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  1. This is truly one of the dumbest posts ever on the internet. Frank is just looking for an excuse to show off his expert Paint skills, not to mention annoy everyone. We're not impressed.
  2. The NHL Public Relations Office is also aware of your annoying arrogance and ignorance and is looking for a way to ban you from the internet.
  3. A perfect pitch for Carolina

    Wow...and not needing an edit to do it, either. You get a gold medal!
  4. People, stop arguing the NHL will not move a team because of something a trivial as conference alignment. That's as ridiculous as the New York/Boston arrogance.
  5. That's Biggie. Cla ssic Biggie. A typical minor league comment from a minor league fan.
  6. A perfect pitch for Carolina

    It's his mojo.
  7. Ma ssMutual

    It's also oddly difficult to find any renderings of the proposed Patriots stadium. I can find one small black and white image and that's it. But it's easy to find the original domed stadium for UConn. Weird.
  8. Ma ssMutual

    This announcement really ticks me off. I used to work for the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company. When Ma ssMutual consumed and deleted it, they promised to always have a presence in Connecticut. That awesome campus was vacated and now just a sliver of it still exists. I worked in the Enfield office for a while, and now they are completely leaving Connecticut. We're used to being lied to, but it still is disgracef ul when it happens. Now more than ever I hope that East Windsor casino is built. Screw Springfield.

    If this guy truly believed what he wrote, then it wouldn't be more than an annoying mosquito and he's ignore it. But he came out in f ull force, which left only him as the one who should be embara ssed. He's nervous.
  10. A perfect pitch for Carolina

    Dundon is probably the smartest businessman to ever own this franchise. He's several steps ahead dealing with different scenarios. Nobody knows what's going to happen, but whatever does, he's already planned for it.
  11. Ma ssMutual

    That made me look for a rendering of the casino that Steve Wynn wanted to put in Hartford in 1992 that the Fat Slob blocked. I couldn't find anything. All I remember is it looked cool, which of course all renderings do.
  12. A perfect pitch for Carolina

    Well, that was a stupid knee-jerk thing to say, and apparently we have less than 10 minutes to edit a post. I was trying to and it timed me out. This board is ridiculous. Anyway, what I wanted to say was that Biggie and I were actually in the middle of a rather intelligent and engaging conversation about hockey and the Whalers and how people ract to him, and actually paid him a compliment, and right in the middle of it he banned me. I was perplexed. Open note to Josh: let's finish our conversation. We're polar opposites on this issue, but that was a great talk we were having. I want to finish it.
  13. A perfect pitch for Carolina

    LOL! Biggie...what a tool. What's this "we" crap from Josh? He's nothing but a crybaby.
  14. A perfect pitch for Carolina

    This is going to be awesome.
  15. Ma ssMutual

    I hope it will be built, but I know it probably won't be. When MGM Springfield is in **ll swing, Springfield will become the #1 city in the Knowledge Corridor.
  16. So now Frank is stalking a ninth grade 13-year-old girl. That's sick, Frank. Keep this creepy stuff to yourself.
  17. The bottom line is the NHL and potential owners know the real deal. They don't listen to schmucks like that. Only we do.
  19. It's f unny that the Carolina Hurricanes and Bridgeport Sound Tigers sell Hartford Whalers merchandise, but the Hartford Wolf Pack ref use to do so.
  20. It was a great game. $9 for three rows from the ice. The crowd was electrifying. That was real hockey.
  21. Yes, actually, they did. It was part of Vince's announcement that was not televised. Excellent detective work again, WC Frankwagon. Now obviously, since the XFL has been announced with a return in 2020, the Whalers will be back in 2018. There is no other logical deduction.
  22. Amazon HQ Finalists

    Where is that @sshole?