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  1. Winnipeg

    Oh well. Absolutely insane that a team that did not exist this time last year is four wins away from the Stanley Cup.
  2. I knew of there are four? That's excellent. All four want to do so with the intent of bringing back the NHL?
  3. AHL Conference Realignment

    Glorified? You give them too much credit.
  4. AHL Conference Realignment

    CCSU had to move the date of our graduation ceremony at the Civic Center in 1996 because of a potential Whalers home playoff game.
  5. Winnipeg

    I can't imagine how much that city must be rocking right now. It would be amazing to be up there.
  6. That's for sure.
  7. That wouldn't be surprising at all.
  8. That frees Ronnie up for Hartford. It's all good.
  9. 8-0. How did your 1st rd predictions go?

    I got them all correct also.
  10. Are you surprised by this?

    There are no wolf pack numbers.
  11. Whaler T-shirt sighting on TV

    Who cares who's supposedly a fan? That's all yap. We're talking about who's proud enough to wear the gear when out and about. When this Preece guy has his picture taken with a wolf pack shirt, then come back.
  12. Are you surprised by this?

    Not surprised at all.
  13. Yard Goats ticket sales jump 24%

    When you're at a hockey game where you can hear the players and refs as if they are sitting next to you, and can literally have a conversation with someone on the other side of the arena, there are less than 1000 people in the building. And yes, I have done this at more than one Wolf Pack game...just because I could.
  14. Yard Goats ticket sales jump 24%

    That's f unny. Sometimes the truth can make you laugh.
  15. Yard Goats ticket sales jump 24%

    The announced attendance at Yard Goats games have been spot on this season so far. The announced attendance at Wolf Pack games have been ridiculously inflated. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know if any given individuals in area were given the chance to go to a Wolf Pack or A Yard Goats game, the overwhelmingly majority would go see the Yard Goats.