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  1. Biggie's going to snap his brain cell soon.
  2. You don't even need to finish elementary school to become a Hartford Courant news reporter. That title holds water like Charlie Brown's ghost costume.
  3. Suddenly, the Blue Fish are looking attractive again.
  4. When you have to cry like a baby saying, "We're not last! We're not last! We're not last!" you have a serious problem on your hands. It's almost laughable how much in denial they are. Good news from Worcester. I hope they can keep that up. That's another market that didn't deserve the shaft they got.
  5. I cannot believe people are actually replying to this. There is a ma ssive loss of brain cells in this thread. It's f unny.
  6. And if my grandmother had wheels, she's be a wagon.
  7. Such language, Josh.
  8. Be caref ul what you say about his alter ago given to him at birth, that is. He'll block you if you hurt his feelings. That's not really a bad thing. It makes him feel like he had the last word. It's f unny.
  9. Total fluff, as with most of what Jacobs writes. He's a columnist, not a news reporter. UConn hockey will be in Hartford for quite some time.
  10. Malloy will not sign a budget without the XL Center money. Period. It will happen. The NHL will return next year.
  11. Frank, go play with your dolls, will you? Leave the internet to the adults.
  12. The XL Center renovations will get approved and the NHL will be back here next year. End of story.
  13. The Whalers will be back in 2018. Believe it, don't believe it, I don't give a sh!t.
  14. "Vivid Seats, a site that specializes in the sale of tickets for live events, collected data on the sale of NHL tickets to see which teams are most popular in each state." The last time I checked, Whalers tickets haven't been sold in over 20 years, hence they are not part of this survey. This makes it even more awesome that the Whalers are indeed the most popular NHL/hockey team in Connecticut all things considered.
  15. Who forgot to give Frank his meds?