown of how the state’s investment would be spent, conceptual renderings and an estimate that 1,180 jobs would be created and 107 retained. An additional 724 spillover jobs could be created locally as a result of the economic investments, according to the city.
  10. BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH)– MGM will be announcing the development of a new casino in Bridgeport, the company said Monday. The principals of MGM Resorts International and The RCI Group will announce the plans for the development of MGM Bridgeport during a news conference. MGM says it will be a world-cl***** resort casino at Steelpointe Harbor. The casino and entertainment facility is expected to create thousands of new jobs in the state, as well as bring increased revenue to Bridgeport and surrounding communities. The casino will be **nded with private investment dollars.
  11. Late developments this evening, the Tampa Fire Chief is now using language such as "our worst nightmare". Amphibious Military Vehicles are already on the streets of Tampa, residents are expecting to be 10 feet under water by Monday. The Tampa Bay Lightning organization has already moved to Nashville for the week, and the first Tampa Bay Lightning home game was scheduled only 1 week from now. Tampa Bay arena (Amelie Arena) is in the A-zone, it is expected to receive the worst of the flooding as it is sitting on a water channel to begin with, surrounded by water on all three sides. Amelie Arena is at the top of the map, shown below, it is a Red Zone, the Red Zone is to be impacted the most. The arena is already almost 25 years old, some are speculating it could be a complete loss.
  12. Just a few hours ago, the Arena has now cancelled all events for the next 4 days, until Thursday. The eye of the hurricane is still south of Tampa, and they have already cancelled all events for the next 4 days.
  13. I heard that Hartford received a call from NHL officials today, asking if Hartford would be ready to accept an NHL team within the next 5 weeks, and have them playing in Hartford this October! Hartford declined to go along with that plan, saying it would not be a top choice for a temporary relocation on short notice, with an AHL team already playing here. With the Tampa Bay Lightning having its arena surrounded by water in close proximity on three sides, and only 200 feet away from the channel leading off the Hillsborough Bay, news breaking on Monday that this Hurricane Irma could be the most power**l hurricane to ever rip into Florida prompted league officials to wonder if the arena could be off limits for more than a month. For anyone who has been to the Tampa Bay arena, the only thing between the arena and the water is a small light rail track and a few park benches across the street, and the name of the street is Old Water Street which is more worrisome. Tampa Bay opened up sand bag locations this evening, this is the earliest in history that Tampa Bay has prepared sand bag locations before landfall of a hurricane. Atlanta's Philips Arena was to be their first choice, but would have to play backburner to the Atlanta Hawks and numerous concerns already booked for Atlanta. With Atlanta not being a good fit, that is when Hartford received the call, but I heard that Hartford has declined. "If we had a storm that was a direct hit coming up Hillsborough Bay, we would suffer even probably to a greater degree than what we're seeing in Houston,” Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn. The arena is located next to a channel connected the Hillsborough Bay.
  14. I was just on the phone with the National Weather Service office in Tampa Bay, they are fielding calls from the public, they have informed me that the Tampa Bay Lightning team has brought all personnel to Nashville, and with the Lightning only a week away now from their first home game in Tampa, I am expecting that game to be cancelled on Monday, as Tampa will be taking a direct hit from Hurricane Irma. Tampa Fire Chief is expecting a 13-foot water surge, and expects up to all of the city of Tampa under water.
  15. On Friday, the NHL commissioner reiterated his stance about the N*****au Coliseum not being viable as a permanent home for the Isles, and had this to say regarding a possible temporary residency there: “I don’t view it that way, certainly not now,” Bettman said. Bettman doesn’t think it makes sense for the Islanders to play even a small number of games at the renovated Coliseum, which now has a 13,000-person capacity for hockey. “My gut reaction is it’s not a viable option,” he said. Also, keep your eyes on the hurricane, the hurricane is going on the west side of Florida, it is going to pound Tampa, and the first home game for the Lightning is only 10 days away.
  16. The NFL is already cancelling football games in Florida for this weekend. Most of South Florida is in a state of emergency, National Guard is already on the roads, toll booths are not in effect, and FEMA/DHS is in contact with major sports leagues. Due to the potential impact of Hurricane Irma on South Florida, the Miami Dolphins home game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, originally scheduled for Sunday at 1 p.m. ET at Hard Rock Stadium, will instead be played there in Week 11 on Sunday, November 19, the NFL announced today
  17. If the green track holds true, the track that worried league officials, that is the track that would most likely prevent the entire hockey season being played in Tampa Bay.
  18. http://www.fox13news.com/news/local-news/276879738-story August 28th, 2017 - Tampa Fox 13 TAMPA (FOX 13) - Hurricane Harvey swamped entire neighborhoods around Houston, leading to rooftop evacuations that echoed Hurricane Katrina. The unceasing rain turned highways into boat channels and left thousands of families to sleep in gas stations or trudge through waist-high water to get to a shelter. "We are seeing catastrophic flooding,” National Weather Service director Louis Uccellini warned. “You couldn't draw this situation up,” FEMA director Brock Long offered. But it could have been as bad -- if not worse -- if a hurricane like Harvey struck the Tampa Bay area. A University of South Florida study once showed that if a major hurricane hit north Pinellas County, MacDill Air Force Base could get swamped in 13 feet of water. Thousands of homes in Tampa would see the same kind of flooding we've seen in Houston. In fact, the Boston-based research firm KCC ranked Tampa Bay as the most vulnerable part of the country. The Washington Post recently picked up on that, but we've seen other studies that have been telling us that for years. Ten years ago, the Pinellas property appraiser developed simulations for the county. After a Category 1 hurricane, much of Dunedin is under water, while Redington Shores gets it from both sides. And when you bump it up to a Category 2 hurricane, most of Redington Shores gets flooded, Dunedin gets swamped, and flooding sweeps to the Bayfront Tower in St. Petersburg. Move up to a Category 3 storm and it takes out 4th Street in St. Pete, while Old Southeast would be reduced to rooftops. The model shows a Category 4 storm floods the interstate and Tropicana Field. A Category Five turns the whole downtown blue, as much of the interstate and other major streets go under water -- just as we've seen this week in Texas. The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council also worked up a model for a Category 5 storm. Beyond the flood damage, it projected wind damage would wipe out nearly a half-million homes and businesses. Tampa Bay has not taken a direct hit from a major hurricane since 1921.
  19. Calgary says they can find a place to relocate to, and it won't be Seattle because Seattle will be next in line for an expansion team to even out the West.
  20. A lot of the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place in the last weeks of the legislative session. - MGM will be opening a $1 billion dollar casino in Springfield in the coming months - there are two competing casino pieces of legislation floating through the Capitol Building, one for a casino in East Windsor and one for a casino in the Bridgeport area - if the casino in East Windsor opens, it would dramatically hurt the MGM $1 Billion Springfield casino MGM has a plan to save the Springfield casino, stop the East Windsor casino, purchase/renovate the XL Center, and help build a casino in the Bridgeport area that would bring more NYC Casino users revenue to the state of Connecticut and help take the struggling XL Center off the hands of the state and mean that state bonding would not be needed. MGM's plan: If the State of Connecticut strikes down the East Windsor Casino legislation (Bill 957), and approves the Bridgeport casino legislation (Bill 7319), then MGM would bankroll money to the Schaghticoke Tribe in Bridgeport for construction of a new casino and MGM would purchase the XL Center and make a huge proposition to the Islanders to relocate to Hartford, which explains why in the past few days the Schaghticoke Tribe made an appearance in Hartford along with Islanders personnel, and Governor Malloy's longtime advisor Roy Ochiogroso is now representing MGM and that Mayor Ganim also wants to see the casino built in Bridgeport.
  21. East Hartford's mayor is urging state lawmakers to take another look at a rejected proposal for a Hartford-area gambling venue in East Hartford. Leclerc said the casino would be a major economic development driver for East Hartford; but it also could form the cornerstone of a regional approach to economic development. An East Hartford casino could work to attract more visitors to Hartford and the region, Leclerc said. Visitors could pair stops at a casino in East Hartford with events at Hartford venues such as the XL Center and the convention center, Leclerc said. On Wednesday, the Senate overwhelming backed MMCT and East Windsor. But leaders of the House said later in the day that the Senate's bill would not p***** in the House as currently written and said some of its members favored open competition. In addition, the Native American Schaghticoke Tribal Nation in Kent has threatened to sue if MMCT gets the exclusive right to expand.
  22. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced Wednesday that he selected the Oak View Group to redevelop KeyArena. The group, led by Tim Leiweke and Irving Azoff, will spearhead a $600 million remodel of the facility on the Seattle Center campus. They are also bringing two prospective NHL owners to the arena. A source close to the project says Leiweke will announce that his Seattle effort will be joined by Boston Celtics Minority Owner David Bonderman, a billionaire and University of Washington grad, and Jerry Bruckheimer, the Hollywood action movie mogul, who most recently pioneered the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. Both Bonderman and Bruckheimer are expected to announce soon their intention to attract an NHL expansion franchise to be an anchor tenant in the facility, according to a source close to the project. When Murray makes the announcement Wednesday, Leiweke and Azoff are expected to be by his side. At least two NHL leaders are expected to be in attendance, including Vancouver Canucks Chairman Francesco Aquilini and Florida Panthers Chairman Peter Luukko, who is one of Leiweke’s current partners in the Oak View Group.
  23. Coyotes Arena Season: Where do they go from here? May 11, 2017 There’s an all too familiar feeling of unease lurking in the back of the mind for many Coyotes fans this off-season, or as it has come to be known, arena season. The team has extended their lease with Gila River Arena for the 2017-2018 season but after that, there are many questions to be answered. Are the Coyotes leaving Arizona? According to statements by the commissioner of the NHL, Gary Bettman, and the majority owner of the Coyotes, Andrew Barroway: not until all other options are explored. Both have publicly stated that they would prefer to keep the team in Arizona, as long as it’s not in Glendale. However, neither said that the team would stay in Arizona no matter what; so if a viable arena deal in the East Valley can’t be found, then relocation isn’t off the table either.
  24. Something big is happening in Hartford, Governor visiting XL Center, new forum, East Hartford mayor working on getting casino in East Hartford to support XL Center, now Yard Goats unveiling Whalers jerseys.... and even the Boston media (which hated us back in the 1980s) are even covering it. The Hartford Yard Goats are looking to win over some local fans with a light dose of nostalgia. In their first season playing in Hartford, the Colorado Rockies Double-A affiliate (formerly the New Britain Rock Cats) plan to host a Whalers Alumni Weekend at their new downtown stadium. And on Thursday, the team revealed the uniforms they’ll be wearing. In a Facebook Live announcement, a team representative said the Yard Goats will auction off the jerseys following the July 14-16 weekend, which includes a charity luncheon, a slate of former Whalers players in attendance at the July 15 game, and postgame fireworks.