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  1. It's embarrassing to have the name "Hartford" associated with this pathetic AHL team.
  2. Maybe there was 5,000 people there. Maybe. Tons of freebies, no doubt.
  3. Mr. Brass Bonanza

    Scaled Down Plans for XL Center

    Maybe this is a red herring. Who knows. When have we been able to trust anything said in the media? Half of it's made up anyway. Only believe what you see.
  4. Mr. Brass Bonanza

    Hartford Athletic soccer

    Honestly, if that's true, then that's good. We shall see.
  5. Mr. Brass Bonanza

    Hartford Athletic soccer

    I would love for Mandell to channel Marc Cuban and tell us what he really thinks about MSG and their place in Hartford. He's a Hartford guy. He must think the same as we do. To hear that from someone like him would be excellent.
  6. Mr. Brass Bonanza

    Hartford Athletic soccer

    In today's HBJ article: Mandell's group has met with the Yard Goats' front office several times and plans to continue leveraging their insight on how to build a winning business model in the Capital City. After all, the collaboration fits the Athletic's community-first narrative. No mention of any other team.
  7. Dundon confirmed a couple of weeks ago the Hurricanes will wear Whalers jerseys at least twice, but no mention of playing up here. Nevertheless, this news su cks.
  8. Mr. Brass Bonanza

    Hartford Athletic soccer

    I went to go read that Courant article, and I was met with a message saying I've reached my monthly limit and have to pay 99 cents if I want to read more. I think the thing that bothers me the most is I've wasted a set amount of time reading the trash from that rag. I'll keep my money and go get a McChicken sandwich. (I could just shut off my WiFi and read it using data, but that is way beyond not worth it.)
  9. Mr. Brass Bonanza

    Hartford Athletic soccer

    I'm now a season ticket holder. I haven't been one for anything since the last season of the Whalers.
  10. Mr. Brass Bonanza

    Hartford Athletic soccer

    From the Journal Inquirer: The team’s colors will be blue and green, a nod to the city’s last professional sports franchise, the Hartford Whalers, as well as to the city’s Double-A baseball team, the Yard Goats. “As a huge Hartford Whalers fan, we had to go with blue and green,” Mandell said. “These are Hartford’s colors now.”
  11. That would be darn cool.
  12. Fact: UConn hockey will be playing at the XL Center for years to come. They are Hartford Hockey.
  13. Green and blue. Hartford’s colors.
  14. Mr. Brass Bonanza

    Connecticut is a Minor League State

    It's a single person's opinion.
  15. Mr. Brass Bonanza


    I can't imagine how much that city must be rocking right now. It would be amazing to be up there.
  16. Mr. Brass Bonanza


    Oh well. Absolutely insane that a team that did not exist this time last year is four wins away from the Stanley Cup.
  17. I knew of there are four? That's excellent. All four want to do so with the intent of bringing back the NHL?
  18. Mr. Brass Bonanza

    AHL Conference Realignment

    Glorified? You give them too much credit.
  19. Mr. Brass Bonanza

    AHL Conference Realignment

    CCSU had to move the date of our graduation ceremony at the Civic Center in 1996 because of a potential Whalers home playoff game.
  20. That's for sure.
  21. That wouldn't be surprising at all.
  22. That frees Ronnie up for Hartford. It's all good.
  23. Mr. Brass Bonanza

    8-0. How did your 1st rd predictions go?

    I got them all correct also.
  24. Mr. Brass Bonanza

    Are you surprised by this?

    There are no wolf pack numbers.