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  1. That's a damn nice sweatshirt.
  2. December 13? Come on, Frank. You can do better than that.
  3. I'm not even going to bother reading this because you're a lying sack of sh!t.
  4. Another misleading headline from Frank. A new restaurant has not opened in the XL Center. Total lie.
  5. Is he really clever enough to hide behind a technicality? If you sell a ticket to an event, you can technically say you made money. In the real world and among people who know business and are even just in a position to take Accounting 101, this is by definition not true. But technically, yes. It's like Frank saying that Ottawa article about the Senators moving mentioned Hartford. Yes, Hartford was mentioned, but not as a relocation option. But, Hartford was mentioned.
  6. The CRDA never told me, so I don't know what this "everyone" is all about.
  7.'re going to hurt yourself.
  8. I can't determine whether Frank is just a dumb f *** or just trying to be a dick all the time.
  9. The NHL would never allow a football team in an experimental league to be called the Hartford Whalers.
  10. I thought you guaranteed the NHL's return in 2018, Frank. Are you admitting you're a lying sack of sh!t?
  11. So if an article says, "Hartford will never get an NHL team back because Hartford is a sh!t city," Frank will go ape because Hartford is mentioned. Franks is slick, but you have to take him at face value.
  12. Now wait a second Frank, slow down here for a minute. We don't want any injuries. First, before we paint the Islanders logo in East Hartford, I want to know when the Hartford Wolf Pack are going to become the Connecticut Whale again, which you were "hearing" last week. What are the people you know saying about that?
  13. Now radcon is Biggie. I thought I was Biggie. I'm con**sed.
  14. And in other news, the end of the world is coming:
  15. I hear they cater to the healthy scratches from Federal Hockey League games.