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  1. The Whalers will be back in 2018. Believe it, don't believe it, I don't give a sh!t.
  2. "Vivid Seats, a site that specializes in the sale of tickets for live events, collected data on the sale of NHL tickets to see which teams are most popular in each state." The last time I checked, Whalers tickets haven't been sold in over 20 years, hence they are not part of this survey. This makes it even more awesome that the Whalers are indeed the most popular NHL/hockey team in Connecticut all things considered.
  3. Who forgot to give Frank his meds?
  4. Shoot...paint is starting to peal in my garage.
  5. The difference is not everyone is going to be upset when MSG leaves Hartford.
  6. LOL! Right on the tick!
  7. You idiot.
  8. One of your more stupid statements, Greg.
  9. I said that. What's the problem. Do the math.
  10. That's a true shame.
  11. Alright, three things here: 1. 5,000 is not "close to a sellout" at a Yard Goats game, so if you see empty seats it's because that's only a little over 2/3 filled. 2. I don't know what's wrong with your eyesight, but no game has been or even resembled being "empty"...except two hours before or after a game, or if it was raining. 3. Sorry, but "updated ice and boards" is not going to increase Wolf Pack or UConn attendance? My gosh.
  12. My gosh. Why are people wasting some much energy combating what a few Whalers haters on this board are posting? Focus on the 20,000+ who had an awesome time instead of these three or four people. My son and I had an outstanding time on the night before Sunday, and so were the people around us. The presence of the Whalers make the atmosphere even more electric than it usually is there. It was awesome, and they plan on a bigger even next year.
  13. It's what you do when you get kicked out of the booster club you love with all your heart and don't know what to do with yourself. Not that this is relevant here, of course...just a random thought.